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Boulder County Clerk & Recorder - Motor Vehicle Division - Longmont office (appointment only)

    529 Coffman St, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
    Open · Closes at 5 PM
    7:30 AM - 5 PM
    7:30 AM - 5 PM
    7:30 AM - 5 PM
    7:30 AM - 5 PM


    94 reviews


    "The service at Longmont DMV was excellent."

    "Friendly staff with good customer service."

    "Extremely unprofessional employees who aren’t willing to help."

    Shred Sight (Wolf) · 11 months ago

    Wow what a mess. Some signage out front would have been nice rather than leaving the chaos to some poor guy trying to help in a tight entryway space. No one was else moving fast in there... As someone who moved from the west slope, trying to get my car registered has been an absolute nightmare. Worse than California. I don't mean to project the larger front range urban problems onto this one office, but I am starting to understand why people drive around without plates and tags for months on end.

    Tyler Willford · 1 year ago

    I usually don’t leave reviews but I’d like to throw some feedback in. First I’d like to say I usually have a really great experience in the Longmont office, don’t think I’ve ever had more than a 15 minute wait and the staff is always extremely helpful with any questions I have. One complaint I do have is y’all being closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It makes it extremely difficult and inconvenient for us that work Monday-Friday, if y’all would consider being open till noon on Saturdays or even have appointments available I think this would be ideal for many Longmont residents.

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Thanks for the feedback. We moved to the expanded Mon-Thurs hours after a 4-month public trial in early 2021. The feedback was that having early / later availability was really helpful. I wish we had the staffing and budget capacity for additional days, but we currently do not. We are trying to focus on expanding services that can easily be done by our 24-hour drop boxes with items then returned to you via the mail. More on that to come!

    isaac hobson · 1 year ago

    Horrible, worse than the Alabama DMV, don't even think of a walk in, you will wait forever, have the "attendant" not be able to tell you if youll even get in that day, so you may sit all day for nothing and their website totally sucks( hard to navigate, and over a week to get anappointment), Also, they are closed on Friday! Thanks Boulder county!, your tax dollars hard at work, 4 days a week! garbage that you are forced to use. Most residents like your operating hours?? Have you conducted a formal survey? Let's face it, if you want to get something done at the CO Dmv in one day you can't, the office is open 20% less, so thats why it's taking forever, and appointments are at minimum several days out. Same taxpayer cost, less service for the tax payer.

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Can you be more specific on our website? A generic "sucks" does not help us improve! And it says on every page on the website about moving to the appointment only model (no walk-ins) to help mitigate long wait times. Please read more about our reasons here: And correct, we moved to extended Mon-Thurs hours in early 2021 which our residents mostly liked as they could make appointments before or after work and not have to take off work to come.

    A Wolf · 1 year ago

    The service at Longmont DMV was excellent. I made an appointment to register a new car and get plates. I arrived right on time and only had to wait a minute or two. I brought in a few of our previous plates to reuse and was disappointed to learn that you can no longer reuse plates. I wish I got the name of the person helping me because she was great. She explained why they no longer allow plates to be reused and offered many options as well as looking to see if we could reuse the plate numbers. I ended up going with a plate that you make a donation to the organization and was preparing myself for making another trip. She encouraged me to do it all on my phone and made arrangements so I wouldn't have to come back in. I did have to make a phone call to provide a pin number for the plate but I didn't have to make a second trip. They no longer accept walks. I did notice a few frustrated people who didn't know about this change.

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Thank you so much. Glad you had a smooth experience.

    Noelle H · 1 year ago

    Since they have gone to appointment only service it has been so much easier to get things done! I used to dread going to the DMV because I knew I could be there for 1-2 hours waiting but when I went two weeks ago I was there for maybe 20 minutes. I also had an issue registering my new truck and had to run back to the dealership and the gentleman I was working with let me come back the same day without an appointment. It feels like night and day going to get this stuff done now.

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Thank you! Glad the process was smooth and we hope to reduce the wait time even further as we get further along in the appointment-only process.

    Travor Smith · 1 year ago

    Absolutely unbelievable assistance. I have never experienced this type of interaction at any other DMV. I had a shuttle bus in need of registration, and I clearly had no clue what I needed or what I was doing when I walked in the door. The Longmont DMV is by appointment only, and I must have gotten one of the three other DMV's I had been to confused with this one. This is when Jessica Bellis came to my rescue. Not only did she take the time to sit down with me to try and find me an appointment, but she took the extra time to go over everything I had with me to ensure my next DMV would would be my last. She went over every detail with me, and spent nearly 30 minutes explaining where to go to fix it and how to make sure it is done correctly. Right as we were wrapping up, the entire DMV emptied out and Jessica was able to fit me in to see someone. I was blown away by the amount of positivity she carried herself with, along with her willingness to help a stranger in need. I sat with Craig, who was also phenomenal in his assistance, and I walked out of there with temp plates and 2 months to get things fixed; there is no way that would have happened anywhere else. Thank you, Jessica and Craig!!

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Thank you for review Travor! We strive to provide the best in public service and are glad you had a positive experience. We appreciate the time you took to write this up and will share this feedback with Jessica and Craig.

    John Bales · 1 year ago

    Showed up for a scheduled appointment, started on-time, all done in 20 minutes. Staff was very friendly and informative. Way better than the DMVs I went to in Texas

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Thanks John! I can't think of a Texas joke at the moment, but I like that you like us better!

    Xavier Senkow · more than 9 months ago

    Liz was super helpful and funny. Definitely deserves a raise!

    Owner's response · more than 9 months ago

    Glad to know you had a great experience.

    Bernard Desfosses · 1 year ago

    I am trying to reach someone to answer a couple of questions... it is a Tuesday at 11:15 am and the recorded voice keeps telling me to call back during regular business hours and quickly hangs up. The regular business hours are Monday through Thursday between 8:00 and 5:00... Well it's the following Monday now and I have been on hold for about 40 minutes... at least the recorded voice isn't coming on again and telling me to call back during business hours then instantly hanging up... an improvement??? I can't afford to waste much more of my time on hold... I thought technology was supposed to make people more efficient rather than the opposite. Oh ... so the reminder post cards are a courtesy...??? that we pay for in our taxes every year... a courtesy? The obvious thing is that if you send them every year people come to rely on them so when you suddenly stop people don't always notice because they are used to the "courtesy"... then have to pay a ticket. Please start being courteous again. Now I can't go into the office without an appointment but you won't answer the phone so I can make an appointment... please treat us a little better... we pay taxes for this service so it isn't a courtesy... we pay.

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Thanks for your comment. I will pass this along and see if we had any phone issues. The county had all offices transition over to Teams (online phones) a year ago and occasionally there are issues. When that is the case, we try and put a notice on social media and/or the website. In regard to the courtesy renewal postcards, we do hear complaints people do not always get them. But, please keep in mind we continue to send them as a courtesy, but it is not a county or state requirement. Please know you can renew at any time the month prior to your registration expiring, the month of, or the month after with no penalties. No that if you wait until your grace month, no tickets are issued in Colorado, but we do advise not to travel out of state. You can renew online, by mail or drop off box at our offices, or at a self-service kiosk. Locations on our website

    nick rueckert · 1 year ago

    Its great if you make a appointment no waiting for hours think my visit was like 15 to 30 minutes from the time i walked in tell i was out of there



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