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Xfinity Store by Comcast

    215 E Foothills Pkwy Unit 860, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States
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    753 reviews


    "Super friendly, not the cheapest around but great service"

    "35 minute wait to return one small piece of equipment, and still waiting..."

    "Paying for internet that doesn't work at prices that increase by 60% per year."

    Mahala Craig · more than 9 months ago

    Because of Xfinity I’m out on a holiday weekend with out the money I was going to use for food for my family! People on their end don’t listen and do as they please. The easy move is NOT easy. They double charge on purpose then can’t do anything to fix it it’s on me to figure it out I’m pissed and will be canceling as soon as possible. If they let me. I’ll probably have to change my card and accounts to ensure I don’t get charged and not have the service. The in store is a joke. Make you wait around for over 30 mins just to say they can’t help.

    Steve MunLeeuw · more than 9 months ago

    They locked the phone I paid for outright and used their service for years. Then it took months to unlock. I had cancelled my service, but they continued to bill me and wanted a fee to cancel even though I was paid up. Hours on the phone with billing and they cancelled. I got the feeling the person realized how poorly I had been treated.

    Melissa Merchand · almost 11 months ago

    I received shockingly good service at the Fort Collins store. And from the sweet lady right inside the door. I wish I had caught her name! She works at the first desk and I just want to say thank you! Thank you!!

    Kristina Szabo · almost 11 months ago

    I cannot believe I have been to the store and had 5 separate phone calls to cancel my service. I am told it’s done and here I am living in a different state a month later and they are still trying to charge me for a cable service cancelled on 6/20. they make you think it’s so easy and taken care of, yet I’m still getting billed. Money hungry liars.

    Kendra Vandervelde · 1 year ago

    Jacob and Audra helped me out today and literally changed the direction of my month/quality of my life. They were so kind, knowledgeable about current systems and helpful. Not only did they go above and beyond to do their job and do it well but, they also made me feel like I was part of a family- like I was accepted and welcomed. This is rare to find in an internet/phone company. I’ve been with Xfinity for 6-7 years total and would be hard pressed to leave. Will be coming back to Jacob specifically.

    Elizabeth Buchl · 11 months ago

    Went to get my modem being a brand new customer but, the modem they provided me was five generations outdated, defective, wouldn't provision and they should have thrown it away but, instead they repackaged it like it was new. I had to go back and store explain to them I need an XB8 and I had to relay the message from tech support that they should throw all their XB3 away as they can no longer be provisioned.

    Dillon · 11 months ago

    The pain was felt most acutely among the cable providers, who saw a total loss of 3.5 million subscribers in 2022, compared to 2.7 million in 2021. Of those, Comcast saw the biggest drop, losing just over 2 million subscribers, followed by Charter, with a loss of 686,000, and an estimated drop of 340,000 for Cox That’s $200million loss in subscribers at a minimal $100/month (quarter of a billion) 🧐 Be more competitive How about a thank you rate for customers with 10 years any packages. $40 off a month for ever Xfinity how about just loose customers

    Serena Mallard · 1 year ago

    Somehow I have two addresses and two account numbers and when I went into the store to get it fixed Jairo wasn’t really helpful. He supposedly changed my address and said it should fix it, and it did not, in fact it’s even slower than before. My phone only works on my cellular connection and my laptop won’t work at all. I’m a college student so my laptop not working is an issue. Furthermore, I told him I wanted the second account removed and wanted to know why I even had two accounts and no answer was given and no fix was made. Customer service with the 1800 number is a little better once you get passed the stupid Xfinity assistant. The modem I have is attached to two different addresses and that’s why it’s not working. No one seems to really care about the second address and it’s beyond frustrating. Jairo did not fix my concern at all and just seemed to rush with me, because he was not making any money off of me. It’s beyond frustrating and I’m very disappointed because up until now I’ve had great service through Xfinity.

    Doc · 1 year ago

    This is hands down the WORST business in town! A crack den offers better customer service and displays more competence than anyone in this entire store. If you can use a different provider then do it. Absolutely terrible…

    Jaime McVicker · 1 year ago

    I have had a dinosaur of a phone for a few years now so we finally got around to an upgrade this week. On Wednesday we came in for an upgrade, and couldn't so we left with numbers to call and information to get some stuff sorted before we could upgrade. That night we spent a few hours on the phone with Xfinity which took a bit but it was great help and we got it sorted out. So finally today I was able to go in for the actual upgrade! We were expecting the same wait/processing time as my situation was a bit tricky, and I didn't get my hopes up figuring I might not be able to get the phone again. But this time we came in, waited 15-20 minutes past our appointment which is totally reasonable, and then we were called on by Jairo! We had the best easiest 30 minute upgrade ever. He joked with us about my ancient artifact of a phone and helped me figure out what phone was a perfect match for me and not TOO much for my needs. Then we went back to get it sorted, took all of 15 minutes to get it set up and in the meantime chatted about his hilarious elderly chihuahua lol. We not only got a banging new phone that I already love (and am typing on now), but also had a very friendly funny conversation with such a sweet guy! Man, if I worked all day in a phone store helping sometimes not-so-friendly customers with their tech issues, I'm not sure if I could be that chipper. What a great guy and a great experience!!


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