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Xfinity Store by Comcast

    5220 Wadsworth Bypass Suite A, Arvada, CO, 80002, United States
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    605 reviews


    "No pressure to add products to your service"

    "Waited over an hour to see a sales person in order return equipment."

    "Super friendly staff agnoledge you when you walk in and ready to help."

    Eric Aguirre · more than 1 year ago

    Came by the store to pay a bill And ask about other services. The kiosk made paying very easy. I then asked about getting on the auto pay and was assisted with no issues. I was able to download the app. I was given instructions on how to use it for future use. Bilingual help is available.

    Janel Trujillo · 11 months ago

    My son went in to do an upgrade on his phone and the lady messed up everything and transferred all of our phones to one another. It took seven hours in the store to completely fix everything. It took me talking to Mgr. after manager for them to understand the severity of it. They took it lightly and didn’t really care.Kobe who was the rep was AMAZING !! he helped us out and made sure we were compensated for our time and got us a free phone case and hover. He was the only one that really cared about the situation. If you go to that store, make sure you work with Covid, he was an awesome!! Kobe is the only one there that helped.

    J. Traveler · almost 2 years ago

    Excellent store great for the community of Comcast users near and far. Excellent staff . I had to return the box . From Leadville then got upgraded to a amazing a53 cellphone just what I needed. It's lightning fast. In the Arvada connection shopping mall off 52nd and Wadsworth in Arvada Colorado. Great family environment

    Trupti Suthar · 1 year ago

    The manager (or highest on totem pole at the moment) was rude, defensive and disrespectful. I informed him that the prior rep we dealt with was uniformed and gave us incorrect info. The prior rep was nice but knew nothing about the products or their system utility. Working with her was kinda painful but she was wasn't rude. Two days later I needed to return for another service of which prior rep was uninformed. When i told the manager, he got defensive and rude and asked me to leave. Maybe he should've considered it a training opportunity and just took feedback instead of getting combative. Complete immaturity. Comcast has a poor reputation for a reason.

    Jonathan · 1 year ago

    I haven’t been able to get home internet after 6 scheduled attempts with their installation service technicians. They no show, cancel appointments, arrive outside of appointment hours, etc. The first two appointments no showed and never contacted me at all. Wasted almost a month of no home internet. They were supposed to call me to schedule, but never did. Apparently they drive by, tested internet service wirelessly and drove off… The third arrived outside of the service window then cancelled on me when I could only be available during the 4-6pm time window I was scheduled for. The tech told me they don’t work after 4pm - why have a 4-6pm time slot!? I had requested a hole be drilled to run a wire into my new home for home internet and 4th appointment the tech arrived without any tools just to cancel the appointment because he was not equipped for that type of call. He rescheduled me, and I was supposed to receive a call when the next technician was on the way six hours later. But that never happened. Instead I receive an automated call telling me that a technician is already on site and press 1 to reschedule or press 2 if you will be there in 10 minutes. I arrived in 12-15 minutes and spoke with the technician and he told me I was already rescheduled yet again. I am now on my 6th attempt to get my home internet installed. I have been paying for this service for the past 3 months without being able to use it at all. I go into the store and get nothing but lip service and no real results from passive aggressive employees who obviously hate working for this company. My cell phone, also thru Xfinity is now useless as I’ve exceeded the data limit on my “unlimited” plan - and I can no longer access emails or anything data related as I’ve apparently exceeded the data cap on my “unlimited” plan and have been throttled back to 2006. I know that sometimes people abuse 1 Star ratings for mild inconveniences, and this is not one of those instances. I’ve now spoken with a dozen people from this company and no one is able to do anything other than “reschedule” my next service call. I think it’s reasonable to request a refund for the service I’ve been unable to use all 2023… I had a wonderful experience with Xfinity in COS, but the Denver/Arvada service branch needs to be completely overhauled. This is unacceptable and I would be personally ashamed if I ever treated one of my customers this way.

    Becki Abeyta · 1 year ago

    Very helpful, quick and knowledgeable. Eric was great!

    Char · 1 year ago

    Comcast generally sucks, but what company like it doesn't? I will say Shannon made my day by actually helping me with a smile and wonderful personality. An otherwise painful experience (and I was expecting colonoscopy level here) was made so pleasant. Keep it up!

    Tracey Schoyen · 1 year ago

    I went to the store in Arvada. I delt with Will he is the store manager. Xfinity is truely BLESSED to have him. He displays ultimate leadership skills and he embodies CUSTOMER SERVICE and CUSTOMER CARE with great knowledge, compassion and understanding. That is the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I RECEIVED AT ANY RETAIL PLACE. HE IS TRUELY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

    Carmen Uranga · almost 11 months ago

    I worked with Taysha Rodriguez @ tha Arvada store. Let me just say how knowledgeable she is in every area an issue arose. I wanted to move my mobile service to Xfinity mobile because I was so impressed with service I received with my internet service. I was literally on hold dealing with T-Mobile for my transfer pin. Had to call three different times to T-Mobile the first time I was transferred 5 times and 6 pass cords later when the call was dropped. I had to call 2nd time same scenario, after speaking to first agent specialist, call dropped again. I won’t go into how I was not able to request this information on their site prior or while I was in your store. Taysha again was not only knowledgeable she has impeccable customer service skills. Her ability to multi task by still checking on me the hour or more with TMobile, she was helping other customers all the while without making me feel any less important. I had already transferred my service internet to Xfinity, by the time we were done, I left with my mobile number transferred, got an upgrade IPhone and cable Sports package. Taysha thank you for patience, when I was losing mine, and positive demeanor. I’m confident we will see each other again and I’m looking forward to it. I am beyond ways to saw thank you, my new Amiga. I’m glad you there when I desperately needed you. Very satisfied customer. Carmen Uranga

    Shakira Johnson · 1 year ago

    Tesia at the Arvada location is excellent--I've never had a better interaction with an internet sales rep in my life. She was so sweet and thoughtful, and managed to save me OVER $100 a MONTH on mobile and internet costs. I am so grateful and she was a bright spot in an otherwise very stressful day. She deserves a raise!


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