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"Great people work there Dpecial thanks to RJ"

"In addition my interest rate had risen because my locked rate expired."

"No other employees in sight, and this is a HUGE EMPTY FACILITY."

Lonae Coopermore than 1 year ago

Great people work there Dpecial thanks to RJ

Mary Rutledge Wardmore than 1 year ago

Satisfied doesn't begin to describe my experience at this branch! I've been working with RJ for the last 8 months and recently utilized him for a car loan. RJ and the Key Team offer knowledgeable and personalized banking. If you're looking to build a relationship with your bank - please pay RJ a visit! Thanks RJ - you ROCK!!!

Owner's responsemore than 1 year ago

Hello Mary, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your 5-star rating and review! We are pleased to hear about your experience with RJ at the W Oak Branch! We will be happy to forward the kudos to branch management & hope you have a great day 馃榾! ^PR

Kingsya Omegaalmost 4 years ago

Wow. People are really taking out there frustrations on banks! I have been with this branch and come every week for deposits and other things. I can at least vouch for their customer service and friendliness. The whole team here at the down town branch are great. Sometimes busy. Sometimes understaffed maybe due to every businesses challenge of staffing according to anticipated traffic. But I have really enjoyed banking with Key bank and using this branch!!

Owner's responsealmost 4 years ago

Thank you for your feedback Kingsya! We appreciate your business, and we hope you'll enjoy banking with us for many more years to come. Thank you and have a great day!^CH

Marissa Orchardalmost 9 years ago

I have never had an issue with this institution. The staff are always helpful and I'm always greeted with a smile. If I have questions, I can always meet with a banker, if not the actual manager of the branch. The tellers area helpful and I have called in to initiate payments, transfers, etc. and because they know me personally, there is no issue. Establishing a relationship with your banker or tellers is important and it's easy to do at Key Bank. I have never felt more involved with my banking as I do at Key.

Ruth Reesemore than 4 years ago

The young people they used to have at this location as tellers were always so friendly & helpful. Recently, the huge facility is mostly unstaffed. I haven't had very good luck with the rest of the bank over many years of trying to talk to them about home financing issues. Four years ago my husband & I made an appointment to talk about getting pre qualified for a home loan, got there, & the person just wasn't there. No one tried to remedy it, we walked out & got preapproved immediately at his bank for $360,000. Recently spoke to someone about refinancing at the lower interest rate, emailed my info to him & got a rote email saying they were preparing a package for me and would be in touch soon. Never heard anything back. Not even a "we can't help you achieve your goal at this time" email. When trying to use an inside teller, I've been approached at least 3 times by upper staff "alerting me" to the fact that I can do these transactions at the atm. Started using their app to do mobile deposits but couldn't deposit a large amt check, I was told that the app has a limit on deposits ($ amt or quantity, clerk didn't know) and that the app was for people who couldn't get to town to do deposits 馃ぃ. Would highly recommend people NOT using the bank at all. It's obvious their priorities are elsewhere.

Owner's responsemore than 4 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to submit a review, Ruth. We're very sorry that your experiences with this location were not what KeyBank strives for. In the future, if there is ever anything we can help with please reach out to us and we'd be happy to see what we can do. Hope you have a great weekend. ^ JJ

Eric McKeownalmost 9 years ago

Do not use this bank for a home mortgage. The problems I encountered when refinancing my house included extra charges, multiple increases in the quoted interest rate, and missed closing dates resulting in a higher monthly payment. By the end of the process my stress levels were super high and my costs were hundreds of dollars more than my original "good faith" estimate. In addition my interest rate had risen because my locked rate expired. All this was on the bank as they "misplaced" my loan packet, but then they refused to honor my good faith estimate or fully compensate me for the added costs. Do yourself a favor, find another bank or mortgage broker to work with, it will make your life much easier.

