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    "Weekend specials, great staff, perfect service every time!"

    "I had a very pleasant experience renting from this location."

    "All the people I dealt with gave me good, prompt and pleasant service."

    Jessica Yeomans · 8 months ago

    My insurance set up a reservation for me that included giving them the vehicle type for me. I missed the call on Thursday and called back Friday morning at 7:31, right when they opened. The man I spoke to said it would be set-up for me to pick up a vehicle on Monday. I called this morning and asked what time I should come in. The woman I spoke to said there was no reservation for me to pick up and the only documentation was them having called me Thursday afternoon. She then said I could come at 5 or tomorrow while proceeding to ask what kind of car. I told her that my insurance had already set up what kind of car and that it was around $23/day. She then became very rude and talked to me like I didn’t know what I was talking about and began to reexplain that the vehicle limit amount for my insurance to pay was $25 (which I knew) and wanted to go through the costs of their cars. It was frustrating because everything had been set up and there clearly was no record, even though the man I spoke with Friday had all the details in front of him and didn’t have to go over these details with me. It didn’t make sense to me and I didn’t appreciate her demeanor and the new lack of details regarding my reservation. Dealing with cars, insurance claims, and rentals when a car is taking longer to be repaired is already difficult enough, this should have been a breeze and not more complicated. Total bummer. I had my insurance switch my claim to Hertz and not only was there not confusion about my reservation, they were friendly and had me in a car within an hour.

    Owner's response · 8 months ago

    Thank you for your feedback, Jessica. If you’d like to discuss this further, please email [email protected] with your contact information, rental information and all the details above. Thank you. – Chad

    Regan Sample · more than 7 months ago

    They will charge you for damage that occurred prior to you renting from them. I pointed out dents and dings at the time I rented, they told me "Those are small we only care about things the size of a half dollar" I returned the car after I called to let them know there were problems, The trim around the windows was loose and was flapping when I was on the highway and the steering pulled very hard to the right. When I brought it back, they started telling me about hail damage on the car. I log my driving due to my work, at no time was I in an area of hail. One of the employees said, "there was a lot of hail in Ft. Morgan" That is 80 miles east from anywhere I had been. They are out to hit up people for their cash, or your insurance to make up for them not noticing damage from other renters. I've had poor experience here before but have returned over and over. I will not. If you use this place cross your fingers, take a lot of photos, make them write down the damage you notice. Don't trust them. Do not trust them to make accurate notes on the condition of the vehicle when you pick up. Even better advice rent elsewhere.

    Owner's response · more than 7 months ago

    Regan, we would like to look into this further. Please email [email protected] with your contact information, your reservation or rental agreement number and all the details of your experience. Thanks.-ML

    S · almost 9 months ago

    My daughter was in an automobile accident. We were renting a car through insurance, we reserved a full size car, received a call it was ready. I asked if it was a full size car and was told "yes, absolutely". Well, it was not. They downgraded us to a mid-size then told us it was the same charge as a full-size. The manager went on to say we would have to pay the difference. Because this was an insurance claim, I needed to know when and how often my card would be charged. The manager got very rude, could not give ma a direct answer and in fact the answers she gave me were completely wrong! 1. The charge for a mid-size in NOT the same as a full-size, yes I knew this at the time, but was tired of the wait and frustrated they lied about the full-size car being ready. While I was being direct, I never raised my voice, used profanity, or got rude in any way. It got to the point where the manager asked us to leave, the junior employee stepped in asked her to walk away as he had the situation handled. He was AWESOME! He even called me the next day to offer me a full-size car, and told me in face the mid-size car was indeed cheaper than the full-size, there would be NO out of pocket expenses, and that he would refund the fee they charged me the day before. He gets a 5-Star rating, unfortunately his manager does NOT!

    Owner's response · almost 9 months ago

    Thank you for your review. Please be assured it is never our intent to inconvenience our customers and we strive to provide the best possible services. We'd like to pass your information along to someone who can best address your concern. Please email [email protected] with your contact information, rental information and all the details above. Thank you. – Chad

    Bill Riss · 8 months ago

    Had a confirmed reservation for a car while my car was in the shop. Dropped off my car at the shop and showed up at Enterprise about 45 minutes after the reservation time and was told my reservation was cancelled and marked as a no show, and there were no cars available for me. No apology, no offer for alternative solutions, nothing. Probably the worst customer service experience I've ever had. They didn't even seem to care.

