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Barnes & Noble

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2999 Pearl St, Boulder, CO, 80301, United States
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1003 reviews


"Great atmosphere, nice staff, wonderful selection, super prices."

"Plus a great little coffee shop with quality sweet treats and savory sandwiches"

"There's a Starbucks inside as well so a nice place to sit and work."

FabioCabanaalmost 2 years ago

Barnes & Nobles, from not cool to cool again, what an era. If you miss touching books, feeling the texture of magazine glossy pages, wandering around alleys filled with them and discover a great front page or a weird title, grab a mag or a book and sit to see if you want to buy it, then B&N is the place for you. Books - As you may know this is not the place to find underground books, breakthrough essays or edgy writers, if you don't mind you still can find interesting mainstream books. Of course you will find all the best sellers and stuff you see on TV. Magazines - This is maybe the Madeleine de Proust moment of you interaction with this store chain. You are all of a sudden interacting with real images, instead of maniacally scrolling through pictures online and numbing your mind, you take your time, maybe think, remember something, what a great experience. Coffee shop - This is a trick. If you don't want to hang out in a loud place where people booze, this place has a Starbucks with a lot of sitting room where you can sit, read, hang out. And lastly you can find very cheap postal cards: 25 cents, what a bargain.

King Manik 4real10 months ago

Wonderful place. Let me drink coffee when I didn't even have enough money. Let me use the bathroom too. The rest of Colorado is, well...I'm putting stomping boots on.

Reed Chervinalmost 10 months ago

Happy to be able to still purchase physical newspapers here. A bit strange that they are behind the checkout counter, however. Didn't realize that I was buying cigarettes!

Seeks Truth1 year ago

First time ever to a Barnes and Noble and it was right out of the movies. Found me the perfect KJV Bible. Really cool store.

khy1 year ago

Solid assortment of trinkets, gifts, journals, and all things entertainment when it comes to tangible paperbacks or digital formats. Sarcastically sweet customer service and average prices for a Barnes & Noble. Love their poetry section as well as the classics scattered in sections throughout the store!

Scott Kaylie1 year ago

The staff was very helpful finding a book in the exact genre my son would actually read! She walked us to the aisle and made several suggestions that were spot on. It's nice and rare to find service at that level these days.

Gargathe Oro1 year ago

Good quality books and a wide selection with helpful service, but unfortunately I can find the books cheaper on Amazon. It is still nice to be able to go in and look at books and be surrounded by them so sometimes I go and buy books.

David Garcia1 year ago

I was buying a 馃巵 for my granddaughter, didn't have my card, but they put on hold for me. I was so thankful, because it was the only one left. 馃槉馃槉馃槉

James Johnson1 year ago

I love going to Barnes and Noble,a place with wide open spaces. Lots of sunlight coming through the windows. And most of all Books and Blue-rays, dvd and on and on and on. My Happy Place 馃グ馃グ馃グ. And should you want a beverage or pastry,they have those also. They also have a wide range of blue-ray and DVDs available.

afurah氓 breh氓nn1 year ago

Like hosts and hostels Barnes and Noble speaks a language all its own! Never before rendered,馃尀day or night馃寵,The Quest continues covert too cover, root tour who tamed beasts soul lieu shun ear roof-force akin to dragons馃悏馃惒馃則end馃晩you sure of future youthfulness seer of art鈥恡ool earns secrets scribed deep beneath each chosen IP鈥恌un honed depth ought tip page! Crest & Trough hears soft t茅thered hived dive undivided I've Valley w/in!



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