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Dollar Tree

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1115 W Prospect Rd, Fort Collins, CO, 80526, United States
Open · Closes at 9 PM


9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
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9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM


254 reviews


"Really nice staff and good collection of stuff :)"

"Employees like that are why customers stop shopping there or write bad reviews."

"Dollar Tree always has a great selection of cards and wrapping paper"

DONN Johnson · 9 months ago

Just getting here and there’s a lady standing at the door with it locked. Not wanting to let people in, saying that “line is long and we close at 8:30”. It’s not even 8:00 and there’s only 4 people in line. There are 3 employees but one register open. This is very unacceptable and I shop here so much it’s not funny. Not anymore the service i received today was unacceptable and unprofessional.

Anakor C · 1 year ago

Absolutely amazing. This chain of stores is spread across town and have same characteristics in common, helpful staff, items easy to find and very smooth checkout. A wide variety of items for different needs. Wheelchair accessible parking and entry, kid friendly shopping environment and amazing low prices. Different payment options including cash and card.

Jaimes Libby · 1 year ago

I went in to grab some things, and the two people on shift walked out of the store while I was walking in, left me in the store by myself! I was the only person in the store! They Then proceeded to stare at me through the window while both were vaping! Then finally came back in to check me out and both people gave me a dirty look, I didn’t mean to interrupt their vape sesh but the disrespect wasn’t needed! It didn’t make me feel good! Also 2 weeks ago one of the same ladies was yelling across the store at another lady that worked there!! Around 5 o’clock like 2 weeks ago I was coming in again to grab somethings, as I was walking to the door an older lady was smoking a cigarette also walking in to the store. She then proceeded to flick an unfinished still lit cigarette at me and gave me some side eye! It didn’t hit me but still got close. When I walked in, it turned out the older lady worked there! She then audibly told the other lady who was there working (one of the vaping people) that she didn’t want to be there. And the other lady started yelling so loud about how she can sit there on a her book she doesn’t care, and started yelling about other people who work there don’t do their job. I’m just paraphrasing because the lady was using some vulgar language and cussing up a storm. Meanwhile there’s a line of 10 people and she literally stops her job to air out her dirty laundry! This made me feel very uncomfortable, I was genuinely shocked and baffled! And this lady had no consideration for any of the customers! And one of the people she was bad mouthing that worked there is one of 3 people who work there, who actually are nice to customers!! And now every time I come in that lady gives me dirty looks! I it doesn’t make me feel welcomed! I feel judged and almost ashamed because of how they have treated customers! But sometimes I come in and some nice people are working! Like Karen! She is the nicest lady ever! She is a awsome person, she treats you like a human! Or raven!! (Raven is who the super mean lady that was vaping, was talking bad about) first of all raven is a supercool name!! Second, they have just great customer service!! And there’s a guy who works there who’s name I don’t know but he has his ears pierced and is just genuinely just so nice!!! He talks to you and makes you feel welcomed!!! Thank you to them!! They need more appreciation!! It’s a gamble every time I come in! Will I be treated like a human being! Or will I be judged and feel uncomfortable! And I will no longer be taking that gamble anymore! Thank you for your time.

Thiago Leite Knittel · 9 months ago

Showed up at 8 30pm and doors closed when it's supposed to close at 9pm according to Google maps

lyndsey heiser · 1 year ago

Showed up at 745 when they have posted on their door that they close at 8. I knocked on the door and some heavy blonde lady came to the door and yelled were closed I have to clean! When you have posted that you close at 8 you need to stay until 8. Cleaning and cleaning duties are to be done after closing time.

J. · 2 years ago

While many of the employees here are real and approachable, please beware of the older white male employee who likes to double scan items at checkout while he keeps you talking, apparently to distract you . Didn't notice until I got home this guy had double scanned 9 items. That's just criminal anyway but at the newly increased prices it's even worse. This single employee has dropped this review to 1 star and has lost this location loyal customers. Shoppers, please pay attention at checkout. Or better yet, shop somewhere else.

Jeffrey Bailey · 3 years ago

The only reason I give this location four stars. Is just because it is a small store tucked into a weird little strip mall kind of thing. Even with those things working against it. It is still a great store. The staff has always been friendly and courteous. The selection of items has been great for a smaller store. We have been shopping here for just about 4yrs now and will continue to shop here as long as we live in the Fort Collins area.

c maes · 3 years ago

Relatively organized for a Dollar Store. Variety was a little less than usual for holiday items, like Easter (spring) and St. Patrick's day. But maybe its a little early yet. The only reason I didn't give it another star was that I purchased 2 ceramic items and they were just tossed in the bag without care. I even purchased 2 hand towels, that I wrapped them up in after picking up bags. Maybe the cashier wasn't really paying attention to what she was handling. And understand that the items were only $1, but 1 item was the last they had in the color I needed.

Magdalena Adams · almost 3 years ago

The two blonde ladies were rude and passive aggressive. The one I assume is the manager told me that what I heard wasn’t what she heard which is some gaslighting. She had to redo my purchases because she didn’t hear me tell her I wanted to use my $2 in cash before my debit card. There was no music playing in the store, hardly any customers. As I was leaving and asked the lady at the register the other ladies’ name she let me know the other lady was the “nice” one. I’m probably not going to be going here again which is too bad because it’s closest to my house in the foothills.

Gloria Katers · almost 4 years ago

I love this little store. Most of the staff is very nice, but Tina seems to have little patience for children, and I have good kids. One time they were playing with the gumball dispenser turners and she said they were going to break it, and this time they were learning to count out change and she was visibly irritated,.Her unfriendly attitude just gets old.



Chain offering a mix of household items, beauty products, food & more at discount prices.

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