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2502 E Foresight Cir, Grand Junction, CO, 81505, United States
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539 reviews


"Excellent staff...awesome service!"

"There customer service lied when I cancelled to move."

"Sadly the only place in town with the internet speeds i need!"

AJ Martinez · almost 9 months ago

Absolute worst customer service ever. Do yourself a favor and reserve a spot online so that you only wait 2 hours. Absolutely terrible. I haven't even started service yet and I'm so irritated

Davin Lassila · 9 months ago

currently have been sitting in this building for over 2 hours still waiting on my turn to be called when there are/were 4 employees working. all while just trying to simply return a wifi box. there is no urgency or empathy for the customers who have been sitting here for 2-3 hours and instead take their sweet time. this is the worst customer service i have ever received in my life. i wouldn’t be surprised if the place closed before i had my turn with an employee. do not go here to do anything. deal with all of your problems online if you can and find some way to avoid this store at all costs. i would rate this 0/5 if i could. also currently hearing customers beside me talk about the same exact problems as me.

Melissa Aceves · almost 9 months ago

Why does your bill always go up so much? Every year at least once a year if not twice my bill always goes up. Ridiculous! You should have deals for long term customers. Not just new customers! I might just cancel service u guys charge allot and keep raising prices for same bare minimum package. I don't even have a good cable package and I pay allot!!

Jackie Rivero · almost 1 year ago

Most unhelpful staff ever. Cancelled our service (which hadn’t even started yet- a whole other story) and we were told that we can drop our box off at the nearest Spectrum location. Went to this Spectrum, and we were told they couldn’t just take the box. We would have to sign in and wait along with everyone else there for customer service issues… For them to take a pre-packaged box that had never been hooked up. We asked appropriately how long the wait would be and we were told they had no idea. Instead the employee suggested we drop the box off at UPS. So instead of taking the box from us, we had to leave the store, drive to UPS, and drop off the box with them, to be shipped back to Spectrum. The people there are useless.

Michael Partyka Jr. · more than 1 year ago

Waited over 2 hours just to simply turn my modem and router back in after canceling service with them. They need more than 2 employees to help customers on a Saturday, as this is ridiculous! They absolutely don’t get in a hurry to help anyone around here! I have literally watched about 15 people walk out, because they are sick of waiting and these employees done even act like they care! Not to mention the bill for $157 for equipment return. Would advise to keep a close close eye on your bill with this company, can almost guarantee they are sneaking fees or nonsense charges in on you or you’re overpaying more than you should be.

Casey Tooker · 1 year ago

I wish I could give them 0 stars. Originally, he was supposed to have 1 gb speed. Turns out I had 400mb and was paying twice as much as I could have been if I magically knew to call in and update my plan because of a "migration" that no one can explain. Never trust a cable company. Workers, please stop enabling them. I'm glad to be moving on, hopefully, for life.

Dylan Edwards · 10 months ago

Don’t trust your 811 call folks, charter can’t identify their own cables in ground and you will pay the price. Thank you for the 2k bill so 4 technicians could sit outside my house “for 12 hours” and stare at a hole I had already dug for them.

Charlie Jewett · almost 11 months ago

I don't know who was higher then a kite when they rated this company anything other then 1 star. They are outright blantant crooks, who will step over a dollar to pick up a dime first chance they get. If they don't have you cornered in the market where you live, seriously consider ANY other company you can, even if all they offer is dial up, you would be better served I promise.

Tony Elkins · 1 year ago

Bait and switch on new customers. They then claimed that I was misquoted. When 1st billed I spoke with 3 different people at spectrum and wasted an hour of my time for nothing. Don't get sucked in with a low quote.

Chris Heinemann · more than 10 months ago

This must be the absolute worst decision I’ve ever made on my tv service provider. Continuous buffering, I can’t even watch live tv and even recorded programming buffers regularly. The switch from DIRECTV has been nothing less than painful.



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