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Quest Diagnostics Southpark - Employer Drug Testing Not Offered

    8199 Southpark Ln Ste 110, Littleton, CO, 80120, United States
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    36 reviews


    "The office is very clean with a cheerful and professional staff in place."

    "There are other locations that offer the same service without attitude."

    "Great experience at this location."

    Alton Jarman · 1 year ago

    Easy to make an appointment, check-in was a breeze, on time, and extremely friendly staff. Thank you!

    Denver Gal · more than 10 months ago

    The competence of the employees that draw blood has dropped significantly. They are also not compassionate about folks with any kind of needle phobia, which is really sad because this location used to be great. I went in today for my bi-monthly bloodwork. The guy was rude and acted put out from the moment I walked in the door. The recliner was still broken, has been for six months, so I can’t lie down which would have helped. I admit to being terrified of needles and not the easiest draw, but this guy was horrible. Not only did he stuck me twice, mansplained things to me, and was condescending, he never got the blood!!! I have two huge bruises on my arm and on my hand from him digging around which was very painful. There was blood running down my hand. It was a terrible experience. Don’t ever bring kids here. They are nasty.

    corena white · 1 year ago

    So I came here just to drop off my 24 hour urine and when I was trying to check in the machine wasn't being clear or helping me. Get checked in and wanted me to come back in 25 minutes to drop off my urine. I had already taken out of the frigerator I cannot come back in 25 minutes just to hand them. A bag and then she asked me where my paperwork was and I said 1st of all. You're the one who told me to do this test and did not give me paperwork with my urine Box to bring back to you and she was so. Rude to me I could not believe the way she was acting towards me just for me to drop off my urine

    Katie P · 10 months ago

    Super quick, easy, and efficient! EXTREMELY better experience than Labcorp.

    denise mecca · more than 1 year ago

    Went to this office saturday morning appointment was scheduled 11:40am, I arrives 10 minute early. There was a man there without any appointment begging to get blood drawn, the lady advised him cannot take him without a STAT order from Dr. He insisted and she repeated herself about protocol and appointment. She took me back to draw my blood, failed put on any gloves, inserted needle to far and if think went thru my vein she keep moving the needle when attaching the vile to collect blood and had to put pressure one may arm below needle for any blood to come out. By the end of the 2nd and with the 3rd vile I had to state this is stinging to much and hurts. When she finished them 3rd vile apologized. I have had blood drawn 100's of times and never experienced this pay. After I left my arm continued to sting inside around the needle sight as well as swallon and hard and purple. Today the 2nd day its bruised very bad and the size of a silver dollar. So unhappy with this quest site!!

    Suzanne Vail · almost 2 years ago

    I went to Quest to have my blood drawn, blood pressure, etc for my Biometric Screening for my employer. They took my blood pressure and it was very high which I knew was incorrect. I asked them to take it again and it was even higher. I left the office and went across the highway to Kaiser (my doctor's office) which was <5 min away. They took my blood pressure with a manual cuff and it was the usual 98/68. The patient service center in SouthPark has a malfunctioning blood pressure cuff. Now I will have to contact my employer to get my Biometric Screening corrected, which is no small feat when no one answers the phones anymore.

    Vee P · more than 1 year ago

    Update: NO more walkins..have to make an appointment for bloodwork..unbeknownst to me walked in at this location at 08:00am 10/21.. for blood work. Rudely told no more walkins..make appointment..logged in the appointment at have lost my business...Go to LABCORP..much better service than these clowns..

    Crystal Archuleta · 2 years ago

    I made an appointment for my neice and I called and left a message because the order was an email and I needed to know how to get it to them. This was Monday of last week. I never received a call back we went today for our apointment. Unfortunately the order has to be faxed or printed this is what I needed to know last week. The lady who informed me of this was very rude said they are too busy to be on the phone. We just left and now I will need to find somewhere else to take a child for blood work where they aren't so rude and condescending in front of a child.

    Michael Carr · 10 months ago

    Mary Ann is the friendliest phlebotomist ever, fantastic experience!

    Julie Newsom · 2 years ago

    I went here this morning. I had an appointment. I got in quickly but the Lab tech was not very friendly or interested in answering any questions about when I might expect results. I probably won't be back to this location. There are other locations that offer the same service without attitude.


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    COVID-19 testing centre


    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance
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    Accepts new patients
    Appointments recommended
    Tests limited to certain patients
    Appointment required for Covid test
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