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Pit stop for snacks, coffee & more

    15303 E Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO, 80015, United States
    Open 路 Closes at 11 PM


    6 AM - 11 PM
    6 AM - 10 PM
    6 AM - 11 PM
    6 AM - 11 PM
    6 AM - 11 PM
    6 AM - 11 PM
    6 AM - 11 PM


    212 reviews


    "Good gas station, friendly staff, lots of treats and drinks"

    "They have the cheapest gas in the area, well-stoked store and good service."

    "Very bad, overpriced carwash."

    AKA11 months ago

    Why is it 7:08 AM on a Sunday morning when I went to walk in the first door it was locked. I go around, there's a girl inside with her boyfriend telling me she's not open yet. Why does your website say you open at 6 AM every day? But it's an hour and 10 minutes past, That's a good way to lose a whole bunch of customers and money good job!

    JaredT Pompeo9 months ago

    Went in Thursday night between 740 and 8p. Young kid working sold me 20$ scratch ticket. I won 10$ on it and go to scan it the following day and was told the pack was not scanned? He sold me a lotto ticket that was useless? Don't buy any scratch tickets here. Would give 0 stars if I could

    Nick Mcbee11 months ago

    The lady at the register over examined my ID even though I'm 34 and she look like a fat 13 year old. Lucky for me she scanned my ID and found out how real it was. 馃槈

    Dwayne Montano1 year ago

    Dude shuts the light off while looking me and another customer right in the eyes at 8pm. No wonder you're 40 years old and bald working at a gas station. Do better.

    Dru Dzwonczykalmost 1 year ago

    Gas was outrageous. Staff was friendly. Had while palate of energy drinks on sale.

    Sharyl Silvamore than 1 year ago

    The attendant at the Valero right now is sitting on her cell instead of helping customers. Very sad.

    mohsin rashidmore than 1 year ago

    O stars this dum cashier I want there today evening after 5 o clock to play lottery I give sheet to him I say play 20 dollar & come up to 20 dollar so he looking me I say to want money first he say now then he play few times & start asking me money I say play 20 dollar and take your money so he stop play my lottery & argument start of money I ask him his name he no have uniform not name tag he wear nasa t shirt I gonna talk to cops office to this dum don鈥檛 know how hard business run for owner or operator he doesn鈥檛 care Valero is right next to my house is more easy to me go our there shopping and give business to them I pay for my things not taking free

    Kendall LeBertealmost 2 years ago

    Very commonly randomly closed for 10-15 minutes in the evening where customers stand around outside and take their business elsewhere after about 5 -10 minutes. Management - you need to staff enough people to cover your employees taking breaks without closing down the gas station. I鈥檓 about to stop coming here altogether out of principle. It鈥檚 isn鈥檛 fair to your employees or customers.

    Phly Phistein2 years ago

    Hands down worst Gas station in the area. The open hours are never consistent with online info. They have been permanently short staffed for months, if not years. Friendly staff if they're there, but like I said most of the time no one is in the gas station itself. You can usually pump gas here, but if you don't have a car and have yo walk to the gas station. Do not bother with this business.

    Rehab Junkiealmost 3 years ago

    This gas station is horrible. One of the gas pumps do not click when the tank is full so my mom ended up getting gas all over her car and her clothes. She had gone inside and let the cashier know the situation and my mom was forced to either PAY for the car wash OR drive with gas all over the car. And my mother didn't even get any money back from the gas that ended up all over the vehicle. The cashier didn't come out and clean the gas that ended up all over the place either like she said she would. Worst experience ever.



    Gas station & convenience store chain stocking snacks, groceries, coffee & other sundries.


    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance
    Wheelchair-accessible toilet


    Diesel fuel




    Debit cards
    NFC mobile payments
    Credit cards


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