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    Home Depot, 393 S Hover Road, 393 S Hover St, Longmont, CO, 80501, Longmont, CO 80501, United States
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    8 reviews


    "Some of the best staff that I've had help me find what I needed fast."

    "I called multiple times to confirm this occurred with no response."

    "Great service good people at the Home Depot"

    Wendy Ostgaard · 8 years ago

    Worst service I have ever seen Paid full price for 2 new storm doors; both delivered damaged Now HD refusing to do installation that I also paid full price for. Home solutions, their new installation service, SUCKS. They try to hide damage, never call to make an appointment. Go to Lowe's, anything would be better than those people.

    Carrie Armknecht · 10 years ago

    I purchased Silestone Countertop from Home Depot during their 10% off sale. In hindsight, I should have just paid the extra money and purchased through Lowes. From the start, I couldn't even PURCHASE the counters without calling national customer service because it had to be purchased through the Kitchen Department. There was consistently one person there, or no one because they were on lunch. I was even told they didn't have time for me, and to try back sometime next week (maybe Thursday). Keep in mind this was SUNDAY. I still purchased from them with the promise my counters would be installed in 3-4 weeks. The template was done within 4 days. That was the only part of my entire purchase that went well. After the template, I had to call the store multiple times to be able to pay for the additional fees. There again was no one in the kitchen department, so another person finally agreed to take my credit card and call the fabricators. I called multiple times to confirm this occurred with no response. I was told a week later my countertop was in fabrication and would be ready "early next week". Over a week after this promise, I called AGAIN and could not reach anyone. I then received a return call today saying they would call the fabricators to schedule with me. The fabricator cannot schedule installation for another 2 weeks, well beyond the promised time frame. As this voids my contract, I am hoping I can just be done with Home Depot and never use them for anything again. I truly believe these issues are limited to the Longmont store, but why drive to another Home Depot to give them your business?

    Lindsay Donath · 7 years ago

    Terrible carpet installation service. Contractors for the job arrived late and weren't able to finish the job in the same day. We had to sleep on the floor, displaced our renter for the night, had to take multiple days off of work, and had to move our own furniture even though it was supposed to be done with installation. Will never shop here again.

    Oreza Jas’n · almost 9 years ago

    I'm actually ambivalent with my feelings of this particular store after reading the reviews for it..? You got some good, some bad. I'm tired of getting the run around and when employees are standing around dickin' around and the second they see a customer they all split or just plain don't wanna deal with "it"....? Sometimes there is not anyone at all for a long while to get assistance. Don't even try the phone system for appts, or quotes, big run around there...thrice or more transfers. What difference will this review make..? not much. By us not going there anymore is not really a big loss for this company.

    Jeff Crawford · more than 5 years ago

    Some of the best staff that I've had help me find what I needed fast.

    Charles McPherson · 6 years ago

    Great service good people at the Home Depot

    Andrew Corley · more than 1 year ago
    Seth Jiminez · more than 1 year ago



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