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8770 Wadsworth Blvd # G, Arvada, CO, 80005, United States
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55 reviews


"The staff was so accommodating and Colin made me feel valued as a customer."

"Great customer service, and very organized easy to find products."

"Helpful staff with a good selection of hair colors"

Anthony Rizzuto · 10 months ago

The staff here is what makes this a great place to shop.... NOT the fact that its Cosmoprof. If we took the Staff out of the equation, I'd make the rating 2 stars, because they regularly don't have in stock what I need or want, and I think they price-gouge the pro hairdresser every chance they get.

Laura's Nail Lounge · 2 years ago

I have been going to Cosmoprof for many years now. Laura and Stephanie make it so pleasurable. They are so incredibly helpful and friendly. I love going in there just to see them. :)

Jessica Markowitz · 6 years ago

Love this beauty supply house° always open on Sundays which makes it easier to do clients and business most beauty supplies are closed Sunday but not them!! They have a lot of great products I use and wonderful sales in this industry it can be expensive and they make it easy to afford! The staff are usually pretty knowledgeable and seem to really enjoy there job!

Callie Koontz · 4 years ago

The staff was patient and polite with all the phone calls they were receiving the day after the news came through that salons were required to shut down. They took the time to place markers on the floor labeled “safe zone” and took all precautions when it came to how many people were in the store at once. Way to do it right, CosmoProf! 🙌🏻

Kacey Evans · 3 years ago

Staff was very nice and knowledgable about products. Unfortunately the products I needed were not stocked. Thankfully you can order online. The website and app is super user friendly. This is my main supplier for my nail salon.

Tacha Gonzalez · 5 years ago

Great selection of products. Also the staff were friendly and knowledgeable and even suggested a blow dryer/flatiron combo that I didn't see instead of letting me purchase them separately. I will definitely be shopping here again!

Haley Smith · 3 years ago

These women just assaulted us with words. I asked respectfully to speak to a manager and they were so rude to us and the manager refused to speak with us. All we wanted to do was purchase some products. They threatened to call the police when all we did was ask to speak to a manager. A disgusting place. Don’t shop at the Arvada location.

Tess Montez · 6 years ago

I have gone to CosmoProf forever and I have always preferred the Arvada store over the location right by my business. Yesterday when I went to buy supplies in the Arvada location, I addressed Stephanie the manager and I apologized that I had returned 2 wax machines thinking they didn't work when the outlet I was using at work stopped working and when I brought them home to test them they also didn't work due to a faulty outlet that I was not aware of. Pretty crazy coincedence but I was just as frustrated having to return. Stephanie got very snotty with me and told me well yeah that was a bummer because she had to throw them out. I was shocked and asked, "you don't return them to the factory?" She told me no that the store just had to take a loss and she had to throw them out, continuing to be rude to me and trying to make me feel as bad as possible. Obviously, I did not do this on purpose and felt bad enough to admit it and apologize to her but it didn't matter. If STEPHANIE threw out two brand new wax machines without testing them first, that is on her as far as I am concerned and I will NEVER go back to that store!

Nedro Lightfoot · 5 years ago

Stopped by this establishment to purchase olive oil or argan oil based conditioner for my hair. Upon walking in I wasn't greeted by the cashier although she did acknowledge me with a glare. I proceeded to ask about conditioners as mentioned above. The lady stocking shelves quickly responded that they do not carry olive oil or argan conditioner. I know this is highly unlikely because their website boast that they carry over 20,000 products. At this point I ask what brand she recorecommends and where I may browse their conditioner selection. The lady stocking gestured generally with her arm and said 'They're all around.' At this point their behavior what so off putting that I felt as if they did not want me there. Not wanting to assume the worse in people, I asked if perhaps this business was intended for professionals within the cosmetology field. The lady stocking exclaimed loudly, 'We are very professional!' To be honest I was taken aback by her response but decided to clarify although it was clear I was not welcome in this establishment. I then said 'No, I meant are you a wholesaler for retail cosmetology businesses and not really aimed at the general public?' To this she responded 'Yeah.' I said 'Thank you and have a goodnight.' There was an indistintive audible mutter from the two ladies that may have been salutations (i hope). I'm of African American decent and the ladies were of Caucasian ethnicity so it's easy to assume this was racially motivated. I don't know of any other valid variables to be considered. If the goal of this store was to make people of color feel unwelcome then they get 5 stars. I will continue working to rectify this situation. If you feel you are not being treated fairly speak up about it in all instances big and small. Dont ignore bad practices because they will continue if unchecked. If thevowner of this business wants the establishment run with an exclusionary slant then they don't deserve to be in business. On to the Better Business Bureau.

Nik Patrice · almost 4 years ago

Colin was so helpful. He even went to get the product for me. I will drive the extra mile just to go back to this cosmoprof. The staff was so accommodating and Colin made me feel valued as a customer.


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