    Owner's response · 8 months ago

    Hi Bill, we would like to know more about your experience. Please email [email protected] and include the rental location, reservation number and your contact information. Thank you. - Lisa S

    John Murphy · almost 8 months ago

    Due to having hail damage repair on my own behicle, my insurance (GEICO) allowed for a rental under my insurance claim. Called insurance to report the damage, told them I needed a rental, no sooner had I finished my claim phone call, Enterprise called me and had already arranged for a rental, picked me up from the repair place, completed all the paperwork, and told me I could keep the rental until repairs were finished. Took the car back to Enterprise and they gave me a ride to pick up my car. Would recommend this office for all your car rental needs. Totally satisfied with this experience

    Owner's response · almost 8 months ago

    Hi Mr. Murphy, we are very happy to have provided you with such a positive experience! John

    David Vang · almost 11 months ago

    Was there due to the hailstorm that came through and destroyed my car. Kayden helped me a lot and took care of me. He was awesome and very cool. But to be honest, all of the staff I dealt with there were really nice and super helpful. Probably some of the best customer service I've experienced.

    Owner's response · almost 11 months ago

    Mr. Vang, thank you for your kind review; we are happy to pass along your comments to the team here at Enterprise Rent-A-Car! We look forward to your next visit! Take care! John

    Carter Croghan · 10 months ago

    I booked a small sedan while my personal vehicle was being repaired for a few days on Expedia. Upon arriving, they didn't have the vehicle. The manager said due to hail damage from a recent storm in the area, they have very limited selection of cars available and only had a midsize SUV that would cost me over $100 more than the sedan I booked for. When asked if I can take the SUV but have the same price honored, they dismissed me and told me to go to Hertz next door (which was closed at the time I arrived at Enterprise). Upon inquiring why they didn't have the sedan, the manager claims Expedia "doesn't follow active inventory listing on our system" and will allow customers to book cars not available. Two things: If this is the case, either allow Expedia to have access to current inventory status or don't allow booking on the site entirely! Secondly, if you still allow Expedia bookings and know this is a problem, this is a classic bait and switch scam! Only 2 stars for Kadin who was extremely helpful and deserves a great promotion for working with me on the issue. He should be manager of this store.

    Owner's response · 10 months ago

    Carter, we would like to look into this further but need some more information. Please email [email protected] with your contact information, your reservation or rental agreement number and all the details of your experience. Thanks. - LP

    Riah Ibarra · almost 11 months ago

    I had a wonderful experience with enterprise. All very friendly and professional. Katie was the one to help me out and I have nothing but great things to say about her! Will definitely be renting from this location again!

    Owner's response · almost 11 months ago

    Riah, thank you for your kind review; we are happy to pass along your comments to Katie and the Longmont team. We look forward to your next visit! Take care! -Chris R.

    Matthew Monson · 10 months ago

    Lianne and Kadin are incredible people and employees. But this place gets a 1 Star because of the manager, Pepper. She is the absolute worst manager I've ever dealt with. Until she is replaced, I would not recommend renting from the Longmont location. Update: No. I will not email you. I stand by my review and will until Pepper is no longer at this branch. You want to discuss something? Then do your due diligence and reach out to me. Absurd for you to ask us to reach out.

    Owner's response · 10 months ago

    Matthew, customer service is of the utmost importance to us and we would like to speak with you further about this. Please email [email protected] with the details above and include your contact information, reservation number and any additional information you’d like to share. - HH

    Caylen Eckman · 10 months ago

    Beware of hail scam! If you happen to have a car rented while it hails they will charge you for hail damage. Doesn’t matter that the car was parked in a garage or that the “damage” they pointed out was tiny and clearly not from hail. They will charge you $700 and there is nothing you can do. They will lie to your face saying the car is too damaged to be rented again (LOL for a ding on the roof) but when you come back later the same day it will be in the lot. They will again lie to your face and say it’s not the same car even tho the plates match?? This place is a SCAM.

    Owner's response · 10 months ago

    Caylen, I would be happy to look into this for you. Please email [email protected] with your contact information, your reservation or rental agreement number and more details of your rental. Thanks. - HH


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