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"Great Location and the service is very good I like it ,new phone for my Papi"

"Not to mention took 1 hour and a half to get this figured out waste of our time!"

"Great staff, helped answered all my questions in a good clear way."

Nicholas Post · 1 year ago

Shoutout to Angelica for making buying my phone the smoothest and easiest process I’ve ever had with T-Mobile! I didn’t even wait 5 minutes before I was greeted, she was very to the point and with pristine customer service. Thank you so much for the new phone!

Richard Taylor · 1 year ago

0 stars! I was with Sprint since 1995 (28 years). I never had an issue and when something minor came up, it was always resolved quickly, easily, and most importantly, with care. Sprint was taken over by T-Mobile. I migrated less than a year ago and this is one of the worst companies I have ever come into contact with. T-Mobile does not care about its customers and worse, lies. I was treated like I didn’t matter by the assistant manager of this location. I have not been able to make or receive calls from my home since Sunday morning (4 days). I have called (from my computer using wi-fi) T-Mobile countless times (I stopped counting at 20), spending hours each time, finding no resolution. I was told about ‘possible’ tower issues, given the runaround, and directions that never fixed the issue. Finally, they admitted the tower was having issues and my phone was not 5G so it would not work. After not being able to make or receive calls for 4 days, they said they would give me a new phone with 5G with the hopes that this would resolve the issue. They admitted the issue was on their end and I should not have to pay for a new phone. I finally felt I had a resolution to an extremely frustrating, aggravating, and upsetting 4 days. Everything was set, I was told to go to this T-Mobile store, and everything would be ready. My rep. even called the store to make sure everything would be ready. When I got there, I was told, "Sorry, that promise is not in the system and there is nothing I can do for you." I asked to speak to the manager and was told, "He is in a meeting and can't do anything for you as well." I asked the assistant manager to call T-Mobile for me to clear the issue. She said she WOULD NOT but I could call. I explained that my phone could not make calls out because I am still near the tower with issues, and she said I could use their landline. Can you imagine?!! A T-Mobile assistant manager who was in a T-Mobile store could not call T-Mobile to help me resolve an issue,, however, the customer could call T-Mobile from the T-Mobile store's phone. Have you ever heard of such nonsense and disregard for a customer? In the store, I called customer service (AGAIN). After spending AN HOUR on the phone, being transferred from person to person, and having to explain the issue over and over again, finally, a rep said, "Yes, I can see what Luna put on your account. You are supposed to get a new phone from us at no charge because the issue is on our end. However, it was not fully authorized, and I will need to speak to Luna to get one last code. Can you hold again?" Another another 30 MINUTES, the phone rep talked to the stores assistant manager, and I was thinking it was resolved. Instead, I got back on the phone and was told, "I am still trying to get a hold of Luna. Please continue to hold." I finally gave up, hung up, and left the store. I was given the runaround, lied to, then treated like I didn’t matter by a T-Mobile assistant manager and T-Mobile in general. I cancelled my T-Mobile account and I am with another carrier. I will never recommend T-Mobile to anyone. Furthermore, I will file complaints anywhere I can as this experience was horrible and people should know. What happened to, “We are so sorry you are having major issues with our service. As a valued customers, I will resolve this before you walk out the door. Give me a little time to investigate and find a resolution.” Instead, I received, “It is our fault, we made promise we won't keep, and there is nothing we can or will do to help you.” From an assistant manager! I miss you Sprint. You were the best company I had the privilege of being a customer with for 28 years.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hi! It's disappointing to learn that we did not live up to our high standards for customer service. We are always improving and hope you'll give us another chance to provide better service in the future.

