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Barnes & Noble

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1565 Briargate Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO, 80920, United States
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1561 reviews


"Excellent food, good sake prices on books, friendly staff"

"But, the coffee shop was there and I enjoyed a Mocha and a piece of cheesecake."

"Good helpful staff, well stocked selection in good location"

Tony Arenas · 9 months ago

Perfect. Just perfect. It's 1990s record store meets 2000s book store. And a Starbucks with seats n tables. Just bring your book and enjoy! We loved it!!!!!

James Thiessen · 1 year ago

Very helpful, friendly staff and a convenient location. There's a Starbucks located in the store if you like Starbucks coffee. Great selection of books and a very large selection of magazines. They also have a large board and card game section with a diverse selection.

David Troisi · almost 9 months ago

Always enjoy taking the kids to the book store. We can go to the back and sit down to go through which books we want to buy. It's fun taking the time with the kids and letting them enjoy the experience. The staff is helpful. I wish the cashier's or management would assist more when the line is backed up

R. Michael Burns · almost 1 year ago

So many books. Nice selection of games, movies, and TV shows, too, and some fun toys and novelties. Plenty of good deals, too. Everything well organized, nicely displayed, and just altogether invigorating to be around. I could live here.

Austyn Bengert · almost 10 months ago

I had always been a fan of baseball cards, even though I had never played a single game of baseball in my life. There was something about the crisp photos and the statistics that made my heart race. So when I heard that Barnes and Noble had started selling baseball cards, I knew I had to check it out. I wandered into the store, my eyes scanning the shelves for any sign of the cards. And then I saw them, tucked away in a corner near the magazine rack. A small pile of Topps baseball cards, each one beckoning to me with the promise of glory. I grabbed the first pack I saw, ripping it open with a manic energy. The cards spilled out onto the table, each one more beautiful than the last. There was Mike Trout, with his piercing eyes and chiseled jaw. There was Aaron Judge, towering over the other players with his massive frame. And then there was Clayton Kershaw, his arm frozen in mid-pitch as if he were about to unleash a devastating fastball. As I flipped through the cards, I could feel my heart racing. It was like I had been transported back to my childhood, back to a time when the only thing that mattered was baseball. I could feel the grass beneath my feet and the sun on my face as I imagined myself playing alongside these legends of the game. But then I heard a voice, a voice that shattered my reverie. It was the store manager, telling me that I couldn't open the cards in the store. My heart sank as I realized that my moment of baseball bliss was over. But even as I left the store, clutching my unopened pack of baseball cards, I knew that I would be back. There was something about those cards that had awakened a deep passion within me, a passion that I had long thought was dormant. And as I walked away from Barnes and Noble, I knew that I had found something truly special in those baseball cards.

Jeff & Diana Dean · almost 2 years ago

So love bookstores and Barnes & Noble is still a favorite place of mine to spend a couple hours, and pick out a good new read. It was a little sad to see a few empty shelves. But, the coffee shop was there and I enjoyed a Mocha and a piece of cheesecake. B&N has an impressive toy section now, and I highly recommend it. They carry a great selection of interesting toys and games for every age

Bailey Ladner · 1 year ago

I love the variety of books, but I especially love all the little gifts and stationary supplies they carry as well!

HL Vargas · 1 year ago

One of my favorite places to visit for an hour, or so. The coffee is good, there's plenty of sitting areas, the magazine rack has a good selection. There's a wide variety of topic areas for new books. The clearance section has a wide variety, too.

Morgan Brown · almost 9 months ago

I love Barnes & Nobles it's such a peaceful environment in a world where there's a lot of chaos! The staff is always friendly and super helpful

Richard Blake · almost 11 months ago

I’m one of those people who have 10 books I haven’t read and yet feel the need to buy another book. There is no rush and you can take your time browsing the aisles. But there is help available if you need it.



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