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    5745 New Abbey Ln, Castle Rock, CO, 80108, United States
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    302 reviews


    "Amazing facility with brand new equipment and highly motivated staff."

    "Wonderful location, plenty of room, and easily accessible"

    "Thanks for the good time I could workout and for the good people who work there."

    Liv Carbonaro · 1 year ago

    Castle Rock 24 hour Fitness.. this place has potential, but so many changes need to be made for it to reach that potential. As many others have said, the cleanliness of this facility is a real problem. I’ve almost thought about volunteering my time just to get a vacuum ran through this place.. especially the carpeted areas and the areas “behind” the equipment. I rarely (if ever) see team members cleaning equipment in this facility and the self-cleaning stations are not conveniently located (they should be in centralized locations - not only on the outer walls). This isn’t directed at any of the current team members - the problem isn’t the team, it’s the lack of a team that creates the problem. Often times there is only a small team of staff members and they are mainly stuck at check-in/check-out. So this review is really for the owners - have you looked at if you are offering competitive wages and benefits to encourage people to apply to your company? Because y’all could REALLY use the staff. Hope this message makes it to someone who can make a difference. Unless some major changes happen by the time my annual membership is up, I will personally have to find another place to workout . ✌🏻

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Thank you very much for your feedback, Liv. It is important for us to provide a clean, comfortable environment for all gym members, so this is disappointing. We are working to make improvements and hope to serve you better in the future.

    Matt S · more than 10 months ago

    Always packed to the brim. I've tried coming in the morning, afternoon, evening it doesn't matter. This gym is too small and not organized efficiently for the amount of people. There are some improvements they could make to help this some. All other 24s have longer hours. Closing at 8 is pretty early. Definitely evaluating other gyms since I'm driving to highlands ranch anyway since I can't go to this gym.

    Owner's response · 10 months ago

    Hi Matt. Thank you for informing us about the issue with overcrowding at our club. We are always looking for ways to improve our Members’ experience, so we appreciate your feedback.

    wendy eichorn · 11 months ago

    Wow.... this gym needs help! Let's start with the guy at the front desk, who spent more time playing with his mane and phone than taking care of customers. He was rude and condescending.... said he would give us a free workout, even though we had printed off free three day passes to try out the club - he could not honor that. We called prior and the same guy said sure come on in. The he is obnoxious! We would have like to have tried several different times on different days, but once was enough. The club is not clean. The club does not have enough weight machines for the folks who are trying to use them. People camp out on machines, playing with their phones and honestly, this seemed more like a social meet up club rather than a gym. More talking and cutting up then lifting. Once was more than enough, there has to be someplace better in Castle Rock... and we are on the hunt.

    Owner's response · 11 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience at our club, Wendy. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so this is very disappointing. We hope to serve you better in the future.

    Sean Kelsen · 10 months ago

    Was just about to restart my membership here but not anymore. Since when does 24 hour fitness close between 8-10!? The best time to work out there used to be 10-12pm. Last place I wanna go is planet fitness but I guess 24 hour isnt worth it anymore.

    Owner's response · almost 10 months ago

    We appreciate you sharing your feedback, Sean. We are always working to provide an outstanding experience for the greatest majority of our members and have many locations that have now returned to 24-7 operations. A selection of our clubs are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can find a list of those clubs here: We hope to see you!

    LSU Dona · 1 year ago

    Terrible experience with billing. We were misled on the charges, and have been double billed for some charges. We have spoken to management several times, who agreed to refund the erroneous and misleading charges. But, we continue to be charged for things that were cancelled 3 months ago and have never been refunded. In just 3 months, we have been billed over $1000 for a membership for one person. It is impossible to stop the billing once they have your credit card number. We will never use any 24 hour fitness again, and would not recommend it to anyone.

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Hi there. We appreciate you taking the time to bring this to our attention, and we would like to investigate further. Please reach out to us at so we can get back to you directly.

    Kennedy Sanchez · 1 year ago

    I frequent two locations, one in Centennial and this one in Castle Rock, 5 days a week. Seems like people like to complain about the cleanliness of a gym. This location is by far cleaner than the Centennial location. IF!! something is dirty or needs attention, they are quick to address it. They are busy, almost all day, keeping it sparkling clean all day is an unrealistic expectation that some have placed on them. Equipment is great and the staff are wonderful!! Keep bein' great 24!

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. We appreciate the positive feedback!

    J D · 10 months ago

    In short, this place is way overcrowded; the younger members lack gym etiquette; the weightlifting area lacks air circulation and gets warm; and some of the weight lifting areas have foul odors. I gave it six months and I can’t take this place anymore. Just cancelled.

    Owner's response · 10 months ago

    Hi there. Thank you for informing us about the issue with overcrowding at our club. We are always looking for ways to improve our Members’ experience, so we appreciate your feedback.

    Jered L · 1 year ago

    This gym is a joke. Especially for being in castle rock. The bathrooms are always filthy and disgusting. The place is overran with 12 year olds that just come here to hit on each other. They stand in groups of 6 at the equipment and do Snapchat videos of each other. No one does anything about it. They never upgrade equipment. Oh and the biggest thing the 24 hour is open like 12 hours a day which is also probably why it’s always so overcrowded. Please open a VASA in CR or anything comparable!!!

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    We appreciate your feedback, Jered. We are continuously listening to feedback and working towards excellence. We feel that we can do better than what you experienced and are making improvements to serve you better in the future.

    Greg Holder · 1 year ago

    I see most of the negative reviews are based around how busy it is and cleanliness. The gym is busy no doubt I work out in the morning and the night. I frequently see the GM on club walks with his team to address major issues. One thing I have noticed is the GM works out every morning and in between his work out he is cleaning and re-racking weights through the entire gym. Thats at 6 in the morning! Today he was on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor between his sets. This kind of dedication to a clean facility I have not see any where. Then at night when I come in usually around 6 he is upstairs doing the same thing. The gym is constantly busy and full and amaze at what the team here can accomplish. I think us as members sometimes take that for granted!

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    We’re glad you’re enjoying your experience with us – thanks for taking the time to let us know!

    stantons27 · 1 year ago

    Pretty nice place, clean all around including the sauna and pool, great basketball court, all the equipment you could need. Only problem, every person within 30 miles seems to go here, never a good time to go. Always packed, too bad, see yuh

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    We appreciate your feedback. We are continuously listening to feedback and working towards excellence. We feel that we can do better than what you experienced and are making improvements to serve you better in the future.


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