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"I got the best service, I got the best experience and now I have a new mechanic."

"Charging a ridiculous diagnostic charge just to look at my timing belt?"

"Watched them be rude to every other customer in the place and whoever walked in."

Milan Sorm · more than 5 months ago

They have helped us change tires when we had got totally demaged ones in AVIS - on AVIS recommendation. They are able to solve it same day. But they work very very slow - we saw our car with new tires around it and takes 30 min to put it on and next hour to solve computer and papers… finally they helped us but I wish they can work quicker. One guy smoking around building every 15 min, a lot of guys just walking and calling somewhere like in call center for the whole time.

Elise Ford · 7 months ago

We found ourselves in a bit of an emergency situation with a nail in the sidewall of our tire while traveling through Colorado. Our options for tire shops was limited being Sunday and close to closing time. Irv was awesome. The store was non-stop with walk-ins and phone calls and he took care of everyone with a friendly and helpful attitude. We are super appreciative of his help!

Kaila Rowe · almost 7 months ago

My word of advice: if you’re a girl going in to this Firestone, maybe have a male friend bring your car in so you are not taken advantage of. I came in to get my tires replaced about a week and a half ago. I also paid for a run through of my car as I’m planning a long trip after this. The tires were great and I paid more for a warranty on them. However, I was given a report on my car that was supposed to be alarming to me, telling me my brakes only had 3mm in the front and 1mm in the back along with a warped rotor, needed to replace my air filters, and an alignment. I did not have the money to get this done, but the next week took my car in to a Honda dealer to get the AC fixed under warranty and an alignment. The Honda dealer did a courtesy run through of my car and found the brakes were all in good shape with 7mm on all four pads, no warped rotars, etc. I’m extremely frustrated with Firestone for lying to me and basically telling me that if I did not get my brakes done right then and there I would be at high risk of losing my brakes in my big trip. Other than that the service was very friendly, again just pushy about paying more money to get more things done that I did not need to do.

Owner's response · more than 6 months ago

Hello Kalia, we are sorry that you had a negative experience while visiting our Fort Collins store. We would like to offer our assistance with this matter. Please email us at [email protected], with the complete details, your contact information, store's full address, and any applicable invoice numbers. You are a valued Firestone customer, and we hope to hear from you soon. ^Shonya

Javier Victor Mariano Bruno (Derp) · more than 6 months ago

People were super nice in here, at least the ones on front desk. I left my car for an alignment. they did a good job, but when I was picking up my car I found out that my hood was open (not completely closed). I'm pretty sure that lot of ppl wont even notice that and would drive on highway with the hood half open. Its an small mistake but that could end with big consequences.

Maybe Lline · 6 months ago

Don’t waste your time. Showed up at 0730 for a tire repair- slow leak- looked like a one man show. Tech guy said it would take him all day to get my tire fixed. I’m travelling through and didn’t really have all day. Went to another place who was able to get my tire fixed right away.

Owner's response · 6 months ago

We're sorry to hear that this was your experience with your tire service at our location. We'd like to help have your concerns addressed as we value you as a customer. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with your contact information, invoice number from service, and full details of your visit. We look forward to your email, and thank you for choosing Firestone. Nicholas

Marie Cheeney · 10 months ago

Came into the shop two weeks ago with my two grandsons to have my car checked out because it was making a funny noise. Dave said everything looked good. As I was leaving, I asked Mike if the brakes were checked also, and he said yes. Two weeks later, the brakes started grinding. I took it back in, and Mike could find no records of me being in previously, told me I needed new front brakes, and gave me a quote for over a thousand dollars. I took it to Brakes Plus, and got them done for $250, with a lifetime warranty. Definitely would not recommend Meineke.

Owner's response · 10 months ago

Thank you for this review Marie. We strive for excellence, and apologize that this was your experience after having your vehicle inspected at this location. We value you as a customer and want to address this properly. Please email [email protected] with your contact information, invoice numbers from service, and any other pertinent details of this visit. We hope to hear from you soon, and thank you for choosing Firestone. ^Nicholas

Donna Davis-Haddon · 8 months ago

Had an appointment. Dropped our vehicle off in the am. Called the next day because we hadn't heard from them. They said people kept coming in, so our vehicle got pushed back. This has happened before, and we're not pleased it happened. We live over an hour away, so try to leave the vehicle so they don't feel rushed. Next time we'll stay and make sure we get service that day.

Donald Reighard · 7 months ago

Iv been at this location for a while waiting for my wife's car to finish up. They have been very busy with walk in and appointment customers. I can see they are short staffed, they are working very hard to serve everyone the best they can. They all have been in a positive mood with all customers, even with the rude and impatient customers. Yeah they are struggling with time and staff, but they make the best of it.

Johnny Prose · 2 years ago

I just came from my appointment and left feeling very upset. I've always come to this Firestone location since moving to Fort Collins a few years ago. But my loyalty didn't matter today as the service was poor to say the least. For starters, I came in for a standard oil change. Not a big job of course, especially early in the morning, but there was a lack of staff available to help upon my arrival and this location is very busy. When I did get helped, I asked the associate to make sure the fluids were topped off. Spoiler alert - they were not. I only found this out because they said my cabin filter and air filter needed replacing, so I did it myself after the appointment when I discovered the fluids hadn't been touched. Btw, they were trying to charge me $50 for just the air filter (smh). I replaced both filters for only $38. They also tried to charge me $25 for a tire rotation when their car care package is only $9.99. Last but not least - the mechanic must've broken my air filter latches because when I went to change it they were busted.

Joshua Roberson · 11 months ago

Nathan the manager is a great guy. They always help me out faster than anyone else in town. I recommend this place for basic wheel rotations and balances, oil changes, alignments, and other basic maintenance work. I don’t recommend any Firestone if you have a lifted jeep or truck, or are looking for major repairs. There’s only so much work they can do with aftermarket.

Owner's response · 11 months ago

Thank you for choosing Firestone! We appreciate your 5-star review and we look forward to working with you again. ^Mariah



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