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6400 Sheridan Boulevard, Arvada, CO, 80003, United States
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"(Bradley has usually the cheapest prices in town.)"

"Very friendly people, but very small place"

"Employees are clueless and just shrug their shoulders at you."

John Chesla · 2 years ago

Went in to get a carton of smokes, they said they didn’t have my cigarettes in a carton, I asked if he had ten packs, which I could see right behind him that he did but he still refused to sell me them. Guess they don’t like money!

Wendy Mosman · 9 months ago

Using the fuel rewards program, I received an e-mail for 20 cents off a gallon, to be used on the 21st of August. When I went to this location I was told that they do not participate and that my card does not work at their location. Well, I will not be going here ever again! It's a shame because I have been coming here for years.

Lanniey Lovely Day · more than 3 years ago

Car designers should consider a delivery/taxi/uber driver seat option with a port-a-potty resivior for the recent movement towards non-existent/restricted bathroom/toilet/defecation facilities in the Denver metro area from local gas stations and restaurants.

Jessica Egger · 2 years ago

This is, by far, THE WORST gas station in the area. Unfortunately I live close and I've been several times. Never again, even if that means pushing my car by myself 8 miles uphill in a blizzard while being attacked by bees. Thank goodness the other stations arent that far, ha. The guys who get paid to 'work' here were so disrespectful and unhelpful it brought me to tears. This is not the first time theyve been terrible and demeaning to me. Today I had money, I was polite, I downloaded the app so I could pay through the app. I needed the store number. That's it! I went in just to get that and make sure I was doing it correctly. No line, nobody in the store but me and the 2 guys who work there. 30 seconds of kindness and/or the bare minimum in customer service skills are not found at this location.

Tamara Novak · 2 years ago

Neighbors, I just went to the Shell next to King Soopers on 64th and Sheridan to use their bathroom in the other building and the attendant told me I couldn't tonight. He said only the women's is broken. I have had to go there the last couple nights in the middle of the night, because my toilet is being repaired. I am a very clean woman and I never leave a mess anywhere I go. I asked to use the men's side and the floor had urine on it, so i couldn't even go in. I have been telling people the last few days just how clean the women's bathroom is there, almost perfect. It's hard to find a clean gas station bathroom. To ight the guy was acting like he never met me and kept shrugging and saying he doesn't know and doesn't speak English, but he has been speaking fine over the last few days. I'm writing this to let people know about the service there. He has a problem with me and I don't know why. Is it because I am a woman, white? In my religion we say, do unto others as you would want done to you. Spreading intolerance is not the way to go. I had to find a place to pee outside at 2am. I told him I would be speaking with corporate about him in the morning. Let's see what they say when I tell them how I was treated.

Gerard Veilleux · more than 2 years ago

I've been going to this gas station for more than 20 years. Lately there is a young man working in the mornings who is extremely RUDE, arrogant attitude, and doesn't belong working behind the counter. He needs a lesson in politeness, or another job... "Update"... After several months, I would say this young man has become more polite.

Jerf Lopez · more than 2 years ago

Used to be my favorite station. It's has lots of pumps, big lanes, and well lit. However! The kid behind the counter was listening to a dog get beat! Yes a crying dog. So loud infact he couldn't hear what I was saying. And instead of turning it off or even down he told me to "try it again". Definitely seeking management on this one.

Jeff F · almost 5 years ago

I used to like this place but the employees seem to be very agitated to be at work. I also bought an annual car wash pass and multiple times at this location, the car wash hasn't worked from being out of soap to the card reader being down and everytime i have mentioned it to employees i have been given attitude and told to try again tomorrow... not really worth buying a pass to have to keep trying another day. Gas prices are always competitive but not worth the attitude of dealing with crabby employees.

Jimmy Theurer · 6 years ago

Always stop there it's close by where I live. Cashiers are always friendly gas is reasonably priced and always in and out. I wish they had a bigger selection of groceries and food however it's not a bad place to stop and get gas and be on your way with the soda or a pack of cigarettes or something like that.

mntmayfly · 4 years ago

Carwash is usually not working properly. If you buy the TopDog wash you arent getting the Top Dog wash but still paying $15. Dont waste your money. Only part of the carwash works. Employees are clueless and just shrug their shoulders at you. Been like this for weeks.



Wheelchair-accessible car park
Wheelchair-accessible entrance
Wheelchair-accessible toilet


Car wash
Diesel fuel
Ethanol-free petrol
Full service fuel




Debit cards
NFC mobile payments


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