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Summit Auto LLC

    1728 Helena St, Aurora, CO, 80011, United States
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    113 reviews


    "Fair pricing, excellent service and a super helpful staff."

    "Best place to bring your Subaru in town."

    "The work done was quality and at very fair prices."

    Alan Howles · more than 10 months ago

    An outstanding shop! Jay was friendly and super quick to fit us in last minute and had us all sorted in a couple of hours (misfire fix w sparkplug change)! Top notch service with unusually good prices for parts & labor. Highly specialized in all things Subaru

    Stephanie Rogers · 1 year ago

    Highly recommend! Brought my Subaru in for a new engine and was extremely satisfied with how everything went. Mike really educated me on the whole process and he was super knowledgeable and made me feel like my car was in great hands. These guys really know their stuff and I’m happy to have been recommended to their shop!

    Sam Henderson · more than 1 year ago

    Horrible dealership! Please do not work with them or trust them. I dont know how they have such good reviews. I bought a used Toyota Tacoma from them that they said they had just serviced and done a bunch of work on and was in great condition. Well some of the work was never done and the work that was done was done incorrectly. They left a bolt in the flywheel that caused a ton of damage. I took it to someone else to have it looked at. The clutch disk had been installed backwards (the transmission shop was stunned they managed to do this) and the bolt in the flywheel ruined the entire clutch so I had them repair it for $1700 because there was no way I trusted taking it back to Summit Auto. It looks like I may have to have the transmission rebuilt as well. The Tacoma also had frame damage that was not mentioned to me when I bought it which is going to cost me $5500 to have repaired. The Tacoma also needed another $2850 of just basic repairs such as the steering rack, all new shocks and springs, new rear leaf springs because they only installed one new one and it wasnt even for this truck and it was installed incorrectly, new tie rod ends, new sway bar bushings. The rear brakes werent working at all when I bought it because they werent tightened at all. I am just so disappointed that they could sell a vehicle like this. I am considering filing a lawsuit because of all of the issues with the vehicle that I spent a lot of money on and they told me was ready to go as my new daily driver.

    Cetan Christensen · 1 year ago

    I had them do the head gaskets on my Subaru- almost immediately after my car was leaking oil. I took it back and they had done something incorrectly and fixed the issue. Now two years later the head gaskets are going out in my car due to the work previously done. Do not recommend.

    Alison Keehn · almost 10 months ago

    AAA+++. Absolute go-to suby shop. I’ve bought 2 cars now from them as well as repairs. These folks ares dedicated Subaru people.

    Jacob Beaudrie · almost 2 years ago

    Mike and Jay are the best! They've done a lot of great work on my Subaru over the years. You never feel like you've been gouged money wise when you go there. They tell you want needs to be done and what can wait. Awesome shop. Highly recommend!!

    Haley Stewart · 1 year ago

    These guys are absolutely the best. Great, quick service and reasonable prices. They always give me great explanations of the services recommended and why they recommend them. They are 100% my go to for Subaru service!!

    Barnard Vincent · more than 2 years ago

    I've received nothing but the best from Mike and Jay over a 3 year period. Hands down, the most knowledgeable, friendly, honest, forthright mechanics around. Availability? Hard to come by because they're the best. Make an appointment. Communication? Come in person & get them on the phone - they're always busy cause they're the best. Working on your Subaru and other people's Subarus takes time. Price? Doesn't break the bank. I'm going to miss you guys - thank you for everything that you've done for me and my Subaru!

    James Poplin · more than 1 year ago

    Mike and Jay are the best at taking care of my Subaru! Fair, timely, get the job done right! I recommend them to anyone that owns a Subaru!

    Max Schulz · almost 4 years ago

    These folks are AMAZING! I’ve had my Subaru for 11 years and every time I leave this shop I am satisfied. They provide valuable insight and repair the car to better than new status. From head to toe I trust this shop more than any dealership by far, and any other repair shop for that matter. I am about 50 miles away but the drive home is always worth every inch! Thank you all at Summit Auto!



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