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Circle K

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298 S Potomac St, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
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42 reviews


"They are still charging me full price for ice water."

"Manager says I am to busy to put a bag on it, nice, great customer service."

"Our company spends about $8000 month with Circle K. Do not use this location."

Michael Baldrey · more than 9 months ago

Decent store. It was fairly well staffed. There were several thing in need of repair but overall not too bad.

Jane Doe · more than 10 months ago

Worked here for a few days and the manager wanted me to work of the clock, and let's her assistant manager bring in her 12 year old kid to work. She also told me dont let Mexicans use the restroom cause "they stink"

Олег Ефремов · 1 year ago

Wheel lift does not work. no ad. The device does not return the money. the staff are not helpful.

Ken M · almost 2 years ago

incompetent and apathetic employees treat customers poorly. kept the door locked for 10min because they were struggling to put up a sign, with like 5 customers waiting to get in. The door wasn't even blocked but they wouldn't let us in

Toph Gregory · almost 2 years ago

This store will literally lock the sign just cuz they feel like it. I left my wallet in my car and realized as I was paying. Lady locked the doors in the two minutes I was looking for my wallet. It's a 24/7 gas station. What's the point. Don't go here

ismael garcia · more than 1 year ago

Beware of the night clerk with a Napoleon complex, he will berate you if you want to use the restroom (they shove a freight dolly in front of it to prevent entry, what a joke). All the other reviews are true, they are totally unprofessional. Store itself is unclean and an absolute dump. They don't deserve any business. Even the 7-Eleven across the street is better than this heap 👎

Venice McCormick · more than 2 years ago

Oct. 25. 2021 7:00 am. Got gas and used the restroom. When I came out this black older women yelled and stated didn't you see the out of order sign. She was very rude. The bathroom was clearly not out of order. I get gas here all the time and when you spend 60 on premium to fill up three times a week you should be able to use the restroom. Please stop projecting your covid fears and beliefs on others. This is not "Your Home it is a place of Business." Treat your customers with respect and STOP posting signs that the restrooms are out of order. There is a gas station right across the street with better customer service. Will not be coming here anymore.

Shaeisha Lewis · almost 2 years ago

Poor customer service. Don’t work here if you want to have a poor attitude. I can tell the lady doesn’t want to be here, but that doesn’t excuse her rudeness not speaking to customers or being rude because someone is standing in the wrong line. Either be in the store when customers come in or just put up a sign letting us know which register is open. I’m tired of this store.

Jay · 6 years ago

Today I went to the gas station. Pulled up to a pump and went in to pay for my gas, went out to pump my gas and low and behold the pump did not work! No bag on it no out of order on it. Go back in and am told it will be 3-5 days to get any money back. Manager comes out and tell me it should be back on ASAP! They had me re-run my card to get gas. Manager says I am to busy to put a bag on it, nice, great customer service. Go into my bank account they charged me 3 times! I will never go back there again. Thank goodness my bank helped me get my money back. No apology, nothing from this store. DO NOT GO INTO THIS STORE!!!!!!

Shantara Ejiasi · 5 years ago

I used to frequent this location as I studied and worked down the street from here for a couple of years. So this was on my mind when I ended up in the area a couple of weeks ago and specifically drove by various gas stations with car washes to this Circle K. I used the car wash in the evening on May 1st, no soap was dispensed onto my vehicle, when I tried to get a refund I was told by the attendant that they do not do refunds in the evening, she called the owner who said that she would issue a refund if I came back in the morning. I drive nights for a rideshare company and do not end up on this side of town often, especially not in the morning. Ended up a few miles from this Circle K again this evening, tried to call prior to driving over but there was no answer. I asked tonight’s attendant if he could call the owner to see if she would honor a re-wash instead of a refund because I’m starting my drive to move to another state at 3:00am tomorrow, she said that they “don’t issue refunds on car washes” (regarding a re-wash) and that if I wanted my money back I would have to come back after 6:00am to receive a refund when she was present. I got a shoulder shrug, so an “oh well,” you’re just going to be out of your money if you’re moving and can’t come back after 6:00am.

Owner's response · 5 years ago

Hi there, thank you for letting us know and we are sorry about your experience. We have passed on your message to our local management team.


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