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Avalon Aviary Bird Store

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3408 N Garfield Ave, Loveland, CO, 80538, United States
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231 reviews


"Super helpful staff and they helped us plan out the best food."

"Unfrendly staff, way way over priced stuff, and very selfish lazy owners."

"They offer boarding and do a wonderful job caring for our bird when we're gone."

Goldrie H · 11 months ago

Very knowledgeable staff. Extremely friendly. Great play area to get to know your bird. Outstanding awareness of what bird can come out to play on their playstands compared to what customers are in the shop. The staff obviously loves their work.

Owner's response · 11 months ago

It was a pleasure meeting you today. Thank you so much for your great review!

Leslie Thomas · 1 year ago

I recently got a macaw from Avalon and man what a beautiful journey it has been. The process was wonderful from the beginning to the end. We are enjoying getting to be in this sweet boys life . Thank you for doing the amazing work yall are doing and loving these babies until we can find them. The knowledge you all have is so helpful too.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Leslie, it's so good to see him looking right at home! We are so happy you found each other and have many years to enjoy and get to know each other. Thank you for the pictures and kind review. We look forward to any updates in the future.

Adam Mayes · 1 year ago

The care of the birds is questionable an when brought up you will get attacked for it by the owner an some employees, may anyone who wants to buy a bird from here read all the reviews an responses an come to the conclusion that if it's good you get good if it's bad it's rude behavior an childish at times, if anything i think people who are buying birds from this place are rescuing them from the same fate.

Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

We have received this and 3 other ratings on the same day and after looking into it found these are all posted together due to one of them being a former employee who was fired. We have tried to get these removed and have not been successful yet. These reviews do not reflect personal experiences at our store, but rather are trying to purposefully damage due to bad word of mouth by said terminated employee. These pictures do not reflect Avalon Aviary Bird Store and this person who is posting them has never been to Avalon Aviary Bird Store. This is coordinated attempt to dox us and not an accurate review.

Amy Smith · 2 years ago

My husband and I stopped by the store to JUST LOOK. Well we met Sunshine and fell in love. We did an interview to adopt her and placed her on a 7 day hold so our daughter could meet her. Sunshine loved her. By Friday we were picking up Sunshine. We purchased 2 parrot cages and a stand, Sunshine and lots of food and treats. What an amazing place. Sarah helped us through the whole adoption process. She was so polite, accommodating and knowledgeable. She answered our 100's of question with professionalism. Sunshine is happy, healthy and in her forever home. We can't thank you ladies enough. We couldn't be happier!!!!

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

Thank you so much for your kind review. We are so happy you found us and the flock you've come to add to your family.

Joe Aicher · almost 2 years ago

Went up to Avalon about 1 1/2 years ago to see about getting a bird had put down a deposit on a grey but life kicked me in the teeth financially. And could not afford to get a grey but owner was very kind and helpful ended up getting a yellow sided green cheek conure from her. Owner and staff are super friendly and helped me find my bird. sad I could not get a grey but super happy with the conure I ended up getting. I recommend Avalon any time anyone asks me about my bird and where I got him. If I get a 2nd I will be going back to Avalon

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

Thank you, Joe. So glad you found the perfect little buddy! Love the pics.

Rick L · more than 9 months ago

Great experience. My son was looking for his first bird, and we received lots of help to answer questions on their busy day. We will be back.

Owner's response · more than 9 months ago

It was a pleasure speaking with you and your caring boys. We look forward to hearing about your progress and memories made with his new bird. Thank you for your review, Rick.

Nick Hurley · 1 year ago

My wife brings our kids there quite often and all of the staff except one lady, is ALL RUDE. Very unwelcoming. They act as if kids are a nuisance!! The owner is always making excuses to us on why we can’t hold birds when our kids are with us. Not welcoming one bit. She has been there about 5 times with our children and feels unwelcome every time. The blonde lady who is the owner is VERY rude and nasty. We are so interested in getting a bird but feel as if they wouldn’t even ever consider us.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

We are very concerned that you feel unwelcomed and would like to get to the heart of the matter so that you do not feel that way here. Please feel free to use the link provided below to provide detailed information, to the appropriate department, so that we may use it to improve yours and other customers experiences. We value your feedback. Thank you.

Candy Kane · 1 year ago

These employees are the most loving, caring, kind, thorough, knowledgeable, sensitive, and dedicated bird lovers and breeders that I have ever known. Come in and see. You won't ever want to leave. God less this business.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Thank you so much for sharing your outstanding review with us, we really appreciate it and we really love what we do here at Avalon Aviary Bird Store!

EmmyKinz · 1 year ago

They had a lot of good supplies and food for a variety of birds, and one of the store clerks was very friendly. However, there was an older grey-haired lady there who was quite short tempered and rude to my friend who asked a question. She rebuffed her, saying she was busy working on something. This is not an appropriate way to treat a paying customer. I am reluctant to return as a result.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

I am sorry for your bad experience. I had a 15 minute tax filing deadline and did not mean to make anyone feel rebuffed. I will stop trying to be on the sales floor in the future while working on such tasks. I hope this experience does not prevent you from coming back.

Matthew Parnell · 3 years ago

Great people, very knowledgeable Sarah is awesome and fun to talk too. Just adopted Uriah the 16 year old calico macaw. He is an amazing new member of the family! Thanks Sarah and Suzanne. Promise he is in good hands and will be loved And well cared for. It is a must stop in store!

Owner's response · 3 years ago

Thank you, Matthew!


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