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39 reviews


"Great customer service provided by scheduling and direct care staff."

"First, the staff and manager are unprofessional and misleading."

"I have enjoyed getting to know my caregivers, clients and office coworkers."

Regina Harris · 1 year ago

I’ve been using Right at Home to provide care for my 84-year-old mother for three years, and I really appreciate the office staff. They do a good job working with us when we need to make scheduling changes, and they are very helpful in getting the paperwork (invoices and care notes) to our long-term care insurance provider for processing. On the rare occasion when my mom or I have had concerns about something, the office staff has been helpful and very willing to work with us to quickly resolve the issue. In terms of the personal care my mom receives, she has been blessed to have several caring and competent professionals over the years. She enjoys their company and values the assistance they provide with her daily activities. I truly appreciate the services Right at Home offers; they make it possible for my mother to stay in her own home, where she is most comfortable.

Kristine Quintana (Krissqt) · 1 year ago

I'm so very upset about a couple of things, but today put the icing on the cake. I was sent a care giver I never met before and she stole the very items I bought today while she was with me and a ring my late grandma gave me. Sadly I haven't been able to reach anybody regarding this and the supervisors voice-mail has been full. This worker was smooth. Better at manipulation and distraction than actually doing what she was hired to do. Who knows what else she took. I can't pronounce her name but she is from Africa, her name starts with an N, and she only knows and understands English when its convenient for her. She put my items in her empty bag hid it outside and snook it to her car while she used my phone to clock out. Distracted the hell out of took her 30 mins to clock out on my phone and I had to help her. Im so mad at myself. Im wore out tired at this time of the day can't stand anymore and she knew it. I bet she does this everyday to everyone

Sharon Divin · 1 year ago

We have been using Right at Home for roughly a year now. Thankfully we have a nice gal by the name of Tina and she has been great with my mother who needs a lot of care. Tina has gone over and above to make sure my mother wants for nothing. Right at Home has worked with us and I couldn't ask for more.

Kandice Box · more than 1 year ago

I work part time scheduling. I have been with Right at Home for about four months. I have enjoyed getting to know my caregivers, clients and office coworkers. Any time I have had a question, I was directed to the proper person for answers. If that person was unavailable, I always got a response within the hour. I like the open communication between the staff at Right at Home. Recently I have had some family issues, with medical problems. I alerted the Right at Home team. They made me feel appreciated and understood. Right at Home was able to work with me and my schedule so that I could be with my family. I will forever appreciate them.

Josie Miller · 1 year ago

I have worked at Right at Home since 2018…work both in the office and as a CNA/Caregiver in homes and continue to stay because of my co-workers and patients! I have always appreciated the flexibility in my schedule and getting clients close to home! I have grown professionally in healthcare from working here. I also enjoy being part of an organization that keeps people living in their own home as long as possible❤️

Holly Burmania · 1 year ago

My client loves Manahil. She is kind, compassionate, listens to my client, meets her physical needs as well as emotional needs and is a hard worker. It is clear that she is committed to making my clients feel safe, heard and cared for.

Julia Martinez · more than 2 years ago

I wish I read the reviews before I started working here. As a former caregiver from this company I do not recommend you get help or work from here. The supervisor of scheduling is extremely rude and unprofessional to not only workers, but also patients over the phone. I was blown away at the disrespect towards my patients whenever they received a call from the manager of scheduling when I was with them, she would literally talk back with attitude and argue with them. Patients are also without care for periods of time without any indication on when they would have someone again. If the company is so short staffed they need to treat their employees like people. The job itself I loved but I suggest any other company. Just read the reviews, trust me.

John Bate · 4 years ago

I am posting this as a former employee of Right at Home Denver. Why a former employee? I moved into a Directors role in a Retirement Community to further my career goals. I have absolutely wonderful things to say about Right at Home Denver. The team that I worked around was nothing short of amazing. Each person on this team meets specific roles and they went above and beyond to satisfy the needs of all our clients. There is passion, commitment, dedication, and a drive to exceed expectations. Your loved ones are in excellent hands with Right at Home Denver. Make them the right choice for the care you need.

Minerva Monte · 4 years ago

I have been collaborating with Right at Home for the past 4 years. Their staff has been responsive, caring and professional. Nell the nurse is knowledgeable and very caring. They have flexible caregivers that are willing to help with short notice. Their management staff is very responsive and helpful to family and community needs. They are my home care of choice.

Laura Boehm · 4 years ago

Right at Home has simply been a tremendous partner in care for my mom. Taking care of your parent(s) can be so overwhelming at times trying to find just the right environment and individuals that you believe can increase their quality of life, ensure their safety and just be there when you can't. My mom talks about her "new friends" from Right at Home that she looks forward to seeing. She feels safe, has companionship, and has the support she needs to do her daily activities. I would like to thank the team at Right at Home including John, Melissa, Annet, Jacqueline, Susan and all the others that lent their hands to help provide care and friendship to my mom. Truly a quality team, with big hearts, that gives me peace of mind when I can't be there. Thank you!



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