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555 W South Boulder Rd Unit B, Lafayette, CO, 80026, United States
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151 reviews


"Friendly staff goes along way with me store super clean well stocked"

"I can't even return the pieces because the cashier did not give me a receipt."

"Great selection of wrapping paper and that was the main reason I stopped there"

Ruthie Rose · 1 year ago

I bought a photo frame at this location today and when I went to put the picture into the frame, it fell completely apart on me. What a piece of junk! I can't even return the pieces because the cashier did not give me a receipt. Be careful what you buy there and steer clear of the photo frames!

Shannon Kelsay · 1 year ago

This store is a great go to for last min items and inexpensive birthday cards/bags/wrapping paper and bows ! Has a lil craft isle and some cute mini gift ideas as well! The staff is mostly friendly and helpful. But somedays the line to check out is too long and slow. Other than that it's a great store ! Thank you Dollar tree !

Ultra Woman I AM · 1 year ago

The Staff at This Dollar Tree Store Are Excellent! Always Cordial, Patient, Attentive & Kind. I Seriously Really Totally Appreciate Each of Them, Over The Past Few Years!! 2019 - 2023. Thank🌻Each of You!!!

HART DAVID · almost 5 years ago

Danni, Samantha and Elaine are always helpful, as is 1$ for a Samsung type C cord. Apple cord? Need to check that out next time, lol...Oh yeah, already have 2, perhaps, even 3. Great C.Service. Hey Corporate dudettes and Dudes: How about some Samsung 'tempered glass' for Note 9s and Galaxy 8s and higher, here, locally? Apple in abundance, Samsung, not so much... Great book selection, BTW.

Whoin · 1 year ago

One customer shouldn’t be more important than another. Today, march 2 @ 3:41pm, the woman on register with the brown hair decided the male customer who came came up SECOND in line was more important than me. And she basically announced it. No cool. Enjoy putting our stuff away.

G. Kunkel · 5 years ago

Friendly staff, lots of low cost items. Great location. Not a large store. The Westminster Dollar Tree is bigger than this one.

Lawrence Hupp · 1 year ago

Told us could do returns ~ can’t do returns. Stuff there is Carp plastic. Bought $100 worth of junk

Christine Moosbrugger · 1 year ago

It was awful. Went in to purchase some small containers and I was rudely treated by the manager and even bumped into by the manager as she was passing by with no apology. Never shopping there again!

Kate Hallberg · 3 years ago

It seems like a normal size store to me. Why do A'muricans always want bigger & bigger, leading to bigger slabs of macadam to park on- sized for *Christmas* only‽ Bigger stores mean more small commodities produced in 1 particular Chinese city and more Chinese workers inside monstrous malls sitting in their booths 7 days/week. You're not getting quality here. Think about that before you buy. Do you want the knock-off Rubber Maid or pay more for the real thing? Maybe the knock-off is fine because it's going to rarely be opened but don't expect it to hold up. Sometimes you pay more because the product doesn't have everything we usually expect. That's the carbon footprint of business model- I hope you all think about yours. I've never had an issue with employees; they're all fine. It's in a easy to access location with a lovely south facing entrance. I think they have a vegan brand of cosmetics but verify that on your own. Mylar balloons are nice, especially for those of me who have a severe reaction to those others. It's a tremendously adequate store of it's type and unlike Dollar General, everything really is $1

Elizabeth Garcia · 2 years ago

Went in today and from the very beginning the store manager was staring huffing and puffing and walking very close to us and making us feel in her way. She then through boxes onto the ground she said she watch me let my kids make a mess the whole time in the store and told me to get out. She was very disrespectful and racist from the moment we entered



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