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Bed Bath & Beyond

Bedding, housewares & home essentials

    5560 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO, 80015, United States


    640 reviews


    "Vast selection of quality products and decent prices, if not the cheapest."

    "I like the access to many home/kitchen goods and brands all in one place."

    "Excellent looked wonderful and such nice staff"

    Susan Smith1 year ago

    Went in for discounted so they say prices because they are closing. Not much left as expected. Most items are still not enticing to purchase for them saying there are large sale items. We wanted to get new pillows. They seemed overpriced originally and with the discount still not much of a deal. We went across the street and bought our new pillows at Walmart.

    LAINE Worthington1 year ago

    They had signs with 60% & 80% and the good stuff was 60 % but the stuff not worth anything 80% but i bet they marked that stuff down filing bankruptcy in Colorado 馃槈

    Rissa Hildrethalmost 1 year ago

    Going out of business!!! UGG Comforter were like 36.00 for a King. Lots of great stuff. Update-Went back, almost everything gone.

    Chanel Bayard1 year ago

    Take the one star I'm forced to leave at minimum as a thank you to the cashier, as she was very sweet. I don't appreciate being profiled and harassed when I'm shopping, especially since I was dealing with extreme anxiety. Older man kept walking by, asked 4 times in less than 30min if we needed help. Tried to give the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just a friendly employee, but after I make it very clear the first couple of times that I don't need help, along with coming across dismissive as I was anxious, it was clear that the way my partner and I look/dress was the motivation behind his hovering.

    Rosalee Baker1 year ago

    Chambers parker location employee vesna poor customer service and rude not helping finding what I need so she has attitude so I found some one else to help me and she was nice she was very helpful her name was Hannah

    Billie Hawkinsalmost 1 year ago

    They're closing! (sad).

    Multifandom_ Gallavich1 year ago

    Clean and nice products. AWEFUL MUSIC. Absolutely horrendous. Gave me a migraine and got my Moms anxiety. Loud and intrusive. Just over all made the shopping UNPLEASANT will find another store if this music is the "new normal" You go to shop to relax and have fun. Not get stressed out and get a headache from the music

    Tim Smore than 1 year ago

    Bed Bath & Beyond used to offer quality products at a premium price. They now offer junk for premium prices. Ripping off customers just because online retail has cut into your profits is disgusting. I purchased a $200 down duvet that was complete trash, the fabric was crunchy and abrasive and it spews feathers all over my bed room. The first 30 days was minimal, and i put it in a duvet cover to help with the poor fabric quality. By 40 days it's full on littering feathers out of the cover, through the cover, everywhere. Obviously I cannot return it or keep using it. $200 on a useless duvet, $200 more dollars on a replacement from elsewhere, $400 down. Bed Bath & Beyond has fully lost my trust and I don't recommend you trust them either!

    jennifer raganmore than 1 year ago

    The manager Jim is very rude. I saw a heated blanket in the clearance section and its clearance sticker was was peeled off in half so I couldn't see the price. When I asked how much it was they scanned the regular barcode and said $80 but would ask for a price check. The manager Jim came over and when I tried to explain I was trying to figure out the clearance price because half the sticker was missing he cut me off and said "What it rings up as, is what it is." And walked off. I've worked in retail and that was extremely rude and dismissive, especially for a manager.

    Todd Elliottmore than 1 year ago

    Limited selection and apparently limited staffing too. I do notvblame the company... the ones working there were friendly and helpful. It just took a little longer than it did in the past. Still a good place to shop.



    Chain with a varied selection of home goods, including bedding, kitchenware, towels & decor items.

    Service options

    Kerbside pickup
    In-store shopping


    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance


    Repair services


    Appointment required


    Debit cards
    NFC mobile payments
    Credit cards


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