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Dollar General

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1398 S Wilson Ave, Loveland, CO, 80537, United States
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8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM


17 reviews


"The manager was polite and wait times were short"

"They also refuse to adjust the price to what it is advertised at."

"Cashier was definitely not happy to be at work."

Devon Smith1 year ago

Employees possess zero customer service skills. Just standing outside smoking right next to the entrance. Store is a disaster and something is wrong with their system, I came for one item and was charged for 9 bags. So I pressed the call for assistance button and waited and waited with zero employees in sight. Upon finding an employee and informing them their system charged me for bags I didn't select he replied "you selected 9 bags". How places like this stay in business I will never understand. Take your money elsewhere, there are very few items even for a dollar here.

Curt Stechert1 year ago

Just like other Dollar General stores, this store is using false advertising and deceptive practices to scam mo ey from their customers. Many of the prices on the shelves or racks are lower than what the items actually scan at. When confronted about it, you are met with excuses ranging from "The item was in the wrong spot" to The store is repricing and hasn't gotten to those yet". They also refuse to adjust the price to what it is advertised at. BEWARE shopping here.

Sara Tumathalmost 2 years ago

Self checkout is always out of order and the cashiers refuse to be at the registers. You'll be waiting anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for them to care enough to come out from the office in the front. DG, why are you paying employees to sit on their behinds in the office instead of actually running the store? Maybe have your self checkout available during business hours so your customers don't have to stand around waiting for someone to give a hoot about them and their time. This is EVERY SINGLE SITE throughout the country. It's ridiculous and it makes me not want to come back.

Jessica Cialonemore than 1 year ago

big store with lots of items to look through! less than a minute wait time at the register. some things are way overpriced though, do not shop here if you need meds or first aid items.

noco58531 year ago

Cashier was definitely not happy to be at work. With the new law requiring stores charge for bags, cashiers should ask, and not assume people want bags.

kaidan st. louisalmost 2 years ago

Confused as to why another box store is taking away space from potential small business and/or green space. Still quite unwalkable from much of west loveland and an absolute eyesore of a building. I hope to see better in the future, and I hope others agree with me.

Harold Majorsalmost 2 years ago

Employees are always outside and offer no help when there is a problem or you need help. The help is plain lazy.

Laurie Goldbergalmost 2 years ago

Lots of stuff 馃檪 Be sure to watch for errors as the shelf sale price may not be the scanned price

Autumnalmost 1 year ago

Refusing to fill outside balloons

Terry Culvermore than 1 year ago

The manager was polite and wait times were short



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