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Quest Diagnostics

    880 S Perry St, Castle Rock, CO, 80104, United States
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    21 reviews


    "Wonderfully friendly staff with a nice gentle touch."

    "Waited for over an hour and a half, finally gave up and left."

    "Waiting is the bane of existence and this place was just one long wait."

    David Mesenbrink · almost 2 years ago

    Customer service could have definitely been better. Set appointment online and arrived on time waited 10 minutes and then someone came out And said I just need to pick up take home test. She said it would be a while which doesn't tell me if it's going to be 5 minutes or an hour. After 25 minutes and after hearing a lot of conversation behind the door, I asked them how long it would take because I have to be somewhere and she said it would take a while, she has to help someone in the other room which has been a half an hour at least. After 5 more minutes of waiting she came out and gave me take home test and explain how to use it and didn't apologize at all. Will never come here again.

    Michelle Levy · 2 years ago

    Every time I've been here, I'm in and out in under 20 minutes. Everyone is very friendly and blood draws are easy and painless. For everyone who complains about the wait times, it's super easy to schedule an appointment online. If you do this, there will be no wait whatsoever.

    Bailey Rosenberg · more than 2 years ago

    Was refused after being told by my doctor that they take walk-in appointments for blood withdraws. The woman who would be taking care of me became very angry after I explained that I was going to be sitting down and waiting until 1:00 when they open up from lunch to talk to them about getting a blood withdraw. She said she does not take walk-ins and that she only takes appointments and nobody should have to take walk-ins. Then she was mad at me for asking how I could schedule an appointment or asking if she had any available appointments today that I could take. She continued to talk down to me as I exited.

    Michael Kaduk · more than 3 years ago

    Made an appointment and was taken back right on time. Patti was awesome! Very friendly and personable. Didn't judge me for my man-baby fear of the needle. Definitely recommend if you're squeamish about getting poked. Just tell her in advance, and she'll make you as comfortable as possible.

    Owner's response · more than 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this feedback, Michael! We will be passing this along to our leadership team in the region so we can recognize Patti for her hard work.

    Angela L · almost 3 years ago

    Hayley went above and beyond for my dad who needed immediate blood work done to figure out why swelling affecting him to walk and get around. We had an appointment and Hayley was floating the the castle rock Safeway quest location and my dad has bad veins in arms and she said the supply for butterfly needles were not coming in. She was so sweet and found a butterfly needle from nearby location so my dad could get blood from his hand after 2 tries. She was so kind and we appreciated everything she did!!

    Cody Dallmann · more than 2 years ago

    The phlebotomist here was absolutely amazing! She was very friendly and talkative as well as aware of my 'joy' of being poked with needles. She was cracking jokes and getting through all the paperwork side of things. I've had bad experiences in the past with other Quest locations and this was a happy relief from those experiences.

    Drew Baty · more than 4 years ago

    DO NOT GO HERE. It was all a mess. Waited for over an hour to drop off a sample, something that should’ve taken 5 minutes. Put me at the end of the line for no reason. Worker is slow, rude, and has no idea how to do her job. From not being able to access my script that was in the quest system, to having a very bad attitude, she is not someone you should trust as a healthcare provider. Unorganized and just an awful business. Find anywhere else to go.

    Owner's response · 4 years ago

    We apologize if this was you experience, Drew. Please contact our Patient Advocacy team to provide more specifics: [email protected].

    Madeline C Detlefs (Maddie) · almost 6 years ago

    I have been going to Castle Rock Quest location for 10 years so when they moved to Safeway, I followed Patty over there. Other Phlebotomist have trouble drawing my blood but she is always on target! Love my Phlebotomist, Patty❣️ MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ~ it helps everyone be more timely! BUT remember, those who don’t make appts CLOG UP THE SYSTEM; HENCE THE LONGER WAIT TIME!

    Vic Alejandro · 6 years ago

    There’s no front desk and no sign of life. Old woman comes out out of a room and asks if I’m there for a blood draw. I say yes. She’s says it’ll be a few minutes. No problem. Didn’t hear or see her for 25 minutes. Just heard pages turning in the back room where she was, as if thumbing through a magazine.

    Joseph Ambrogi · almost 3 years ago

    This is the Absolute worst location you could visit for Quest Diagnostics. The lady who runs is not Helpful, and consistently try’s to get you to visit other locations. She is always “booked solid” even when her local check in and online gives you plenty of open times. If I could I would give 0 stars. Do yourself a favor and visit a different location.


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