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1709 W Harmony Rd, Fort Collins, CO, 80526, United States
Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
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39 reviews


"Great selection of products inside the store."

"No ready-to-eat warm food items and gas prices are higher than most."

"Questionable customer service provided by the cashier."

CK Cartman · almost 9 months ago

Their “enhanced extracts: Gold” is counterfeit. I got very sick for about 7hrs and didn’t feel right for days. Also, “enhanced extracts” contains the chemical “tianeptine” AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Shaun Gamblin · 1 year ago

The fluctuation in prices is ridiculous. Juul was a decent price until they started charging $5 more than everywhere else. Price gougers.

John Crawford · almost 2 years ago

Cashier was some old guy, he was printing himself lottery tickets while I was checking out and it took way longer than it had to because he was barely paying attention to me. I didn't even get my receipt afterwards. I will not be returning

Alicia Volin · almost 8 years ago

Usually a very pleasing experience, this place has a very nice selection for customers to choose from. The customer service is usually good but today we went in and were not greeted then my fiance slipped on a rug that had been laid on top of a soaking wet floor and hurt her back. When the men at the front were told about the situation one named Joseph was extremely rude. He stated "you know, I didn't hear you fall". And continued to harass her about the incident while we purchased some beverages. When asked to leave it alone he continued to argue with us and insisted that the manager wouldn't do anything so it was pointless to reach out to him.

Matthew Trammel · 3 years ago

Went to get gas last night after closing so I use my card, their pump took my money didn't give me gas so I went back this morning to try to explain to the cashier what happened and right away he gets all defensive as if I'm trying to beat them out of $14 and pretty much tells me I'm lying even though the proof was on my transaction history. Now I'm out $14 with nobody to call to square me away...thanks for the customer service 👍🏾

Kelley Barker · almost 8 years ago

Fell on a rug in the store that was soaked underneath. The floor looked dry and freshly cleaned and there was a wet floor sign. This is why I chose to walk across the rug thinking it would be safe. After falling I informed the two associates about the danger and one named Joseph was very rude. I asked for the name of his manager and he became angry. He went as far as to ask me what angle I was working and he said he had not heard me fall. I told him to review the cameras since he thought it was a lie. I told him I was not working an angle. This is a very dangerous situation especially if someone elderly had been in this position or even someone already injured or a child. My back and knee are very sore and he's lucky I'm just contacting his manager/corporate and leaving this review. All he had to do was clean the water up and apologize but instead he chose to harass me while I tried to check out. I hope this isn't really what the shell wants representing them because this is the worse customer service I've ever encountered. And I would like to point out, it's an 85 degree day with no rain and the floor around the rug looked like it had to be dry. This is literally employee carelessness.

Katie Nance · 5 years ago

This specific Shell station marks up their gas a good 20+ cents more than every other station in town. Low quality fuel, makes my engine ping unless I spend even more for the mid grade. No other station seems to make my engine ping. Employees are courteous typically though. Note that their convenience store is not a Schrader's like other Shell stations, so they mark up their stuff in there too.

Zoe Zorigian · 5 years ago

An employee had some very insulting comments about some of the items I purchased. Should employees even be aloud to comment on the stuff you buy? I found it very inappropriate and humiliating. The associate had facial hair and long dark hair.

Mathew R · almost 4 years ago

This Shell convenience store sells KRATOM and CBD! One stop shop for your GAS and KRATOM/CBD. While most head shops open at 11:00am, this shop opens at 5AM!! The CAR WASH is brand new and does a great job!

Wes Ridinger · 7 years ago

Very nice convenience store. No ready-to-eat warm food items and gas prices are higher than most.



Wheelchair-accessible car park
Wheelchair-accessible entrance
Wheelchair-accessible toilet


Car wash
Diesel fuel
Ethanol-free petrol
Full service fuel




Debit cards
NFC mobile payments


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