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Barnes & Noble Booksellers Aurora

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170 S Abilene St, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
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2187 reviews


"Friendly staff, good selection, relaxing environment."

"You all can work on your customer service skills a bit at this location."

"Employees are super helpful and they have a Starbucks in these locations."

Izzy Med · 1 year ago

Usually I have a positive time buying here, but once time I was judged by a book I was buying. It wasn't even a bad book, it was Blue Period, a Manga about art. The whole time I was checking out the old lady behind the counter was shaking her head and looking at me disappointed. Mind you she was chatting with the other customers before me but barely said a word to me. Other then that lady, most workers are wonderful!

Mr. T · 11 months ago

Excellent place to go to drink a Starbucks beverage, sit down and read books and magazines for free and relax in a quiet atmosphere. It's conveniently located next to a Ross and Sketchers store...

Cassidy Morales · 1 year ago

I love this place. I loved coming here for K-pop albums because they were kept behind the register, so no one was able to open the packages and steal what was inside. However they have unfortunately recently moved the k pop albums to the floor for everyone to grab. And just as expected, when i went in almost all of them had been torn open and the goodies inside were stolen. Not sure why they would choose to do this. No ones gonna buy the album if the freebies inside are gone.

Jei Christian · 1 year ago

I love this Barnes & Nobles. It's hit it miss when it comes to staff being able to help you, but it's been more hits than miss. I like being able to reserve books and have them shipped to the store. You don't have to pay until you buy them. You used to be able to pre-order months in advance, but now a lot of the staff at the store tell me I can't do that at the store anymore. Either way, it's a great store and I love it.

Turd Ferguson · 1 year ago

Good food, but $$$. 2 sandwiches, a bagel and 2 orange juices = $50? Einstein's works just fine. Save a couple bucks, and they're closer to my house. Just saying.

Melissa Green · 1 year ago

So I purchased I "My fairy garden" which I gave to my niece. She took it home and when we found the time (today) to put it together, the seeds that came with it were expired in fact they were expired before I even bought it. I called Barnes and Noble and they informed me that there was nothing they would do. I will no longer shop with B&N and will tell everyone I know not to either. What ever happened to REAL customer service???

Alan Garcia · 10 months ago

Liz is an amazing librarian, helped out so much! Need a book and can't find it? Trust me, she's got you.

Emily Sandoval · 1 year ago

Good book selection. It's one of the smaller Branes & Noble but does have a Starbucks inside. Definitely a pricey book store but the membership saves a lot. The employees are sweet helpful & make checkout easy & pleasant. Clean and organized.

Andrea Perez · 1 year ago

This has to be one of the best book stored out there. They have so many books you can choose from and you can also find a few albums from a variety of genres, including kpop. They also sell toys and merchandise from a few series as well as toys and collectables.

Graciela Gutierrez · almost 1 year ago

Basically a regular Barnes and Noble unfortunately this day was extremely hot and their ac was not working.



Bookseller chain stocking housebrand eReader, plus a broad selection of titles for adults & kids.

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