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Canvas Credit Union S. Broadway Branch

    5800 S Broadway, Littleton, CO, 80121, United States
    Closed · Opens at 9 AM


    9 AM - 6 PM
    9 AM - 6 PM
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    9 AM - 6 PM
    9 AM - 6 PM


    61 reviews


    "The staff at this location is extremely helpful and friendly!"

    "What kind of place expects people to wait on the phone for an hour."

    "I cannot believe that upper management would allow this type of customer abuse."

    Tyler Deruiter · more than 9 months ago

    We took a car loan with Canvas, they never sent us a bill in the mail, or even notified of us as of our account number. After two months, we called to get all of the information and to find out why they haven’t sent us any paperwork. They didn’t notify us of anything other than we were two months behind on our payment. We paid both payments right away and then they sent a bad report to the credit agencies. Not a warning call or letter telling us the issue. I am very disappointed and now have a negative report on our credit score that they won’t help to correct it. We now need to dispute the negative report with all 3 credit agencies. Unless they are willing to help correct the problem, I will probably refinance the car with another company and close this account.

    Dana Pringle · 2 years ago

    I opened a new account here on Friday. I was very impressed with the warm greeting, and not being told I had to make am appointment. The lady who greeted me said a banker wasn't available right away, and I said I'd wait outside, the lady who greeted me took the time to come outside and tell me that a banker was available Jaycob, was so friendly and personable; he answered all my questions thoroughly and helped me to understand if a credit union would be a good fit for me. He was very patient with all my questions. From all the great Customer Service and how helpful Jaycob was, my boyfriend decided to open an account as well and is leaving his credit union. I don't know how to spell the Branch Managers name, but she is so friendly and makes you feel welcome. I recommend coming here for your banking 100% and that is coming from someone who usually finds something wrong at every place I go to.

    Verenice Lopez · 1 year ago

    The lady at Canvas named Cathy was so nice and helpful and nice. She made sure we were well informed about the different rates and savings account that they offer. 😊

    Jessica Shelton · 5 years ago

    AVOID AT ALL COST doing business with this credit union - If I could give negative stars... terrible customer service, they are unresponsive to calls and voice mail. When I went into the local branch they couldn't help me. It took weeks for me to get an answer and the information I needed. I had an issue with a money order that didn't clear, they didn't bother following up with me at all - instead closed my account and sent me to collections. They aren't interested in having GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Bobbie Sticker · 4 years ago

    Love the place but the other day when I went to get checks, you obviously have to wear a mask so I did. I was immediately hounded on what I was here for, and asked for my identification WITHOUT REMOVING MY MASK! Understandable to an extent I guess. The teller said it was POLICY TO ID EVERYONE. The problem was when I was leaving, I watched "Jennifer" (ID door lady) allow 4-6 people into the bank without hassling them or making them present ID. I felt extremely profiled and I was rather disgusted after being a client for many years.

    mdkalako1 · almost 5 years ago

    These people are the best! I have been with PSCU for 30+ years, and like everything else, change was a bit unsettling. No need for concern. Same accommodating helpful staff. One of my best financial decisions was joining this credit union.

    Owner's response · almost 5 years ago

    Wow, thanks for your 30+ years as a member! While our name changed, helping you Afford Life has always been our priority.

    Rick Burgan · almost 5 years ago

    I have financed two vehicles through them despite having terrible credit and have had no problems what-so-ever. They have always been friendly and quick, I'm usually in and out in less than 10 minutes. I will be financing through them should I decide to purchase anything substantial again!

    Owner's response · almost 5 years ago

    Rick we are so happy to hear that you are able to afford life with Canvas standing with you, shoulder-to-shoulder. We look so forward to serving you in the future! Thank you for you membership, and your gift of feedback.

    Yesenia Garza · 6 years ago

    I have been a member for more than 12 years and in 2015 I opened a business account as well because I loved this bank, but unfortunately this specific branch in Englewood has dissapointed me to the point that I will never come to this branch EVER again. Out of the 5 times that I have come, I have been treated fairly only 1 time. I felt discriminated the first 2 times at this bank but thought it was just in my head so even though I really didn't feel comfortable I came a few more times and with my last visit I confirmed and will never come back again even though it is only 5 minutes away from where I work.

    Caitlin Reynolds · more than 4 years ago

    I have been with canvas for two months after leaving chase after having chase for three years. From the start it’s been bad. The app is always under construction of some sort so it’s unusable 75% of the time. I deposited my second check with them with zero issues and it went straight into my account. The third check I tried to deposit I was told it would be put on a five day hold because my account was still too new? This was my third check depositing and the second went through immediately? So they “waived” that for me. I tried to input my fiancé’s check into my account after he signed it over to me to find out he needed to be present. Understandable. I brought him in the next day and was able to deposit his check with him present and with an ID. Fiancé and I went in today to do the same to be told they would not do that anymore? He’s here, with ID, I’m here with ID and card? Why can’t we deposit his check into my account? They said he needed to be on the account and offered to add him. No! If I wanted to do that we would’ve done it in the first place! Extremely inconsistent and making me jump through hoops to get money into MY account. I will be looking for a new bank from this instance. The lady who I spoke with today, a taller brunette with glasses was also not kind when I gave her a look of confusion for not being able to input my fiancé’s check in. Telling me, “Don’t get upset, calm down” Better customer service would be nice...understanding of someone’s confusion of a change of policy in two weeks and not being told anything the prior weeks. Again, I will be looking for a new bank and I suggest others to stay away from Canvas. I also put in for direct deposit from the start and it has still not gone through

    Mike Bueno · 6 years ago

    These guys are the worst, they failed to update my address when I bought a truck... my new address was clearly on the loan paperwork from the purchase. They sent my pay stubs to a 5 year old address from an old loan and dinged my credit for a late payment. The website is the most outdated thing I've ever seen and you're forced to open a bank account if you want to pay online but seriously it is one of the worst sites to navigate and doesn't work half of the time. These people are incompetent and I will never do business with them again. I am sure someone will respond to "try and resolve the issue" so everyone can see they're trying to help but when I write them back I won't get a response... take your money elsewhere, PSCU is the worst.



    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance


    Cash advance


    LGBTQ+ friendly
    Transgender safe space


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