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15553 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO, 80017, United States
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"Always has good prices and great customer sevice"

"Early hour staff no help."

"Nice people, but great food."

Christine Stabile · almost 10 months ago

The cashier here at 4pm or so on 8.5.2023 charged a man $10 to use the bathroom! My daughter over heard her and I was astounded. Who is employing this person? 711 needs to get rid of her.

Owner's response · almost 10 months ago

Hi, your local 7-Eleven store is sorry to hear about your experience and would like to take a closer look at what happened. Please reach out to our customer support team at

Kathleen Reynolds · 1 year ago

I was standing in line to checkout and a gentleman, whose first language is not English, was asking the lady working if she could put gas on his pump but that he could not tell which pump he was on but that it was the one with the number three. Instead of letting the man know which pump he was on, she proceeded to just put his card on pump three so when the gentleman came inside to tell her someone else was using his gas money, she told him "you said pump three so go out there and talk to the man who is on pump three about it" INSTEAD OF putting it on the correct pump from the start which she could CLEARLY see from her register because that's how it is designed. And now the man is in there trying to work it out still and I really hope she does the right thing because she was very rude about the whole thing.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hi, your local 7-Eleven store is sorry to hear about your experience and would like to take a closer look at what happened. Please reach out to our customer support team at

Melissa Green · almost 2 years ago

I have been shopping at this 7-11 for 15 years and have never encountered the cashier I did this day. I asked a question about a price and rewards and she got snippy and said " the owners of this store would never let you get this price" and said I was yelling at her and she was going to tell the owners I was insubordinate(is that even a word anymore?). I have been in retail over 20years and barking at a customer that they are wrong is terrible customer service!

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

To address your concerns, it would be helpful to have a little bit more information. Can you send any details to We will make your feedback available to your local 7-Eleven store. Thank you!

Belin Yavuz · 1 year ago

I love coming to this location. The people who work here are wonderful and I always feel welcome and safe when I’m in this store!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing! Your local 7-Eleven store is so happy to hear that. See you on your next 7-Eleven run!

Princess Panda (Panda) · almost 3 years ago

So I stopped in to this 7-11 and bought some drinks and snacks at 1 am, let me tell you about the rude old lady with a bad temper because I politely asked to use the restroom. If my memory serves me right it is against corporate policy regardless if the store is personally owned the bathrooms are never to be out of order to any customer and then to be extremely rude to the customers. Not ok. I will never go back there again and I will be calling corporate as well to inform them of this. Look if you don't like your job find another one, but never ever treat customers like that. What is wrong with you? Find a different job and stop being rude!

Owner's response · more than 2 years ago

Hello! Thank you for rating us. Please share your ideas on how your local 7-Eleven store can improve for future visits by writing us at

Darlene Martinez · more than 2 years ago

Worst experience of my life. The women behind the counter was extremely rude. I asked for cash back and she told me I needed to let her know that I asked for cash back because they're machines don't tell them that. That's fine. But she said it in a way like I'm supposed to know exactly like I work there. Very unprofessional.

Owner's response · more than 2 years ago

Your local 7-Eleven store is sorry to hear about your troubles during a recent visit. The store would be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at Thank you.

Aracely Marie · 3 years ago

This is the worst 7-Eleven in the USA. The lady there said the gas pumps would be up and running by Monday. It's Monday and they're still down. At least turn the gas signs offs. Cuz the signs at $2.99 but there is no gas cuz the pumps are down. Bad for business. Don't ever lie to customers. But remove the pumps and get rid of the Signs and save everyone the trouble. Jeez!

Owner's response · 3 years ago

Your local 7-Eleven store understands the frustration that can happen when your visit doesn’t go as planned and would like to try to make it better. Could you send us the details at [email protected]?

Shawn Lawson · more than 4 years ago

I thought I might go to this place and get some things, one of them being gas for my car. The credit card machine at the pump did not work. I went inside and asked the woman, who barely spoke any english, it was very broken english basically stated she did not care and how much did I want to put in the pump. I got gas anyway because I needed it. Their prices are way too high. I know that I won't be going back to this location for anything anymore. If I'm by it, I'm probably going into the shopping center. Very bad business. I would Avoid it.

Austin Foxen · 3 years ago

Don t know which twin sister it is but the one that normally works late nights is so rude and will try yo start any drama with you. I saw her starting stuff with a customer who said "i got you" when she rudely asks for ID and she said you dont got me and started yelling at him for no reason causing him yo retaliate and throw chocolate at her it was pretty funny she deserved it and deserves to be fired!

David colome · almost 3 years ago

Thursday AUG 5 6:53am the two ladies working the counter are horrid creatures. A disabled vet was robbed and these two, instead of calling cops, they started making fun of him, and accusing him of drug use . This is how this store treats veterans and its disgusting

Owner's response · more than 2 years ago

Your local 7-Eleven store always strives to provide a great experience. Let us know more about your experience by reaching out to We’ll be sure to make your response available to your local 7-Eleven store to review.



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