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Kum & Go

Gas station & convenience store

    3033 8th Ave, Evans, CO, 80620, United States
    Open 24 hours


    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    6 AM - 8 PM
    6 AM - 8 PM
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    6 AM - 8 PM
    6 AM - 8 PM
    6 AM - 8 PM
    6 AM - 8 PM


    157 reviews


    "Great subs sandwiches wraps salad and the bakery area is amazing"

    "Refused service and forced me to leave because I am not able to wear a mask."

    "Great people, place, and food!"

    John Doe # · almost 9 months ago

    By the County Officials apparently this place does not allow pets at all unless it's a service Animal!!! So avoid bringing any animal into this store before you get a fine and kicked out of the store completley. Came to this station for many years now in my neighborhood and I have never felt monitored and discriminated like I have with a certain employee here. Everyone treats me and my family well until I encounter this person I get a bad vibe every time.

    Rosario Rigsby · 1 year ago

    I came in for some $1 slice pizza on wednesdays... turns out they don't offer that anymore! That was my ONLY reason for stopping by this highly overpriced gas station. I will no longer be going to any of the Kum&Go's. (A slice of pizza is not worth $2.50. A half a pizza is not worth $9. Sorry)

    Jacob Tan · almost 9 months ago

    Evening staff is unfriendly, rude, and unapproachable. I had gotten approval to wait on their lot in my bobtail while my trailer was being loaded near by. Approval came from day shift staff. Day shift failed to communicate this to evening shift and they called local police on me.

    joe zamora · almost 1 year ago

    Yet another batch of lazy employees that won't let a working man use the restroom. Ironically everytime if fill my rig up at $150+ a shot it won't be here anymore. Thank you for making my choice easy.

    Jason Carrera · 1 year ago

    Discount on go is never clean bathrooms always dirty when they're open they usually locked them at night can't go out the side exits they have them blocked off don't even know if that's legal basically this coming do is just nasty can't wait for the gas station next door to open And I only gave them one-star because it's making me if I could give them zero Stars they would deserve that a lot better

    Violet Cisney · 1 year ago

    Anthony is one of the best cashier's there. But on another note. I went in Saturday 1/1/23 to purchase pods and gas. The cashier asked for my DL, I showed her. She then went on how my DL expires in 3 days, and they don't except expired DL's. Talking to me like I'm dumb, because does anyone except expired anything for that matter. She was eating in between transactions and not washing her hands, while handling money. That is a huge Health code violation,if you don't have time to eat lunch on your break, why do it between transactions, that is gross. Wash your hand before she trys to tell someone how to live their life.

    Lance Thornton · almost 10 months ago

    Please please please if you are Mexican black any kind of minority do not stop at this place they will try to have you arrested and more importantly to them beat like they don't understand how the world works anymore Greeley police

    dale lieber · 1 year ago

    Fuel sign does not match the pumps hardly ever are they updated properly buyer beware place is dirty inside and out equipment never works heaven forbid you get a slurpee, staff is friendly and helpful sounds like it needs new management

    Michael D. Wulfsohn · 2 years ago

    I didn't go into the convenience store, but I wouldn't want to. Zero stars, if that choice was available. This is the most neglected, dirtiest, poorly managed Kum & Go I've EVER been to. The filling area was disgustingly filthy, and seemed to not have been attended to in a month. There was grease, oil, and other, unknown spilled fluids that were unavoidable to avoid stepping in. The pumps were disgustingly dirty, so you wouldn't want to touch the keypad. There were NO paper towels, at all, anywhere at the 12 or so pumps, and what few wiper squeegees they had, were unusable because the rubber blades were missing, and there was nothing left except sponge foam that was coming off. None of their squeegees were usable. There was no fluid in any of the 20 or more fluid containers. There was ice and dirty slush everywhere, including in front of the pumps, that was, again unavoidable to step in, and would've been easy and quick to shovel out of the way. The trash cans were overflowing and trash all over the place. And, if all that didn't scare you away, the gas prices were considerably higher than nearby competitors. Overall, one of the worst gas stations I've been to anywhere in the Greeley area. There is absolutely no good reason to patronize this store. Go somewhere else. NOT recommended.

    Andrew Kolb · 3 years ago

    A clean gas station with amazing employees. This location is not in the best location. However the employees handle the verity of colorful customers with patience and understanding. The hot food section has been fresh and delicious. I recommend Wednesday $1 Pizza slices. I will continue doing business here and can recommend day visits. All being said Kum & Go is great but the area has very little to be desired.



    Gas station & convenience store chain offering hot & cold snacks, plus coffees & sodas.


    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance
    Wheelchair-accessible toilet


    Diesel fuel




    Debit cards
    NFC mobile payments
    Credit cards


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