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JOANN Fabric and Crafts

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1601 Fall River Dr, Loveland, CO, 80538, United States
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962 reviews


"Friendly staff and great selection of a variety of fun stuff"

"Plus the one thing I got at regular price."

"Large store, staff is always super helpful, standard place."

Audrey Bronson · 1 year ago

Not sure what has happened to Joanns. Each time I go, they are out of stock, the help is stressed out, or the line is too long to wait...

Judy Goetz · more than 1 year ago

Apparently Joann's doesn't value a customers time. Nearly; every single time I get ready to purchase something I end up having to stand in a long line for fifteen minutes or so. Twice now, I got so disgusted and tired of standing there that I just left the fabric that had been cut for me laying on their counter and walked out. Show your customers some respect and hire enough help to cover. Big waste of valuable time. I can't do it anymore!

Tiffany Moore · 1 year ago

Every time I go here it is always the same cashier that talks and talks and holds the line up. It took her 10 minutes to ring up my two items because she wouldn’t stop talking about my kid who was crying from her trying to touch him. Don’t touch people’s kids and just do your job.

Christy Russo · 10 months ago

I found the stock and prices to be good. The person at the fabric cutting station was kind. The cashier however really lacked basic customer service and I’m still thinking of that interaction even weeks later. I brought some fabric up and saw that it was significantly marked down online. I asked if they could price match it. The cashier responded that she would have to ask her manager and then paused, suggesting it would take extra time and that she was less interested in doing so. I responded “that is fine.” She asked the manager who said that they could do it. She then asked how to do it over the radio , all while seeming pretty annoyed at having to do these extra steps. Once the transaction was over and I was gathering my items, before I had even stepped away from the counter, she had remarked to the customer behind me that she was sorry about the long wait. I found this rude as the transaction really hadn’t taken any longer than any other transaction. On paper it seems like a fine thing to say but the timing and intonation and attitude of the cashier has me less interested to go back and deal with someone like that. I write this as hopefully management could see this as an opportunity to train the younger staff a little on customer service or place those less service minded in stocking positions rather.

Jenna Shelton · 1 year ago

I had the worst experience in this store with store manager, Lori at the Loveland location. First, I went to the register and spoke with the cashier who informed me that I needed to login to the app to receive my military discount. I had trouble logging into my account, and when I asked for help, she called her manager Laurie. Lori over the radio told her, she was not coming up and that I needed to try a new email. The cashier informed her that I only had one email and she told her to tell me to create a new login. As I went to do that, it wouldn’t let me because it said I was already existing customer. The cashier informed the manager and the manager side and said I guess I’ll be up with a very poor attitude. It took her 20 minutes to come up then when I asked for help and showed her that I was not receiving the email to reset my password and that it said that I already had an account an existing account with that email, she scuffed and said that she’s not IT. We tried several more times with no success. When I asked can you just give me the military discount so we can move on and I will call the department later. She said she had no way of giving me any form of a discount. I said your the manager and you have no way of getting me any discount or mark down since this is clearly y’all error. She said no. I said so you don’t have a store manager or district manager, or corporate that can help. She again said no. Then said I am the store manager. Which I replied your a store manager and you can mark anything down or give me any form of discount. We are talk about a couple cent of a discount. At this point it the principle that I have been here for 45 minutes and y’all are being discriminatory towards military members. I have an ID to show you this should be enough it’s a government ID. Again, this is not my error. It’s your app that’s not working. She then said no there’s nothing I can do for you. I left everything I was going to buy and walked out. When did Joann’s become so anti military. And more than that when did your store become so anti customer service. The poor cashier has to work with a Lori as manager that is horrible. That poor girl asked for help from her manager and was treated poorly with so much attitude. This woman should not be a manager little on a store manager. She clearly can’t managing employees when she can’t even help customers. This was the worst experience I can ever had with Joann’s and I am not sure with all the other options out there that I want to ever do business with them all again

Madison Anderton · 1 year ago

Had to make a quick run here for something tonight. Doors were locked when I arrived at 8:35, so at least 25 minutes early. No bad weather, no sign on the door, etc. Workers were sitting at the checkout. A quick call resulted in an employee very rudely telling me, yes they closed early, but they would have closed soon anyway. I guess they assumed I shouldn't be bothered by it. Really disappointing.

Amie Conant · 2 years ago

I have shopped at Joann's for years. I don't think I have ever returned fabric before. For those of you who also have not, you should know that you need to go to the measuring counter first with anything that was cut and measured when you bought it, not the cash register. In the morning hours it seems that there is only one cashier and you could be waiting over 15 minutes for the cashier only to discover that you must visit the measuring counter first. And if you are lucky, your waiting there won't be so bad, then you must go back to the cashier and wait at least another 15 minutes. Also, the associates that work here are still among the best and upbeat; the very best are a bit quirky-- which makes them interesting. Imho, I think this Joann's needs an update. The one in Memphis got one when I lived there a couple years ago and it was so nice. With more variety and better carts.

Sarah Arnold · more than 3 years ago

Store has 6 associates walking around and only one checking out. Management decided it was more important to service online order then help people in line. Sad.

Miss Eryn · 1 year ago

If you want anything timely, DO NOT order it to be shipped!! You will pay a HIGH shipping fee and it will take 2 weeks to get your stuff. $12 to ship 5 skeins, not large skeins, just regular skeins… and two weeks to get them??? Well, I must admit, most of that time was wasted by then not pulling the order for several days. Fact is the shipping time could be greatly reduced if the orders were pulled more timely…

Kelly Rowe · 1 year ago

Love this place, though I have encountered issues with the order online and pick up in store and incorrect stock being listed. The only other issues I've had have been due to staffing issues, but this is so common everywhere I can't rate negatively for that.



Chain providing a wide range of fabrics, plus sewing & arts & crafts supplies (most offer classes).

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