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Mainstay for baby gear, furniture & more

    110 W Troutman Pkwy, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States


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    "Thank you Tess and Team for providing exemplary customer service!"

    "But, what bothered me more so was how disorganized this location was."

    "Horrible service from a Manager"

    Ilse Baylon · 2 years ago

    They sent us a display model! It’s clearly marked on the box and there’s a label stitched on the stroller itself. This was the second attempt to buy this stroller from them. The first time they gave us the wrong model in store and we had to drive it back to them. We were assured a better “deal” to order it in store again but they just gave us the same 15% off I already had. Very frustrating to have to deal with this twice. We have a trip coming up and now we have to start over!

    Abigail Smith · almost 2 years ago

    Okay so this location will NOT have anyone on site to help you with anything like the other reviews mention. But, what bothered me more so was how disorganized this location was. Many items weren’t stocked or were messily shelved. Price tags were missing from big ticket items. And the glider chairs were so disgustingly dirty, I refused to sit on any of them. My husband and I went thinking it would be a fun experience and were ready to drop some serious cash on products we wanted to test out first. But, it felt like shopping in a Ross. So, we left disappointed and slightly annoyed considering we drove 45 miles. ** Lastly- you’d think a baby store would have special parking for expecting mothers. Even my work has this…

    A C · 4 years ago

    Not a bad store but the baby section is kind of smaller than I thought it would be. All of the car seats/strollers are insanely priced. It would be nice if they sold cheaper items. Not everyone can afford a $900 car seat combo. Other than that employees were helpful and friendly.

    Catherine Lee · 5 years ago

    NOBODY CARES TO HELP THE CUSTOMER IN THIS STORE. Went in to purchase a Buy Buy Baby gift card. There was none stocked... ANYWHERE. It took at least three people until someone would even take the time to listen to our question. Finally a male employee stopped to listen and directed us to the desk in which they should have been located. Again, no buy buy baby specific gift cards were stocked, so yet again the employee had to ask where they would be. Throughout this entire experience, Mariah who must be a manger or higher level employee was asked this question by her co workers at least three times but disregarded trying to help and seemed like she couldn’t be bothered. It was extremely rude of her and uncalled for as it was clear she was who everyone looked to for answers. Awful experience. Would not recommend going to this location if you’re looking for good customer service.

    Stephanie B · 7 years ago

    Tess and her team provided excellent customer service and went above and beyond to help us with an unexpected special order issue and discontinuation of that model caused by a crib manufacturer. She called as soon as there was a problem and kept us informed of the situation throughout the whole ordeal. After calling several other stores near by and the manufacturer, the Fort Collins team was unable to find our exact crib and we had to pick a different one for our baby. Tess made sure that everything went smoothly from placing the new order to white glove delivery to our home. We will definitely be back to this store! Thank you Tess and Team for providing exemplary customer service! This kind of attention to detail and the customer is a rarity in today's retail world.

    J. Lewis · almost 3 years ago

    Please enable curbside pickup in your store. The delta variant of covid is going around and many new mothers are staying out of stores to protect their babies. Please do your part in keeping them safe!

    Stahpowah McSparklestein · more than 5 years ago

    We went to ask for our gift bag for the registry and to buy a few baby things. We went to customer service and were told someone in the baby section would help us; we waited 20 minutes before stopping a passing associate, who then told us we needed a manager. The manager was extremely unfriendly, did not look up our registry, did not ask if we had any questions or offer to show us any items, and did not give us our bag. I had intended to buy a lovie and onesies but I was so disgusted that I left exhausted and empty handed

    TD Nicolaus · more than 1 year ago

    This is not really a buybuy BABY it's only a section of baby items inside a Bed Bath and Beyond.

    Jen Saren · almost 4 years ago

    So messy and disorganized, no one is willing to help. Baby section is extremely small and no clothing at all, disappointed I made a trip to this place.

    Robert Aragon · almost 5 years ago

    Chip the manager was horrible!!! Went in to return Chip was called up to help Chip was very irritated. I asked Chip why he was irritated he said he was to busy to help us. Horrible service from a Manager



    Chain retailer offering a wide assortment of baby gear, furniture, clothes, toys & other supplies.

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