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9370 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster, CO, 80030, United States
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1414 reviews


"Good staff, good service and good selection"

"The people that work here are nice and don't judge me for my purchases."

"Great place to shop, hang out and get coffee at the attached Starbucks."

Keith V Gordon · more than 9 months ago

We used to go here regularly to give our eyes a rest from e-books. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing, like an old upscale library with only new books. The cafe was probably the biggest reason we frequented this location, but sadly it is gone so we are here less now. Selection is still plenty for a smaller Barnes and Noble and the staff have been helpful when we needed assistance, but the bookstore cafe experience is missed.

Maude Miller · almost 10 months ago

Nobody was there to help. The 3 employees I did see, after I walked in and stood there, who didn't see me were huddled and talking about the books they were getting then they dispersed, when I was less than 4 feet from them. I walked up and asked the clerk at the register who was one in the huddle, if they had a book, I showed a picture of it. She directed me to the service desk, I guess, because she had nothing better to do? I went to the service desk, and I assume the senior that was straightening books was supposed to be at the service desk, I waited for several minutes and left. Especially when I saw a woman taking items and dropping them in her bag. Can we say no one is watching the store...

Ashley Nestler · almost 1 year ago

I adore this Barnes and Noble. It is my frequent go to bookstore (I come here multiple times a month) and the booksellers are always so nice. Their horror collection is slowly growing, which I'm happy about, and I love the ambiance. Just an all around wonderful place!

Linda Mundorff · 1 year ago

As you can see, I not only visited one, but two B&N stores! Love this place - huge selection, friendly/helpful staff, and some, even have a Cafe. Unfortunately, the Sheridan and 92nd store no longer has a cafe.

SuperlockMarvelGirl 39 · 1 year ago

This Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite places to go. Most people think that Barnes and Noble only sells books, but they have an amazing variety! They have puzzles, games, crafts, music, toys and so much more! They are the perfect place to go when you are bored and looking for something to do at home. I always come here thinking I'll grab A book or A puzzle and then leave with a pile of stuff that I just couldn't help but getting!

are g · almost 10 months ago

6:22pm 08/24, Monique answered the phone just now and is rude as can be. She needs some training in customer service... and definitely shouldn't not be allowed to answer the phones. Going to lose business with her rude self. Learn some manners.

sean Ball · 1 year ago

In all out defensive all bookstores even these big ones, I can't express how wonderful it is to spend an afternoon browsing. I was particularly impressed with the collection of coffee table books at reasonable prices. Staff is helpful as always, I hope we can protect this type of retail from the online juggernaut.

Ziggy 79 · 6 years ago

Good book store with a pretty decent selection of books. Nice, helpful staff is always a plus. There is a large children book and toy section. The science section is pretty small, same with gardening. The history sections are pretty filled out. There is a coffee shop attached to the store. Easy to find and plenty of parking.

Galactic Koala · 1 year ago

I always love going here. They always seem well organized and have a good assortment of stuff. My daughter really loves the kid section too, it's very fun and welcoming

Rachel Pettijohn · 1 year ago

I love this store, I could spend hours here just browsing. The store was clean & the employees were friendly. Always a great shopping experience!



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