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5740 County Line Pl #1, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80126, United States
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43 reviews


"Thank you Fodor for the very pleasurable experience, service, and great price."

"The staff, the store, and the inventory are amazing."

"This is my 2nd table I've purchased from a Fodor's location."

Laura Labbee · almost 8 months ago

We bought our pool table from here last year. We experienced very friendly service, both in the store and with the delivery guys. Highly recommend.

Xavier Tarbert · almost 2 years ago

This is my 2nd table I've purchased from a Fodor's location. Both times I paid a great price, had outstanding assistance in picking the right table for my situation, and incredible install team. I try to avoid giving too many reviews unless it's something I truly feel I can (or can't) get behind and vouch for the company. Fodor's has certainly proven they deserve it. I'm sure I'll buy another table and or use them to move this beautiful new one some day, among other billiard accessories, furniture, et cetera. Thank you all for being so good to me, truly a delight.

Scott Robinson · 2 years ago

bought a beautiful pool table from this company over 20 years ago, but when we had an entirely unexpected emergency on New Year's Eve day, no less, Alex and Tony did not hesitate to travel many, many miles to help us. The emergency? A house cat named Bixler was visiting our home because his people (daughter and her husband) were forced to evacuate their home in Broomfield due to the Marshall Fire. Cats being cats, Bixler managed to crawl into one of the pedestal supports for the table and drop down to the bottom, and could not get back out. So Alex and Tony dismantled the table and eventually, Bixler the wayward cat was just able to squeeze back out. And then Alex and Tony put the table back together and leveled it, for good measure! We will never forget this day and these two great guys, and take it from a decades-satisfied customer, you could not buy a pool or game table from a more dedicated company. Bravo, and Happy New Year (now, at least).

Jay Sevigny · 1 year ago

We purchased a new shuffleboard table from Fodor's a few months ago. The top just wasn't right... and the pucks travelled in crazy directions. After a few attempts to adjust it over the following two months, they came today and replaced it with a new top. The table is perfect now, and the service experience has been - from top to bottom - simply excellent. I got the feeling that they cared more about the table being perfect than I did. How nice to know that a company stands behind their product as much as this one does.

James Frunzi · 1 year ago

Those guys are the right guys!!!! Everything from the showroom, to the sale, to the set up….everything was PERFECT!!! I couldn’t be happier, they made a large purchase very enjoyable for me. Thank you guys, all of you.

Nicole Howell · more than 1 year ago

Today I purchased my first pool cue after having stopped in the store a few weeks prior to browse. I worked with Alex who was an absolute sweetheart and remembered me when I came back in. Even though I recently joined a pool league, I’m past a beginner cue. Alex pointed me in the right direction of a nice McDermott cue that was a bit pricey as my first one, but something that will last me a lifetime (literally, it has a lifetime warranty lol). He also gave me a discount on the cue & a case for it, and threw in a tip scuffer! I loved the fact they have a table you can practice on using various cues ranging from $85 to $8,500! Overall being such a newbie to the pool world, I had a fabulous first encounter at Fodor. :) I would totally recommend this place for those just starting out to vets who know it all!

Dan Mason · almost 2 years ago

Stopped in, bought a professional grade net for my ping pong table. Have also purchased balls and paddles in the past. I like that the store is locally owned and operated and typically the owners are on site to help. The collection of game room art is excellent as well. Fun place to shop!

Aaron Caputo · almost 4 years ago

First experience was awesome. Pool sticks looked amazing and rolled straight but were a little pricy. My first visit she gave me a bug discount and made me a deal I couldn't refuse. You need anything for your pool game tgis is where you need to go!!!

Donald Barela · 4 years ago

Thank you Fodor for the very pleasurable experience, service, and great price. With just a couple hundred dollars in supplies, I turned a pool table that was sitting in a garage for 25 years into a beautiful, fast playing, table. Recommend Fodor for all your gameroom needs.

Greg Zallaps · 3 years ago

I purchased 8K worth of movie chairs 3 years ago from Fodors. Recently, one of the chairs developed a major squeak. I contacted Fodors about a week ago and asked one of the reps if they had any idea on how to fix the squeak or where the squeak could be coming from. I tried to locate the squeak myself but could not find where it was coming from. The rep first told me this was the first time that anyone commented on a squeaky chair and offered no help regarding how to fix the squeak or where it could be coming from. Looking back on our conversation, it is hard to imagine I am the first and only person who had a squeak on a mechanical chair. Since the rep did not know at the time, I asked her to call me when she had time to ask one of her other reps or the manufacturer of the chair regarding the squeak. She said she would. A week later, I called and talked to the same rep. She had no answer and said she would check into it again and get back to me. As of right now and after 1 week and two calls to Fodors, I have not received any response from her. It is very disappointing that I purchased 8k worth of merchandise from them, and they can not even help me with a question. I expected more from Fodor's. At least in my case, it appears they only care about the sale and are not willing to help if a problems arise. I am very disappointed in their customer service, and I will think twice from giving them any future business again.


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