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    59 reviews


    "The staff was very kind."

    "Do not do a walk in appointment, they will give you a 3 hour wait time."

    "Worst experience of customer service and stupid rules ever."

    Jeffrey Levin · 1 year ago

    Check in was easy. Very short wait time, a couple minutes only (with appointment). The staff was very kind. Overall as good of an experience as you could hope for.

    Hannah Segovia · 1 year ago

    Very rude woman working here. Their website said they accept walk ins. She didn’t say hello or anything. Just said they are fully scheduled for the day and do not do walk ins. She seemed annoyed that someone even tried to do a walk in and said she is the only one there. I’m sorry but that is a company issue not a customer issue. Very unprofessional no apology or anything.

    Liv Leask · almost 1 year ago

    I had two visits here (12 viles each time!), and after reading the reviews I was quite nervous. There was either no or very little wait (I had appointments both times), Michele was friendly, quick, and the draw was actually pretty painless which was definitely appreciated! The first time I had to bring my 4 kids in with me which was not ideal, however it was easy for them to wait in the waiting area for me without me feeling like they were totally unsupervised (since they were only a few feet away). I felt the need to review since it hopefully helps alleviate someone else's anxiety about this process and the location. Its also located at the back of aisle 3... just in case someone else is a nuffy and couldn't find it like me :)

    Mackenzie B · 1 year ago

    This company cost me a new job. The woman working told me I could return with a new collection code from my employer as I was unable to complete my drug screening when I came in. Turns out this was against the rules and the company would not reconsider as the screening was marked as a refusal. Absolutely do NOT go here. They clearly have no idea what the policies are for screenings and if they do they won’t relay them to you.

    Mindy Dahlstrom · 2 years ago

    I have been going to this office for 6 years now and have never had a bad experience. I always book online and show up at my appointment time. The longest I’ve had to wait is maybe 10 minutes and I’m in and out. The staff has been friendly and helpful. My only complaint would be the waiting room is rather small. During my visit today I had a couple rude people complaining about the office because they had read the bad reviews. People rarely leave good reviews so I wanted to make sure to take the time and share my good experience. The ladies who work in this office, work hard! Appointments scheduled every 10 minutes all day long. They get them in and out and keep working. Keep up the good work! The rude customers were the ones who made today’s experience less pleasant. One lady complained to the staff that she was late to her appointment because she couldn’t find the facility. Sorry lady but that’s no one’s fault but your own. Then a man walks in without an appointment and gets upset because the check in machine says he can get an appointment at 2:20. Again, no one’s fault but your own. Make an appointment online before coming in. He then proceeds to complain to the staff and calls her rude, all the while interrupting her and not even letting her speak, but she’s the rude one. Please don’t let these rude people get you down. Their lack of preparation is not your fault.

    Kathleen Falcon · more than 1 year ago

    Just relating my family's experience, since the same mishap has happened three times now at this location. Our doctor sent orders and we scheduled an appointment online each time for bloodwork. Each time we were told that the doctor had not sent the orders after arriving on time for our appointment. It happened again today and we were unable to get the test done. This time our doctor sent me confirmation that they had indeed sent the orders to the correct fax number 3 days prior. Our doctor sent the orders again and we will need to go again tomorrow for another appointment scheduled online. I don't know who is at fault, but I do not see a way to confirm Quest received the orders, on their website, before showing up for an appointment. There isn't a way to call them. I would go elsewhere, but they are the vendor my employer uses if we want our lab work covered completely.

    Shreesha Maharjan · almost 2 years ago

    0/5 stars. The staff are very rude and inappropriate. Not very professional and bad at customer service which is even worse because this is not what healthcare should stand for . Do not do a walk in appointment, they will give you a 3 hour wait time. They need to change their staffing and have better management, this should never happen to anyone. Everyone deserves respect and dignity, no one’s day should be ruined by a staff not being able to do their job.

    Alan Fernandez · almost 2 years ago

    Came here for a blood work for fitness related health. Pre booked an appointment online and when 10 minutes early and scanned the QR code and was checked in. Waited for a minute and Kim was there to collect what she needed to collect and that was that. Couldn’t have been any faster than! Great energy, great attitude, fast service.

    Cynthia Johnston · 2 years ago

    Terrible experience. Took my adult son there yesterday as a walk in client for a blood draw. I had to take off work as his illness prevents him from driving. No one in waiting room but us. Finally a gal came out and basically shook her head at us and said they were not accepting any more walk ins this day. She quickly handed me a card and said to call this number for an appt. Very rude and unprofessional. This location is not like it used to be. They used to always take walk ins. Will never go there again.

    Alex Visser · almost 2 years ago

    Horrible. The woman working here today was condescending, superior, and all around awful. Walk-ins are NOT welcome, they are verbally berated and treated like they are less than human. When I couldn’t quite fill the cup for a pre-employment drug screen, the intense condescension continued and after I apologized, she gave a superior laugh as I left. If Quest Diagnostics had ANY sense, they would terminate this woman, or at least put her in a role she never saw a customer again. I decided to do my drug screening with another company much further away in Boulder to avoid dealing with this awful person again. Avoid this location at all costs.


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