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9356 S Colorado Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80126, United States
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19 reviews


"But the manager stepped in and purchased the ticket and gave it to the customer."

"Great gas station, great employees"

"Constantly a nice place to get snack in or get gas from"

Collin Watson · 1 year ago

Not a lot of pizazz to be sought in the age of the self pump station. However Richard is worth the extra 2 miles I drive to fill up here. Incredibly well put together store.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hello Thank you for the excellent feedback! Circle K appreciates your kind words and we hope to see you again soon.

Theodore Pepper · almost 2 years ago

The former reviewer is not wrong. I had my credit card stolen here 4ish years ago, and I actually watched an employee do it, and though I thought it odd, I didn't know what I was seeing until later. The cashier claimed the card reader wasn't working, grabbed the card from my hand, swiped it on some device he held behind the counter while my transaction from my swipe went through. 1 month later someone went shopping at Target on County Line.

Stephen Besch · 2 years ago

I've been here exactly once per year for the past 4 years, when I'm so pressed for time that driving to a further gas station isn't an option. Exactly once per year, for the past 4 years, my credit card number is stolen and used for fraudulent charges within a day or two of my using the pumps here - like clockwork. Buy gas here at your own peril.

Roxanne Stanley · almost 4 years ago

For the past 3 years I always come to this gas station and have always had a positive experience! They go out of their way to make sure your needs are met. The newest manager is also super friendly! The other day I saw a customer giving his employee a hard time about accidentally printing out the wrong lotto and was telling this employee to rip it up so no one else could play his numbers. But the manager stepped in and purchased the ticket and gave it to the customer. Paid money out of his own pocket! Always putting their customers needs first :)

Babs Kababas · 1 year ago

Very nice employees everytime I come in!! Recommend this gas station over any in the area!!!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hello We are glad to have you as our customer. Thank you for sharing your kind words with us. It means a lot to us and our entire Circle K team in Highlands Ranch !

Cody Garrett · 4 years ago

Now I’m never coming back and I suggest everyone do the same. Ive come here only a few times now that I work so close to it. I’ve been sold cigarettes by the same old lady everytime. This time she says “I’ll do it for you this time but you need to go elsewhere after this or get a Colorado ID.” I know it’s legal to refuse a sale if you aren’t sure if the ID is real but the same exact person has ID’d me several times and all of a sudden I can’t come back here. It’s a shame since I just started working over here and would be here almost everyday. Now I’m never coming back and I suggest everyone do the same.

J M · 4 years ago

"Gabe M" doesn't seem to grasp the concept of basic public manners let alone any idea of "customer service" someone might come to expect from your store based on their experiences at the countless other Circle K they frequent in the area. This employee does not represent your store in a positive manner and is causing a negative reflection on your nearby stores.

Owner's response · 4 years ago

Hi Jacob, thank you for letting us know and we are sorry about your experience. We have passed on your message to our local management team.

Jay Boldt · 1 year ago

The date is 1/15/23 at 12:41 am. The person working locked the door and is passed out inside. F- Grade

Peter Rossie · almost 3 years ago

Shitest gas station ever! It smells bad, barely anything on shelves, no hot food and Flys at soda fountain. A stain in highland ranch. Really need new management.

David Ordunez · almost 5 years ago

A daily stop before I go out on my route ( Mail carrier) gas and a snack/water ... within the last month things of change there… New manager??… When waiting in line I had to hear him scold a 50 something-year-old woman about getting cigarettes for her mother, I guess she made this comment to the clerk and the manager overheard and said that he’s not allowed to sell cigarettes to the person that’s not buying them, technically he was probably in the right but he shouldn’t of scolded her and also after doing so he said I’ll let you go this time... there’s plenty of gas stations I can go to to get gas and I think I will for a while get it together you’re going to lose customers

Owner's response · almost 5 years ago

Hi David, thank you for letting us know and we are sorry about your experience. We have passed on your message to our local management team.


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