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Spirit Halloween

Seasonal standby for Halloween costumes

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2405 Patterson Rd, Grand Junction, CO, 81505, United States
Closed · Opens at 10 AM
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59 reviews


"Great selection, a little over priced."

"Great stock of wears and fun place to visit with family."

"Could have wasted my time on a company that actually is actively hiring."

shelby ackman · 10 months ago

Absolutely, the worst experience I've ever had with a grown professional. The name was Sherri, she claimed she was a general manager. She spoke to the other employees like they were dirt, spoke down to them as well as not being knowledgeable and had 0 sizes or available options for my child. I am disgusted by the way I was treated by this woman. I hope to God nobody's child works under her. And if so, please remove them from this store. She is disgusting, she does not deserve her job. Sherri please resine or be fired you are not management material whatsoever no child should be abused under your management ever again if I can help it.

Brian Henson · almost 2 years ago

It is alright a bit too scary if you have a young kid in tow. Good masks and accessories. However, it is located in a run down old hardware store which makes the experience less than desirable.

Jennifer G · almost 2 years ago

It's been getting worse every year. Used to be a fun place to go with all kinds of displays. Now they barely have a couple of broken displays and half the merchandise they used to

Ryan Ellis · almost 2 years ago

Not impressed at all quality and availability of costumes is at an all low hardly any marvel characters, no ironman, hulk, black panther, black widow, capt America, nothing and then no lord of the rings I mean just pathetic and the prices for what they charge I can make my own much cheaper

Reed Golden · almost 5 years ago

Store is ok..expensive and cheaply made stuff like usual. What I have a problem with is, don’t say you are hiring if you aren’t. I had talked to the manager multiple times about seeing if she had looked at my application and she was rude about it, said they don’t have time on the weekends. Monday-Friday rolls around every week and still no call back or balls to tell me they have other people in mind. Could have wasted my time on a company that actually is actively hiring.

Elizabeth Treharne · almost 3 years ago

Great stock of wears and fun place to visit with family.

Adam Burkons · almost 4 years ago

the staff doesn't really show the "spirit" in Spirit Halloween. I've only ever seen one employee in there at a time, no matter how busy, and keep in mind that I have been there a LOT this past few mondays-wednesdays's. The prices are a little expensive but I cant really complain because whatever I buy there lasts for years so the product quality is pretty good!

F D · almost 3 years ago

Went in today to exchange an item & manager Sherrie was very rude. Will not shop this store again. You ma'am need a course in customer service & professionalism. Now waiting for corporate to call me back.

Emily Cowen · almost 4 years ago

I love spirit Halloween! They have almost everything u can think of, a lot to choose from.2 days ago when I went I spent one hour and 30 minutes in there. I couldn’t decide on what to be or get. Also responsible prices. That’s a plus! No one wants to pay an are and a leg for another.

Amber Smith · almost 6 years ago

So fun. Well stocked even a week before Halloween.



Seasonal chain with Halloween & fancy dress costumes for all ages, plus accessories & decor.

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