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Retailer for California-style clothes

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5897 Sky Pond Dr, Loveland, CO, 80538, United States
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48 reviews


"My kids love this place got all the brand name clothing well some of them"

"Just order online and skip the rude and unhelpful staff."

"Expensive and not much of a selection to choose from."

Kelly Cann · almost 10 months ago

Very poor customer services. Staff could not be troubled to stop their personal conversations to offer hellos or help. When I asked a staff member to bring down a sweater that was folded on a shelf they ultimately declined sighting the self may fall and to look and order online. I ultimately purchased items at the store, but will not be back. Just order online and skip the rude and unhelpful staff.

Gracie Smith · 1 year ago

Worker with long dark brown hair and glasses was incredibly rude to me today when I came in. Me and my friend waited in line for the fitting rooms and two girls walked out of one room together so we assumed it was okay to go in together. One of the workers came over and said we couldn’t be in there together which is perfectly fine but when we came out she gave me a dirty look and wouldn’t even talk to me when I said thank you. Please learn how to do your jobs right.

Jenna Castaneda · almost 1 year ago

I went in looking for a particular hoodie. I asked one of the employees if they had it and showed her a picture of it from their website. She abruptly said "no", laughed at me, and went back to folding clothes. Needless to say, I won't be back!

Liliana Mendoza · 10 months ago

Really rough people works here at Loveland the personal really rough!!! Bad experience definitely not recommend

Joanna Yanaga · 2 years ago

I had an in-store pick up order for 1 item, the SA did not offer great service as they told me when I got to the register that "I should have tried the item on in store before placing an order" which doesn't make sense to me, or that I should have checked the measurements, which I had and just didn't like the item. I also was unable to return the item because I was "unverified" which meant I needed to mail in the return which is an overcomplicated process considering the item came from the floor and wasn't shipped there. They did provide a bag and label to do so, but this is was an unexpectedly unpleasant trip for what feels like no reason. The store has nice stuff but I'll be going elsewhere.

Karla · almost 3 years ago

My friend and I went to Pac Sun today. We were not greeted upon entering which isn’t unusual or reason for compliant. However, the lady working was extremely rude to the both of us. While we were browsing she shot us dirty looks. I asked for a fitting to room to which she said WAIT. This behavior had taken me aback as I was not rushing her or being rude. My friend found a top she wanted to buy, at the register she asked for a coin purse that was behind the display. The lady rolled her eyes and slammed the purse on the counter. My friend asked to use her points to which she gave us a hard time. Nothing permanently terrible happened. However, the experience was way different from the normally pleasant atmosphere. I hoped that today would be a fun day for me and my friend. Regrettably, that wasn’t the case. I did not catch this employees name. Although, she had black hair, an eyebrow piercing, and a Betty Boop tattoo. I hope that in the future employees will be more friendly.

Shahayra Chavez · 3 years ago

Employees were extremely rude. They only cater to the needs of the skinner or better looking customers. Not one word was said to me the whole time I was there, until I payed for my clothes. The employees are always wearing there mask incorrectly and are on their phones. This shows a lot about the standards of the store and company.

Josh Moser · almost 2 years ago

The employees made my shopping experience quick and easy. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming once I walked in. I will definitely continue shopping here.

A C · almost 4 years ago

The kids who work at this location are always SO RUDE. Today two of them were saying horrible things about a customer (loud enough for me to hear it from across the store). They also dropped the f bomb a couple of times. I understand pac sun has a relaxed/young vibe.. but these employees were just disrespectful. Will not go back to this location. Always a serious lack of inventory too, even before COVID.

Heather E. Browning · almost 5 years ago

I've always loved PacSun, so this visit wasn't any different. I wanted to go crazy and buy so many things, but I must say the signs regarding that day's sales prevented me from being confident in what I was going to end up paying when I got to the register, and as a result my impulsive side had second thoughts. I ended up walking out empty handed because I had time to doubt the pricing.



Chain supplying casual, California-inspired, brand-name clothing, swimwear & accessories.

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