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Circle K

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10553 E Briarwood Ave, Centennial, CO, 80112, United States
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44 reviews


"Good service and a large variety of products"

"Too bad they choose not to let people use their car wash."

"The district manager and store manager (Raj and Chris) are wonderful people."

Dianne Parsons-Olson · 11 months ago

I have never had to deal with such an obnoxious person. I hate Walmart, but would go there before I ever have to deal with this pos. 7:14pm on 7.13.23. Circle K mgmt, fire this woman. She obviously doesn't care about her customers or her job.

Mark Nichols · 1 year ago

Raj, Jake and the tem are normally great, Patty needs to learn how to treat people and customers. Not sure what is going on in your world, hope things change for the better for her soon...

Kane Bachand · 2 years ago

For convenience stores, circle k is right at the top of the list in my opinion, for many reasons. So when I happen to visit one, that makes me feel the complete opposite... Obviously there's something that needs to be addressed. Typically for such a radical shift in opinion, it usually stems from an employee, indeed it was. I just recommend that the managers take a look at the camera from 11:45 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. , the time I was there .. and they will see exactly what I'm talking about. This was a female employee approximately 30 years old, and in my opinion, moving at a pace that was quite fast and un natural. Oh and full of attitude. I asked her for her name, and she replied with attitude"No!! you think I'm going to give you my name? There's a reason I don't wear a name tag!! In my understanding of that, so she can be rude to customers without being held accountable. Well hopefully that's not going to be the case anymore. I purposely seek out circle k's, unfortunately, I'll be driving past this one.

sophia olivo · almost 5 years ago

The district manager and store manager (Raj and Chris) are wonderful people. The employees are just as great. I had a small complaint, and it was immediately handled with kindness and a bonus car wash! They really know how to keep their local customers coming back!

Owner's response · almost 5 years ago

Hi Sophia, thank you for your feedback and for choosing Circle K!

T3chn0 Ott3r · more than 1 year ago

The only reason I'm giving two stars is because the girl at the register actually went to look for a fork, but there was no forks, no ranch, everything was out of stock, no hot food and what was available looked old.

Sooner Arrow · almost 3 years ago

In this, what appears to be a nice neighborhood, I found this to be the only convenience store open at 11:30pm on a Monday night, June 28th. The interior looks worse for the wear and that matched a number of people who were hanging around on property. Some were downright sketchy AF. The long-haired young man, who was apparently the only clerk on duty, was professional and soft-spoken. The juxtaposition of what appears to be a real nice area with the crowd I saw was a bit startling. But hey, what do I know? I've only been to Denver like four times prior to tonights trip

Anna Plummer · 7 years ago

Edit: Recent visits in Jan. 2017: Added another star due to Better employees than 1 year ago, Kevin and D are friendly & helpful, but store is not clean. I believe this store is not managed well. Has indoor bathrooms, great soda prices and a few good cigarette prices. Review from last January 2016: Had to do four transactions because cashier was too busy talking to other people, who weren't even customers. She was telling them where to buy something that circle K didn't have. I had a hard time trying to tell her what I needed to buy, she wasn't paying attention to me. I guess the company doesn't care to lose sales - I hate it when I'm trying to buy something, and the cashier acts like they are too busy with something else. Next time this happens, anywhere, I will pay for what they range up, then go somewhere else to buy the rest.

Quinn Marsh · 3 years ago

The old woman with purple hair that works here insist on checking my ID every single time I purchase anything with an age restriction. Im a 32 year old man and Ive been purchasing goods from this store for nearly a year. None of the other employees check my ID except for once or twice when we first encounter one another. I can only conclude that she is in the early stages of dementia or is growing senile from old age. No, that cant be, because Ive seen a person go in and get ID checked by another clerk and they walked up to the old purple haired woman and said "you know me I come in here a lot" and she only askes him what his birth day was and he was good to go.... I see. She claims that she's "checking it so that the camera sees her doing it", thats obviously b.s.

Rachel Nava · almost 9 years ago

This is the worst "convenience" store around. It's close to my work but I don't think I'll be going there anymore. Every time I've been in there for the past month, there is a line of at least 10 people and the cashiers have no motivation to move quickly. Most of the time there is only one person and the other employee is out and about in the store stocking product - no matter how long the line it. Most of the staff is inconsistent and rude.

Christine W · 6 years ago

You know, as busy as this place is you would think that the employees at this place would be happy, but no. I walked in to hear two employees yelling at each other and from my perspective both of them should have been fired on the spot. They didn't even care to see that I was waiting to buy a couple of things. Where's the customer service now a days?


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