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Pacific Sunwear

Retailer for California-style clothes

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1 W Flatiron Crossing Dr, Broomfield, CO, 80021, United States
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44 reviews


"Friendly staff and always quality clothing!"

"The rudest employees with no customer service."

"10/10 best place to shop in Flatirons mall <3 :)"

Teagan Becker · more than 1 year ago

I love pacsun, the employees are super nice and helpful. Honestly, coming here is therapy for me. 10/10 best place to shop in Flatirons mall <3 :)

Seasea Moya · 3 years ago

My son received terrible customer service today 1/6/2021. It's really unfortunate when someone in the retail industry is rude considering it's literally your job to provide customer service. My son loves PacSun, and I have spent a lot of money there. I will never shop there again.

Rachel S · 1 year ago

First time shopping here and had the worst experience. I ordered some shirts online and wanted to return a couple that I didn't like after seeing them in person. Instead of accepting my return like a normal store (and honoring their return policy), they said they couldn't return because the shirts were missing tags, even though thats how they were shipped to me. When I told them this, they casually said they couldn't help me and I should contact the customer service hotline. This didn't make sense to me, but I stepped out of line and called the hotline, only to find out it was closed on weekends. I got back in line and this time they confirmed those specific shirts don't have tags, but instead of processing the return (again like a reasonable business) they said they couldnt return because the shirts had been worn. I informed them I had tried the shirts on, but never wore them. They then implied that I was lying and said they couldn't return damaged merchandise. I said again, that it was a fact that I hadnt worn the shirts, and that if they were "damaged" that Pacsun had shipped them that way, so damaged or not, it was their obligation (again per the return policy) to return the items. They again refused, but after literally begging them and making a scene for ten minutes they finally agreed to return the shirts. If you enjoy being treated like a liar and a con artists, then I can recommend shopping here. Otherwise, steer clear.

Noah Jury · almost 5 years ago

Me and my friends were in the store, Miguel wouldn’t honor a sale that was presented in many different places inside the store. As we were talking to him he decided he would walk away as one of my friends asked for his name. Being as that he is a manager, shouldn’t he have given us his name? We had to find it out from another employee. We ended up leaving the store and not purchasing anything, multiple sales lost under his name. As I tired to call the store to resolve this issue, he then hung up on me when I brought up the issue. Very rude, and very unprofessional. I’m sure I won’t be the only negative review about this subject. And since I was hung up on I will be calling corporate to resolve the issue. 10/10 will not be coming back!

Rayne Cody · almost 4 years ago

Cute clothes but terrible customer service. My friend and I were here yesterday (September 6th) around 2:00pm and instead of walking around the store, tending to changing rooms, or helping customers, all of the employees were talking loudly in the middle of the store. When my friend and I went to check out, the male employee barely paid attention to either of us. He had his back turned to us the entire transaction, and when the transaction was complete he just slid my item back to me and didn’t even ask if I needed a bag. Apparently telling his coworkers that “The Hunt” wasn’t a good movie was a much more pressing matter.

Tabitha Martin · 2 years ago

Sent me the wrong item. Then I had to send it back before they would send me what I paid for. Then they said they are out of the product, after keeping my money for almost 2 weeks. Still waiting on a refund. Shop with caution!!

Gustavo Negretti · 6 years ago

Worst customer service ever received. Bought a pair of shoes and they gave me two different styles. That same week, I went to change them and they told me they couldn't change it because I didn't have a physical copy of the receipt and I only had it on my email. After not being able to change the shoes, asked for a bag (so not to be carrying them in my hand), and they refused to give me one as well with no justification at all. Honestly expected more professionalism and better customer service from the store and what I got was people laughing because they were clearly 2 different styles of shoe. Not only I regret this purchase but deplorable customer service.

AJ · almost 2 years ago

Friendly people, good customer service, didn't buy anything but will be back!!

Hayley Fowler · 5 years ago

The employees were so rude to me . I was standing at the counter holding my jeans and a guy that was putting sunglasses together was just staring at me and didn’t help me . and then this lady checked me out and when i asked for a bag she said “u wanna kill our planet” my bags were filled and i didn’t have room and she shoved them in their ! she was so rude and told me i should choose another pair of jeans because the ones i had were “not cute” . i don’t recommend going to this pac sun .

Lacey Porter · 5 years ago

J'Lee is amazing! She always helps me with everything I'm looking for.



Chain supplying casual, California-inspired, brand-name clothing, swimwear & accessories.

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