Arnaldo L Narvaez · 1 year ago

Have visited this store three times and only once was worth it. Got a letter from TMobile to switch, with a must do offer. Letter stated to visit the store, the only reason why I did. It was like 4:45pm a weekday. Greeted by a young Hispanic young lady. (I am Hispanic, btw) The was friendly but in a rush. Asked me the reason of the visit briefly and she took me to like a desk setting. She did not inquire, nor looked at the letter. I was with ATT for 15 years and have an IPhone 13 Pro still new. My intention from day one it was to keep my current phone. When I mentioned that, everything went downhill. She wanted me to buy an IPhone 14 and the choices offered were not inviting nor accommodating to my needs. The story is too long, so I thanked her and left. I was fuming, but without showing it, left. Get a similar letter from TMobile. Go there again, is very close to me. This time a guy Gary helped me. This person was a professional, he wanted my business, he went the extra mile with me and made me a TMobile Customer. We could not finish the entire process that day, needed to wait 48hrs for ATT to release my IPhone. Phone was ready, so headed to the store. Gary was busy, a young Hispanic female came to help. This time was really, really in a rush. I needed to fill out the request to get $500 back from TMobile after paying off the balance of my phone. $509 is a lot of cash, it was a must to do that. She game me a form and mentioned that I could do it at home. My phone was activated with TMobile with a TMibile number until the number transfer was approved. So the phone became live with the wrong number and with the ATT SIM card . I showed her, she took a glance and told me it was all good. Was showing two lines with two numbers within one unit. Assigned Data to the new number and Primary the other , what???? Go home and the data, internet died. The phone worked only for calls and text msgs. Called TMOBILE, it took them a while but they were Wonderful. Actually outstanding! Happy with TMobile but if you are not buy new equipment or making decent commission to the people there. Go back and read this message before sitting down with anyone.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hello, we apologize for your less-than-ideal experience. Our team should always be courteous, respectful, and professional. We appreciate you being a T-Mobile customer and hope we can win back your trust and confidence on your next visit. Please email me at [email protected] so we can chat!

Charlie Safari · 6 years ago

In and out, best experience ever from Gary. He greeted me right away. Carefully listened and helped with speed and accuracy. He was very nice and friendly and gave me full attention even when my issue was not as important. If you want the best service, ask for Gary!! I’m happy to be coming to T-Mobile!

John Remaklus · more than 1 year ago

I bought an unlocked pixel 6a from Amazon and wanted to keep my old family mobile service from Walmart because the service was dirt cheap. I went to several Walmarts looking for the required SIM card. I couldn’t get any help in any of the Walmarts, so I called the 611 # myself 5 times trying to arrange the switch. Every time I got someone on the phone who barely spoke English and I could barely understand them. So I gave up and went to T-Mobile. The people there were all friendly and helpful. They had the SIM card I needed, swapped it out for me and found a senior plan for me that was within a dollar or so of what I had been paying. They then spent hours dealing with the people at the 611 #. They went above and beyond for me and they now have a new customer for life.

Edith Gray · 1 year ago

Young lady was thorough and patient. Every time I visit the store, very polite staff

Mark R. · 1 year ago

Was in and out they took care of my phone issues with no hassle I know it was odd, but true

Andreea Bowen · almost 2 years ago

I'm a Sprint customer( part of T-Mobile now) and the manager was extremely rude and unhelpful to my issue, trying to sound like he can't help me because he "would break FDIC rules "! I thought I didn't hear correctly so I double checked- sure enough, he repeated FDIC, at which point, I left the store, got into my car, called Sprint and my issue was resolved in 15 minutes over the phone. So more than 1 star, because Sprint customer service was fantastic

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

I apologize for any unprofessional service you received. That’s not the experience we want for our customers, and it sounds like we fell short this time. Please email me at [email protected] so we can chat!

Dave P · 2 years ago

I had to buy a new phone my last one was from 2014 so it was time. Walked in was greeted be Brianna and she was awesome super helpful answered all my questions just super helpful. I could not have had a better experience and it was fast in and out in about 20 minutes. This is a great location if you need a phone.

Lydia Ramos · more than 1 year ago

Do not waste your $! The little girl that sold me a broke phone was incompetent, Matt the manager, incompetent. I'm not sure what I was expecting from a child and a guy that can't do better than TMobile....oh that's right, COMPETANCE. I should have known better. What a JOKE!!!!

Owner's response · more than 1 year ago

I apologize for any unprofessional service you received. That’s not the experience we want for our customers, and it sounds like we fell short this time. Please email me at [email protected] so we can chat!


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