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King Soopers Fuel Center

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2100 35th Ave, Greeley, CO, 80634, United States


142 reviews


"Good quality gas, and good(fair at worst) prices on it."

"And the pump I used had no washer fluid or anything for cleaning my windshield."

"Quick gas fill up but other that that pretty decent place"

Amanda Walton · 1 year ago

Telling me there is a glitch when you type the wrong amount of fuel points is weird. Just admit your mistakes and stop lying

Suzi Brown-Evans · almost 2 years ago

I use my fuel points here at the 11th Ave location in Greeley. I think they have a good turn over of fuel. Never experienced any adverse fuel issues. Plus attendants always friendly!!

Kyle Smith · more than 5 years ago

I love the Fuel Center that King Soopers owns and runs. Good quality gas, and good(fair at worst) prices on it. The prices are great on products inside the store, too! If you have never shopped at King Soopers before, the awesome thing is they offer a free rewards card. This card makes virtually everything in the store cheaper, and sometimes it is a LOT cheaper. Eventually you really gather a lot of points on that little card, and they allow you to get discounted gas prices at their gas station that is at the store, but it also applies to all Loaf and Jug gas stations, as well. The discount can be quite substantial. You get 3 cent discount at the pump by default if you use your card(or phone number) at the pump. That is without any points being on it. Thank you King Soopers for being awesome, and caring about your customers. You do an amazing job at showing it, and it is rarer these days than it ever has been for people to care about other people. SHOP AT THIS STORE! UNLIKE THE OTHERS, IT IS WPORTH IT AND ISN'T FEEDING INFINITE MONEY TO A MONSTER STORE WHO IS EATING AWAY AT JOBS AND SMALL BUSINESSES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! Thank you for taking the time to read this review, Peace! The employees of King Soopers are all-around friendly and easy to approach, especially in comparison to other big stores(which I will not be naming in this review.)

Lucy Maxfield · almost 3 years ago

Love my King Soopers people are so very helpful doesn't matter what time you go. I happened to shop at the one off of 65th and 10th street and needed some help one late evening and the guy working the late checkouts helped me out so much. So did customer service. Yes there's always something wrong we can find when shopping or whatever but at the end of the day there's good people !!!!! I am a little disabled !!!! Help is good LOL

Renee Vahle · almost 3 years ago

Fine I guess. Even with the ten cent discount, the gas is not very low priced. And the pump I used had no washer fluid or anything for cleaning my windshield.

Glenn White · 5 years ago

Really credit card for air.I don't want to hurt your rating so 5 stars. But Im not happy. Im really going to finance my air. Its ok Safeway loves my cash Im taking my business to Safeway. You lost my money cause of air.

Ernie Valencia · 5 years ago

Clean, well organized, fair priced. If you want good clean fuel this js the place. They keep great maintenance of the pumps and all around cleanliness.

Flo “Mac” Cosa · more than 2 years ago

Very convenient I go shopping there and then when I'm done I get gas and I save on gas with my grocery points it's good system

Andy T · more than 3 years ago

King Soopers gas pump are good. Cheap price if you have a King Soopers card. Convenient. Located at major intersection.

Andrew Kolb · 3 years ago

If you have fuel points then definitely stop for gas. If no points the gas is expensive. Well lit, well maintained station. Not a very convenient location.


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