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"But we were met with the friendliest, most helpful service."

"Friendly staff, clean, spacious waiting room, free WiFi and coffee."

"They always take care of me and give me the best price!"

Rachel Zlomke · almost 10 months ago

These mechanics are amazing. They are so honest and caring. They really looked into what was going on with my vehicle and I've never had a single complaint about them. I will go here for whatever my car needs that they are capable of doing. I'm so grateful for them!

Stevenrme70 · more than 9 months ago

Took my car in due to a driving issue. They ended up telling me that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle and there's no error code for them to check. They also told me that they tried driving the vehicle and there was nothing wrong. I told them there was definitely something wrong with the vehicle and they told me there was nothing they would do. Drove for about 3 minutes and immediately started having issues and had to pull over. Have a hard time believing that someone drove the vehicle and found nothing wrong when, as soon as I start driving, I have to pull over. Luckily was able to make an appointment with a mechanic tomorrow morning. On my drive home the check engine light came on and took it to auto zone. They gave me the error codes. Thought about taking it back to firestone, then remembered they said that I'd have to wait until another availability came up for them to check it if I brought it back in. They had already wasted a week of my time. Would rather give someone else the business at this point. Makes me feel like they just don't want to bother finding the issue if it's not spoon-fed to them on an error code. The only benefit is that they didn't charge me for the hour or two, but that should be standard if they don't fix anything anyway.

Sheila Reynolds · 10 months ago

The job was done great. They called to ask about anything they found before they replaced it. But,I set up the visit online for the next morning, and when I was 3 blocks from the store, they called to say they had to order the part. I ended up leaving my car there and borrowing a car for 2 days. I was not happy about that only because they had plenty of time to call before I left my house.

kvn mojo · 9 months ago

I’ve been taking my truck here for years. Firestone makes some really good quality tires. Like any business, they sometimes struggle with staffing and can get very busy and backed up. That being said, they’ve almost always gotten it done for me if, I planned ahead and set an appointment. If they make a mistake or let me down in some way, they work very hard to make it right. I can’t speak highly enough about the Gentleman, Jeff, who manages this shop, he is a first class and very professional individual!

Owner's response · 10 months ago

Hello Kvn , we know that your time is valuable, and we apologize for your wait time for services . We want to ensure this is addressed. Please email us at [email protected] with any other imperative details, the store's full address, any applicable invoice numbers and your contact information. We appreciate your business with Firestone and look forward to hearing from you soon. ^Shonya

A Stone · almost 2 years ago

I took all my family's 6 vehicles here for 9 years and always had great service. Unfortunately that changed. The wait time was always way longer than they said it would be but I'm pretty patient and never worried about that because they were kind and professional and i always got great service. But then...First, on one vehicle the oil cap was broken by them when they did the oil change and they didn't even tell me, i discovered it when I got home.Next vehicle (high end) they damaged the rim (several gouges in the metal) when swapping tires and didn't mention it. Megan fortunately was very professional and made sure they replaced the rim at their cost *$500 rim) . Next I scheduled oil change weeks in advance and ended up waiting hours while employee went out to buy a filter for it. Finally, the next time I needed an oil change I called in advance and explained about the filter and they said they would order filter and call me when they had it so I could schedule the oil change. They never did call me back, so I scheduled with dealership for way less money and have never gone back to firestone. After spending tens of thousands of dollars at this shop they showed me that they did not appreciate me as a customer. Very disappointed.

Katie Skoff · 10 months ago

I was on a road trip and one of my rear calipers broke (ie no brakes!). This location was able to see me the same day, even though I called around 3:30 pm and they were very helpful. They got it fixed the next morning (a Saturday, which I was also very grateful for!) and I could get back on the road. It was great to go into a auto care store I'd never been to and feel that they were doing all they could to help me while being very straghtforward.

Brandon Mason · almost 11 months ago

I had my vehicle towed here at a tow driver's recommendation. They quoted me $1050 on an alternator replacement. A shop 10 minutes down the street quoted me at $766. Now I'm stuck and they know very well I'm a captive audience. They said they would match the price if I sign up for a credit card with them. That just feels slimy and disgusting. I'm going to have my friend drive out and give me a jump and take it to the other shop. I don't think I'll be going to Firestone in the future.

Owner's response · more than 10 months ago

Hello Brandon, we are sorry to hear of your pricing concerns for an alternator replacement service, and we would be happy to address them. Please email us at [email protected] with the complete details, store's full address, your contact information, and your invoice number. You are a valued Firestone customer, and we look forward to your reply. ^Shonya

Steven Ehrlich · 11 months ago

Nothing but great things to say about this Firestone location. Rick Briscoe went above and beyond to save our vacation. Had a nasty blowout the night before and a fast approaching deadline to get home, and Rick got us in and out in an hour and a half. Squeezed us in despite all the technicians being busy. We were able to make it home on time and didn't have to sacrifice any of our trip waiting. Where the Toyota dealership dropped the ball, Rick and Firestone picked it up and saved the day. Thank you so much!

David Feuerborn · almost 1 year ago

They did decent work. Biggest problem like I see in pretty much all Firestones, the techs picking and choosing what they do over the vehicles that are sitting there waiting. We went in for two tires and spent close to 3 1/2 hours waiting, I watch 6 techs walk up look at the waiter ticket then grab other work.

Danielle Carnivele · 1 year ago

Best car service I've experienced! We pulled in here with shaved down tires on a road trip from LA to Chicago, and these guys had us in and out within a few hours. They were so kind and helpful in inspecting the car to ensure we wouldn't have any further issues the remainder of the trip AND gave us some advice for passing through the mountains to beat the snow storm! I'm so grateful we stopped here and for the amazing guys that work here! Thanks again for all of your help!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Thanks for the great review, Danielle. It was a pleasure serving you as a customer. Thank you for choosing Firestone Complete Auto Care. ^Cali



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