Kimber Artalmost 6 years ago

DO NOT JOIN THIS BANK. EVER. WORST.BANK.EVER. HORRIBLE, UNNECESSARY FEES. TIER 1 FEES, THEN THEY ADDED TIER 2 FEES. FOR NO REASON. I ASKED FOR HELP, and no help possible. I called the Call center, 800 number, although nice, was in the Phillipines. I would rather support USA employment. Key bank has many locations, and they are all empty! Just a few nicely dressed bank tellers, in huge pricey looking buildings!!! What is going on!?!? I joined KEY for the $200 welcome gift that I was invited to participate in. I met the requirements. I asked repeatedly for help. Nope. None available. Even the branch manager, said I should talk to the company who misbilled me. He "couldn't do anything." Yet at least 3 just standing around when I walked in. No, no help for THAT. I asked their competition bank for help with a similar issue and WHEW! SHE (chase,) JUMPED RIGHT ON IT!! Seriously like saving me from a school yard bully. My competition bank reversed the charge I was upset over, waived the fee, then got me a new card. Needless to say, I am staying now w that Bank. And KEY? I called the Philippines to ask if I could cancel my account on the phone. I had a whole $3 in there so as he closed it down, he didn't ask if he should mail it or anything. I forgot to ask. :( Today I got an email and I thought I should go in and check on it. Did they really get my account closed? Hmmmmm. Well yes they closed the account. Good. Well no ma'am, your balance is - $3!!!! MINUS $3!! Another FEE!!!!! Fees already were $18 , then added in another fee for $27 routinely!!! So I said is that a fee for closing the account? (Being fascecious.) No ma'am. Good grief, I was joking. WHAT COULD IT BE? I didn't do anything. These TWO TELLERS could not figure out what the fee of $6 was for. The Teller asked her supervisor who pretended to look at the computer screen. Then she ran over to her PAPER FILE FOLDER DRAWER looking for an answer. PAPER?@?! PAPER FILES, LOOKING FOR MY NAME WITH AN EXPLANATION OF A $6 FEE?!?! Then Teller 1 picked up the phone to call Key headquarters for help. (1. what was the fee. And 2. Could they please remove it?) OMG, NO ANSWER ON THE PHONE SHE WAS CALLING!!! ((She didn't pay the $6 fee to call the Phillipeans?!!)) If you are a corp with your act together you have a special phone line with a knowledgeable person there for help. WHO ALWAYS ANSWERS!!! Then the older teller supervisor ran to the office where I assume the MALE MANAGER WAS SITTING....and she disappeared. So I've got 1 on the phone trying to get me help, the head teller gone, and now the line is backing up. No other employees in sight, and this is a HUGE EMPTY FACILITY. Scary actually. I told her I was going to give them a review and asked her to email me that she had repaired the $6 overdraft fee. Then she could h e.g. lip her next customers. And me later. I didn't have much hope. No email. Yet. That if I didn't hear from them, as I handed her my email address, that I would have more to review. Hint. Hint. (Is the $6 bank fee for the phone bill to the Phillipeans???) Many branches, many employees, not just 1 location on this review: I've never met, heard of, or been in a worse bank.

Owner's responsealmost 6 years ago

Hi Kimber - The situation you described is definitely frustrating and unacceptable. We will make sure to forward this to our branch experience team for review. Can you send us an email at [email protected] letting us know if everything was finally taken care of for you? We would be happy to take a further look into it for you. Thank you. ^JF

Catalina Fireflyalmost 5 years ago

Key bank ATM took my over 300$ cash deposit with my debit card. Didn鈥檛 deposit it into my account, gave my card back with no receipt. It鈥檚 been several days and they have still not credited my account. The reason I even use the ATM is because the staff at the Drake branch are so rude and condescending I don鈥檛 want to deal with them. Will be closing my account and I will never recommend KEY Bank.

Owner's responsealmost 5 years ago

Hi Cathleen, I'm sorry that happened to you. It does take 7-10 days for research to be completed on this type of transaction. Once the 10 days have passed, you can call us at 1-800-539-2968 to check on the status. ^LH

Gnar Gnar Binksmore than 9 years ago

This is by far the worst bank that I have ever dealt with. I opened a checking account with $50.00. I tried many times to get it set up and there was always some problem as to why the account could not get my direct deposit or the pin to work. They sent me a letter so glad you came in after reviewing your credit, You are preapproved for a $73,000 home equity line of credit. finally after a few months of wasting lots of time I decided to just close this account, after they got done with all of the fees they charge for an acoount I never even was able to use I had $6.00 left out of the original $50.00. I am so glad I didnt take them up on the home equity line. What A nightmare this bank is !

Jordan fultz3 years ago

Was helped earlier today even though i came in 10 minutes before closing time, i hate when people do that, this super sweet and very helpful teller her name on my receipt is Manriya, helped me no problem really kind and solved my issue quickly. Keep up the good work and thank you!

Owner's response3 years ago

Hi Jordan, Thanks so much for taking the time to provide your feedback, we really appreciate it. So happy that you had such a good experience. Have a great week!! ^LH



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