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Aurora Federal Credit Union

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610 S Abilene St, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
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58 reviews


"Great people love the service."

"My debit card has been declined on every transaction since."

"And today's staff meeting was their Christmas exchange and ugly sweater contest."

Anton Wilson · 1 year ago

I have left this credit Union due to the fact that o have the feeling I have been lied to countless times and taken advantage of regarding my auto loan. A woman named Dorene, and a woman named Olivia had been rude countless times to me over the course of my loan and have been degrading towards my character and ability to process my finances. I would recommend nobody bank here if you want to keep your money safe.

Google User · 1 year ago

Doing business with Aurora CU was extremely frustrating. The whole point of “customer service” is to help not hurt. I was beyond irritated by the lack of a hands on approach. They consistently failed the high standards I was expecting. Every time I ran into an issue, I could NOT rely on them to satisfactorily resolve it. A few months ago, my debit card was compromised due to a data breach. Aurora CU mailed a new card and the PIN to my PO Box. (They’re behind the times and do not offer debit cards at the branch). I traveled across town to my PO Box, but it was not there. It turned out that the card and PIN were mailed to my home address. They were well aware that I am disabled, and, it was a gross inconvenience to travel to my PO Box, based on their misinformation. Unfortunately, I got the PIN, but the card never arrived. They offered to rush me a new card. I sent an email to the operations mgr, with a contemporaneous copy to the vice president, late in the evening to confirm that I was interested in having the card expedited to my home. The hope was that either of them would see my email early the next day, to ensure the card was mailed stat. I did not have a card for about THREE WEEKS which affected my ability to manage my affairs. Later that day, I received an email stating “Since its past the cut off for overnight orders, I’ll be overnighting your card and new PIN first thing tomorrow morning.” Clearly, my situation did not warrant a sense of urgency. That was the straw that finally broke my back. I promptly withdrew my sizeable savings and took my business to another local credit union. When issues arise, I am more interested in the quality of help than the problem itself. I could not tolerate the highly nauseating experiences anymore.

Matthew Bane · 1 year ago

The Credit Union is great and never let me down. I want to thank one particular employee that is not only very understanding of people's situations but very good at what she does for this Credit Union. Whitney is "AWESOME " I will always continue to do business here as long as they will have me as a customer. The Credit Union has never let me down nor has Whitney.

Martha Hernandez · more than 9 months ago

They always lock my card for no reason and I never get told and if it’s a holiday they will be closed for more days not just for that one day and it’s frustrating would highly recommend to not bank with them

amy slack · 1 year ago

They keep putting a fraud alert on my whole account, not just one card. Both my debit and credit cards are suspended and there is no way to lift the hold unless it's bussiness hours of Monday through Friday 8 to 5pm. So, I appreciate the fraud protection but without 24 hr customer service you will be without your money for a while. They also don't notify you so you find out when you try to pay and it's embarrassing. So far I've been blocked trying to book a hotel in Canada, from the USA, blocked buying crickets at Petsmart and after I booked a flight to Cancun. Despite previous calls during business hours we still don't get notified and the alerts are becoming more frequent

Michelle c · 11 months ago

Been a member since 1995 and this credit union has met every need I've had. Love the staff

Germika Rivers · 1 year ago

Do not recommend for service center location to use. They gave me issues with my digital I.D after accepting it numerous times previously. I had to go out to my a car to the branch manager who told me they “could accept. “Next day returned deposit money and receive a cashiers check, after 20 mins in line was told that it was system problems and that they couldn’t issue my money back either so that go elsewhere to get a cashiers check. Ughhhh…. Had to drive to a king Soopers to do my transaction there! I’ll never return to this location and would not recommend you waste your time there either!

Clint Schaeffer · almost 2 years ago

Been part of their family for over 20 years and really have had some great responses; savings bond cashing, estate finances, bill pay, and best of all, they have consistently handled errors and such with alacrity. Just fixed up a fraudulent charge on the 'Net in less than 2 weeks. I took off one star for the safe deposit box access issues. Still, good folks and a deal when your money's safety and accessibility are considered a priority.

Matthew Summey · more than 1 year ago

SAD, SAD, SAD... I'm not the most perfect person. As most people these days are probably the same. I draw my account negative from time to time. But I pay the fees... My whole world moves through this bank. I even have a Loan, several direct deposits from my wife and I, one is even from the VA. Auto pays, my house. I've had an account here since I was a teen, well over 20 years. All this to say, this bank is not good. Don't use it as your main bank. They have moved money as a "COURTESY" just when ever. No calls and never consistent. Tonight my card declined and when I looked, my account was closed on me again for the 3rd time. Twice in under a year. I never had my account that negative, and never past the next payday. It just happens and you don't know why and there is no warning at all. They just like messing with you on a whim. The funny thing is, they closed the account that had money (my bills account), my 2nd was the negative one because I ran gas through it. I know it has to be a mistake but this isn't a game to close accounts and literally on a whim. As a COURTESY I write this review AFCU to warn others. If you wonder why I wouldn't come talk before this review, last December right before xmas, I pulled 10k from my 401 and put it in my account. You guy COURTESY me then too by putting a hold on it and closing my account. It was a mistake then too. This time I need to let others know. I'm not perfect, but I'm not that bad to be treated like this. At least buy me dinner first.

Terri · 2 years ago

My son went into Aurora Federal credit Union today to withdraw money out his account. And they ask him for his password even though he provided his ID and his account number. I have never in my life had someone asked for a password you do not need that to withdraw money. We used them as a branch for our credit union and have never had any other Branch ask for a password until today we probably left and took our business elsewhere, I don't think we'll be back.


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