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Retailer for California-style clothes

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8501 W Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO, 80123, United States
Closed · Opens at 11 AM Thu


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16 reviews


"Nice people and friendly survey"

"I paid for my stuff and didn’t even get a thank you from the cashier?"

"I had saw the other person inside noticed her vibe and attitude and just left."

Maryhelen Duran · 10 months ago

Horrible customer service. Came in on July 30, 2023. The lady with black short hair saw my friend and I get ready to approach her and continued to be on her phone for about 3 minutes without acknowledging us at all. Gave very judgment attitude.

Brea Gibson · more than 1 year ago

the store is understaffed but they do their best!!! super clean store and friendly staff! my go to pacsun even if they are closed sometimes! everybody gotta eat right!!

Meg Timpano · almost 2 years ago

Horrible customer service. As a former retail worker myself, the kids working here are so unprofessional and honestly shouldn’t be working anywhere near patrons, not that they even do. It’s been like this for years but today was the final straw, came in to return a damaged good I bought the night before, and they hadn’t even opened the doors after they were supposed to open. They didn’t open the store until I called them and asked if they were open. When I was finally able to return the good, I got attitude and sass from the worker; both at check out and when I needed a fitting room. I’ll never be a Karen to retail workers, I know how hard and frustrating these kinds of jobs can be, so Im always very patient with them, but these employees are extremely entitled, impatient, and lazy. Not that complaining to the internet will fix things, but Pacsun, this location needs some major customer service rehab. Do better.

Katlyn Lujan · 2 years ago

Horrible service! I went into the store today to hopefully exchange a product I ordered online. First off the product came in damaged, it had holes in the shirt as if someone had tried taking the sensor off. I’ve worked in retail for over 10 years and had been a store manger and this is completely unacceptable. Can’t believe they didn’t even review my product before shipping it to me. I than went to the closest location to me which is SouthWest plaza to exchange the shirt for the same thing just a shirt that had not been damaged. I walked in the store there was only one other customer in there. I was not greeted or even asked if I needed help. I then went up to the person working and and asked for some help. Immediately the employee Hailey was giving me attitude from the start. I had told her the issue that happened and that I was here to just exchange the shirt. She had rudely said they don’t have that item in stores and that Pacsun would never send a damaged item . She then walked away from me. I had told her from the minute I asked for help, that I had my receipt on my email to show her proof. She then said I could exchange it for something else. I looked around the store and found a shirt to exchange that with. The entire time she had a snarky attitude. She told me to pull up the item number on the receipts. I then told her there was not one and gave her permission to use my phone to look at the receipt herself. The entire transaction was a hastle and she was not patient with me. After I paid the remaining amount she bagged up my items and basically threw the bag at me, grunted and walked away. I’ve worked in retail forever now and I know that is not how you help a customer. When I was trying to ask for help all she had cared about was processing the putting out shipment on the floor. Not me , or other customers. I had saw the other person inside noticed her vibe and attitude and just left. Employees like that should have to apologize and correct themselves. This was the most uncomfortable experience I’ve ever dealt with and certainly will not be going back. Such a shame considering I’ve been a loyal customers for years!!

Mark H · almost 2 years ago

PacSun @ SW Plaza....a shining example of why brick-and-mortar retail is dying. Come here and interact with the employees for a birds eye view of pleasant customer service at its finest...not. Keep focusing on the e-commerce/online strategy PSEB & PacSun....the company will need that rev to offset the losses of s***hole stores like this one. If the in-person experience at all the other PacSun retail locations is like this underperforming one I'm sure announcements of store closings should be coming shortly.

Fumes the Threat · almost 5 years ago

Was here on 9/8/19 in the late afternoon and the employees weren’t busy and still did not greet or acknowledge us at all. We came back in a second time to make a purchase and still weren’t acknowledged by anyone. They had a dog in the store and were more attentive to the dog then us. I stood up front by the register ready to pay for a good 2 minutes before anyone would ring me out. I paid for my stuff and didn’t even get a thank you from the cashier? Horrible HORRIBLE costumer service:(

Ellie Wright · 4 years ago

The receipt was on a full sheet of paper and you couldn’t pay with cash or Apple Pay. The racks were unorganized and the workers were constantly cussing and not greeting me. The one thing I actually did decide to buy had lint all over it.

Taylor Stone · 2 years ago

It’s never open when I come to the mall. The employees are always on "lunch break" that lasts for more than 2 hours. I just don't understand why they are always closed.

Rex Misken · more than 4 years ago

I like it here. Or my kids like it here would be more accurate. Its nice, and the kids like the choice!!

Frank Urbach · almost 6 years ago

Nice people and friendly survey



Chain supplying casual, California-inspired, brand-name clothing, swimwear & accessories.

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