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Pit stop for snacks, drinks & sundries

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12802 Lowell Blvd, Broomfield, CO, 80020, United States
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Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
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45 reviews


"The place is clean with fresh coffee and competent and friendly staff."

"This location didn't have any food besides mini tacos."

"The pizza I bought was over cooked and non edible"

Faze sway XD · almost 6 years ago

I downloaded the new 7-11 app and it was kind of confusing at first. I went into the store and the two men were super helpful and nice when showing me how to use it. The icing on the cake was I got a free big gulp because I already had 800 points on my 7-11 app and I was able to redeem today.

Tiffany Fudge · more than 1 year ago

It looks like there is only 1 recent review so here is mine. I have been going to this store regularly since 2019 and it's 2022. I want to say the customer service has only gotten better. This store may not always have a large range of grill items or warm food but it is my favorite place to go get a drink, ice cream or candy for me and my family. When there is a line the 2nd person ALWAYS opens another register. They are nice to me when I come in dressed up, in nasty painting clothes or honestly even my jammies early in the mornings. I've dealt with several employees but there is a girl with silver hair who is maybe around 28 or so and she is super kind and has great customer service. Even when my kids over fill their slurpee cups and make a mess they are nice. If your looking for the freshest doughnuts or warm hot dogs or mini tacos this is not your 7-11 but if your looking for a cold soda and kind people to help you this is your place.

Owner's response · more than 1 year ago

Aw thanks for the love! Your local 7-Eleven store is sending it right back to you!

Amy Brissette · almost 2 years ago

The employees are always helpful, kind, and fun. They gave my kids free slurpees today and that made our day! We prefer this location to the one closer to us. We used to live by this one and miss it all the time.

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

Aw thanks for the love! Your local 7-Eleven store is sending it right back to you!

Kimberly Stack · almost 5 years ago

I love coming to this 7-11. The woman in the morning, Parm, is always very friendly and helpful. She walked me through how to download the 7-11 app and showed me how to use it. I have already gotten so many free cups of coffee from the app. This store is always clean and the coffee bar is always fully stocked. I love the big canisters of coffee rather than the coffee pots because I can see the timer and know that the coffee is always fresh. The workers here definitely go out of their way to make sure that my morning commute is a bit more enjoyable.

Ray Garet Ray · almost 4 years ago

The one older dark haired lady that is on here usually at night is absolutely HORRID!!!! She is rude and her priorities are so far off I apologize if I am not correct on this bit she is in customer service and she unfortunately does not provide it. I wouldn’t be writing this review if it wasn’t a constant issue. Tonight put me through the roof yelling at me in front of all the other customers in the store simply because I had already waiting in 2 sets of lines with 4 people in first then she disappeared fir 3 minutes comes back helps next line of 5 people and then disappeared again comes back there’s 3 people now I am still waiting fir her to just fill the coffee machine for me just enough so I can fill up 2 cups. She finally comes out after fighting with me twice from across the store and while helping other customers and tells me to go to another store because she doesn’t have time to put powder in the coffee machine even though I waited patiently got passed up several times Before saying something after being incredible nasty and rude she disappeared again!!! Few minutes later she comes out and tells me there isn’t any abd to go to another store while mumbling nasty things under her breath. I am so so furious other awful things happened prior with this lady but the main thing is she always disappears for a few or longer but isn’t in bathroom or on the floor helping another customer. Unbelievable! Every single other employee here is incredible!! Very professional, sweet & does their job above & beyond. This lady I will get her name and post it on here as well but she is just mean and awful.

Ian Kane · more than 1 year ago

Stopped here to put air in my tires. The + button on the automatic inflating device is broken. Wasted my $2. If you're looking for air and you need more than 32 PSI go somewhere else.

Owner's response · more than 1 year ago

Hello! Thank you for rating us. Please share your ideas on how your local 7-Eleven store can improve for future visits by writing us at

Michael Kelley · 3 years ago

Ordered Uber eats a couple weeks back. This location didn't have any food besides mini tacos. They failed to inform the driver until after they waited for 20 minutes. The driver then came to me, empty handed and expressed his frustration with me because the worker failed to cancel the order and inform the driver. Super lame.

Owner's response · more than 2 years ago

To address your concerns, it would be helpful to have a little bit more information. Can you send any details to We will make your feedback available to your local 7-Eleven store. Thank you!

Haley Hoffman · 3 years ago

Every time I have come to this gas station whether it be alone, with my family, or with friends the staff has been incredibly welcoming and super nice. I wish I had gotten the guy's name working on christmas day because he made my mother and I's entire day with his positive attitude. This place doesn't deserve the bad reviews it has gotten i have had nothing but positive experiences in the past few years ive gone here.

Tami B · 4 years ago

This store has gone downhill since montfort took over. Been shopping here for 22 yrs. I have never seen such bad service. Price gauging all the time. Over charging on ciggs and pop or anything. Always out of stock of reg stuff. I will drive the extra mile to another 7-11. Ashly is the only good employee there. Most others are so unprofessionally trained,very rude and are so not happy with new management. Plz sell store to ppl that care. Get our friendly 7-11 back to broomfield.

Amanda Chenoweth · 5 years ago

Been going to this store 5 years same guy always in there I get refills all the time karm was in there and some new guy and they were stocking cigarettes , didn't see me walk in I had a refill cup and he say it's not a refill how would he even know he didn't even great me as I came in so he proceeded to say can I check cameras I said sure he comes back rude I said you know what u didn't even acknowledge I was in the store and I walked out left my cup that I brought in and I will necer return to that store u lost my business for good. hope ur happy.



Convenience chain offering grab-&-go bites & beverages, plus assorted newsstand items.

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