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Colorado Drivers License Office

    17924 Cottonwood Dr, Parker, CO, 80134, United States
    Open · Closes at 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM


    496 reviews


    "I am so thankful for such a wonderful interaction and prompt caring service."

    "Passive aggressive security guard and manager refused service for 1 hour."

    "Lady at the check in desk was extremely rude and unprofessional"

    Mason Schuster · 10 months ago

    FYI, At the Parker DMV. The people at the front door act like they know nothing. As You sit there waiting. You realize people up front know everything about the place. Don’t ask the people up front any questions? You will get the dumb face with I don’t know? You must sit inside the building. I asked for a mask or can you call me from outside? I feel uncomfortable sitting in crowds Covid. That’s not an option at the DMV It’s so funny to watch the people at the door.

    Drew Tj · almost 1 year ago

    Just be sure to make an appointment online before you go. I went in to get my driver's license replaced before I left on a trip. I was in and out in less than 30 mins. People there were super friendly. I live in Aurora, and it's worth me taking the drive down to Parker for the shorter wait times.

    Heather Michelle · 11 months ago

    Two stars for fast service. Minus three stars because the guy taking my driver's license picture kept talking to me during the picture about smiling. This is not a childhood school photo. Don't talk to me about my smile. Then at the end said he was hoping I'd smile more. I ended up having a look of awkward cringe in my picture because it was a very awkward and borderline uncomfortable encounter. Ask yourself: would he tell a man that he wished he had smiled more? No. Then don't say it to a woman.

    Alison Rosso · 1 year ago

    The website is all about how you can do many things without an appointment. Then you get there, completed application in hand, and they tell you that you must have an appointment. Scheduling is at least three weeks out at any time. Coming from a backwards southern state, I thought things would be handled more efficiently in Colorado. Guess not.

    Oracle of monsters · 1 year ago

    There is an employee there how somehow got my info and then proceed to harass me I got a picture of there car but be warned people I'm probably not the first person she's attacked

    J Bray · 2 years ago

    Appointments are required, although from thier website it appears you can get an appointment within 3-9 days. At my appointment it was pretty quick, took about 35 min to renew a CDL. Staff was nice, although two were a little hard to understand (language barrier). Also remember you do not get your license, they send your new license in the mail (10-30 days) according to the photo clerk. As of the date of this post, masks are optional at this location.

    Deanna Hartman · 1 year ago

    Everyone gives these offices a bad review. When my family has made appointments they have always allowed us in early. We have walked in and been given an appointment right away as well as have had to return on another day. They are very efficient. They accommodated special needs for those that need them on tests, it is not incredibly loud. The people that greet you at the door are very organized, helpful, and realistic about wait times.

    Victor Sena · 1 year ago

    Completely different experience from the Douglas County DMV in Lone Tree and the Parker Driver License office, night and day when it comes to good customer service. Kathy specifically was rude and seems to be irritated with me due to her system not reading my finger print correctly. You’re treated as if you’re a nuisance to them.

    Drake Zapene · 11 months ago

    Terrifying stuff the employee at this DMV legit started screaming insults because I was Mexican

    C Da · 1 year ago

    Arrived for appointment - big sign on the door saying there was an outage... apparently lost our appointments! The woman checking people in actually asked us a couple times if we might've spelled our names wrong. Oh. My. God. I'm sure! Seriously mismanaged.



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