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2948 Council Tree Ave Ste 131, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States
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158 reviews


"They were willing to work with us and gave us great deals."

"Willing to offer service above and beyond the standard!"

"Great staff, knowledgeable and the most helpful of any location I've been to!"

Lauren Smith · almost 10 months ago

Complete incompetence here. I came in with 30 minutes to spare for a SIM card. After 20 minutes of the staff not knowing how to activate it properly I asked for an non-active SIM. It took them 10 more minutes of fumbling around before they tried to charge me $35 for an unactivated SIM with no plan. Then during the payment they took another 5 minutes because they couldn't figure out how to initiate the transaction. Maybe the manager should require their employees to be more competent instead of bilingual in the hiring phase.

Owner's response · almost 10 months ago

Sorry for the long wait Lauren We know how important your time is and we’ll continue to improve the speed in which we help customers. We hope you’ll visit us again so we can take care of you.

Alex Davis · 9 months ago

T-Mobile, you connectivity magician, you! My relationship with you is stronger than my Wi-Fi signal ever was. Your customer service is so stellar, I'm convinced you've secretly hired a team of tech-savvy unicorns. Whenever I call, it's like a comedy show with a side of troubleshooting – I half expect a clown car to roll up and a tech guru to emerge with a bouquet of signal bars. And those data plans? They're like the golden ticket to the internet chocolate factory. I'm pretty sure my phone's screen brightness increases whenever I enter a T-Mobile store. T-Mobile, you've won my heart, emojis, and GIFs – consider me your loyal data-dazzled disciple!" 📱

Arnold Robinson · 1 year ago

Went in with a new phone today at 11am to get help switching the sim card. The guy working had zero interest in helping me. He told me to do it myself at home.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hi Arnold! It's disappointing to learn that we did not live up to our high standards for customer service. We are always improving and hope you'll give us another chance to provide better service in the future.

Sarah Hixson · 1 year ago

There's not much to say as we are helping our daughter who is leaving for a different company, but the gentlemen that helped my daughter was pretty aggressively rude at first and then calmed down and was helpful. If we weren't there to Mama and Papa bear, I'm pretty sure this would have been a horrible review.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

I apologize for any unprofessional service you received. That’s not the experience we want for our customers, and it sounds like we fell short this time. Please email me at [email protected] so we can chat!

Bob Thilmont · 1 year ago

We bought 3 new iPhone 14s two days ago. My wife’s phone has not held charge since got it. We came back yesterday and we were informed to take it to Best Buy for diagnostics. Best Buy did the diagnostic but couldn’t find anything wrong though they said that it was not changing and that we should go back to the store. We return to the store only to be told that to exchange the phone we have to pay a $70 restocking fee! Not good customer support!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

I apologize for any unprofessional service you received. That’s not the experience we want for our customers, and it sounds like we fell short this time. Please email me at [email protected] so we can chat!

Jeffrey Ikari · more than 1 year ago

Their store manager Jacob helped me and it was by far one of the best customer sevice experiences ever. I ordered a new iPhone and he helped explain how shipping worked and details on the phone I was purchasing. Not to mention my phone got here far in advance than when expected!

Justin Wilkes · 1 year ago

I hate going to this store, but it’s the closest one. I’ve been here many, many times. Employees hanging out in the back while one employee up front, with a line of people. I’ve literally never been here without having to wait 30 minutes to get some help. It’s ridiculous

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Sorry for the long wait Mr Wilkes. We know how important your time is and we’ll continue to improve the speed in which we help customers. We hope you’ll visit us again so we can take care of you.

M Baak · more than 9 months ago

Enjoyable place in on a nice day. The food is decent, but the atmosphere is the best part.

kat hitchcock · 2 years ago

Let me start with my positive comments. Had it not been for Jacob and more importantly, Natalie during my in-store visit a few days ago, I may have cancelled my 20+ year account with TMobile. A couple of days prior, I had called customer service to cancel my 84yo Mom's tmobile account. She suffers from dementia and a blood-born cancer which is taking a toll on both her mental and physical well-being. During that phone call, Customer Service informed me that the only way to handle this required a visit to a physical location. They further instructed to take along two forms of my mother's ID. On the phone they understood that the only time she leaves home now is for doctors' appointments. I was clear on their requirements and proceeded accordingly. I went into the location at Council Tree Ave here in Ft. Collins, CO. At first, they told me the information I had received from the customer service rep on the phone prior was incorrect. They were determined to help though and got Customer Service (again) on the phone. After the first rep was unable (unwilling?) to help I asked to be connected with a supervisor, which was even more frustrating than the initial rep. This supervisor, Jennifer (rep id #1049955) was borderline insulting no matter the "sing-song" repetitive delivery of the corporate mantra she seemingly learned from a script. NOTE TO CORPORATE: Saying the words "I want to fix this for you" means you FIX the problem instead of repeating you want to "however, you are unable to". I wasn't charging anything to my mother's account. I simply wanted to close her account and save her the $50 that was being deducted from her bank account every month. No contract to cancel, no phone to pay off, simply cancel her line as her health necessitated it. I was upset. I did not curse. I did not raise my voice. I have to reluctantly admit that I got teary-eyed and emotional, well, because being the caregiver to someone you love while she declines is emotional. Corporate customer service was ineffective, cold-hearted, and often rude and condescending in tone. Had Natalie not taken the matter into her own hands and YES cancelled my mother's account by getting the proper person on the phone and following with a few strokes on her keypad, I would have cancelled my own account. So mad props to both Natalie and Jacob for exhibiting true humanity even in a corporate setting. And Jennifer (rep # 1049955) take note. You could learn a ton from these two. Thanks, again, Jacob and Natalie. Your professionalism and more importantly, your understanding and willingness to "fix" the issue meant more than you could ever know.

Ezra Elliott · almost 4 years ago

I interacted with Elias, Analeece, and Tristan when I came to visit this T-Mobile location today and all of them are absolutely great people! Elias was the associate I specifically was working with to get my new device up and running and he is very helpful and communicative. I appreciate it to no end when sales associates can be themselves and not try and push people just to earn a commission. I would not recommend any other location over the Harmony and Ziegler one. Thank you Elias! 😎


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