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Bath & Body Works

Retailer for soaps, lotions & fragrances

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9579 S University Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80126, United States
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93 reviews


"Staff at this location is always super friendly!"

"I give her service a definite 10/10."

"They like making up their own rules and not caring about the customer one bit!"

Hannah Juliano · almost 10 months ago

The employees were really nice, and I prefer this location over others in this area. Overall, Bath and Body Works' scents have gone down the tubes. They've taken away all the appealing scents, and now the scents that are available are pretty revolting.

Adrienne Clifford · almost 1 year ago

There's a store less than 5 minutes from my house so that's dangerous! The staff is always so nice, friendly and helpful. I was pleasantly surprised to see as soon as I walked in that White Tea and Ginger is back!

Kathy Hutchinson · more than 1 year ago

Cathy was amazing! It was Black Friday and my daughter and I went in to make 4 separate (and large) purchases. We had a plethora of valid coupons to divide amongst each order. We showed up at the register with our 4 separate purchases and coupons. It was too much for us to figure out. Cathy sorted through our coupons and individual purchases and divided the coupons to make the best deal for us. And, she was very, very kind while doing it. I realize we took up a chunk of her time but she never made us feel bad or bothersome. I give her service a definite 10/10. Great store too!!

Josh Quist · 11 months ago

Always nice & end up picking up something even though not needing it.

Jessica Herring · almost 5 years ago

I will say this is the worst bath and body works I have ever been too! They like making up their own rules and not caring about the customer one bit! The last time I went in I was first greeted so kindly until they realized I had a return! Suddenly on the kind smiles and friendliness was gone and they suddenly treated me differently! The store manager is the worst even when I have brought up their website which states the company policy she likes to follow her own rules! I WILL NEVER go to this store ever again!

Morghan Wamboldt · almost 4 years ago

The staff at this location was AMAZING yesterday! Stacey, particularly, went completely above and beyond to help me and insisted that "people need a little bit of kindness in their lives these days". Her help and kindness almost brought me to tears and I will 100% return to this store and recommend it to everybody I know!

Sadrian Alderson · almost 5 years ago

A huge shoutout to Staci who helped me and my young daughters today! They wanted to buy me a birthday present without my help, and Staci helped them for at least 15 minutes to pick the “perfect gift” and helped them count the prices and even offered them a discount code so they stayed in their budget. Then they even got it all wrapped up too! Such a friendly, clean location overall. But today the staff really went above and beyond! Thanks again!!!

Bridget Gittere · more than 5 years ago

Racist and unhelpful. When I walked into the store I was not greeted by any of the 5+ staff members on the floor, however as I walked around looking for the items that I wanted, I heard staff greet 4 other people that walked in right after me. By this time I had 8 candles in my arms and was looking for a bag. I walked right next to a staff member who looked right at me struggling, and smiled, looked me up and down and turned her back to me. I had to walk around her to get to the bag, and then placed everything on a nearby table to load the bag. Another shopper had several candles in a carton, she asked a staff member if she could hold them while the customer continued shopping. The staff member pointed to a display table and said, "You can put them there and just hope noone takes them," then she turned and went to the other side of the store. At this point I put my bag down and began to leave the store, I could not believe the lack of customer service and rudeness. Two employees near the front window watched me walk out and one said, "have a great night!!" in a very condescending and sarcastic tone. She then turned to her fellow employee who laughed, whispered and pointed in my direction. I will never go back to this store!! I was prepared to make over a $100 purchase, but will gladly take my business elsewhere

Kate Zollars · almost 6 years ago

I went in for specific items that were in sale, staff was helpful. When I went to check out it didn’t seem to add up correctly so I questioned the total and was told it’s correct because the computer automatically does it for them without reviewing anything so I left with my purchase. I looked at the receipt as soon as I walked out, and sure enough it was definitely not right. So I went back in and showed the same lady that it was not correct and she refunded some of my money. When I thanked her for her patience with me, she just looked past me and called the only other people waiting to check out while I was still repacking my bag on the counter... first time at this location and unsure if I’ll be back or if I’d rather go to the mall.

Charles Lang · almost 3 years ago

SERVICE AND STAFF ARE AMAZING! Even though they convinced us to spend 10x more then we wanted we loved talking to them and getting their opinions. Will always return to this location



Chain with housebrand lotions & soaps in a range of scents, plus candles & home fragrances.

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