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Xfinity Store by Comcast

    8222 S Yosemite St Suite 110, Centennial, CO, 80112, United States
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    691 reviews


    "Very good customer oriented experience and service"

    "After 2 hour, they told us we can go home the set up will finished."

    "Very easy to get setup with Xfinity Mobile, and transfer service from Verizon."

    Peggy Gunter · 10 months ago

    Great service. Took my son with me, he speaks electronics. Our technician was Mr Stone, and I got just what I wanted. Perfect. No sales pitch, no unnecessary upgrade. Exactly what I asked for.

    Jin Tak · almost 9 months ago

    Awesome service by Lamar! Provided us fast, easy, and efficient service! Would highly recommend seeing this guy!

    Brad L · almost 9 months ago

    Harrison was great. He answered all my questions and got everything that I need done, done. Perfect experience, I will continue recommending xfinity to everyone.

    Mitchell Knight · almost 9 months ago

    Go to any other location to receive way better customer service. This location is a joke. They will tell you they will help setup your internet, but once you leave the store you are on your own. I emailed 5 times to just be ignored so I went in person just to waste my time 3 different trips. Read the reviews they do this to people constantly. While In the store there were other people with the same exact issue.

    Ryan Askew · 9 months ago

    So me and my wife are moving and we need to transfer service from our old address to our new address. I went in proactively to let them know the date I would need service transferred. They then shut off internet at my old apartment 2 days too early. So I went back in and told them that and they tried to turn on the internet at the old place for my last two days there which required them to disconnect the new apartment internet. That didn't work so I had no internet for two days before moving. Just to make sure that I would have internet at my new place once I was done moving in, I went back to this store and told the guy I needed to make sure my new address was set up for internet on my move in day. He looked at me as if he had no idea what I was talking about. Then he told me that all I had to do at the new apartment once I moved in was follow the instructions on the app and my internet would start working immediately. So I move in today and it doesn't work! I figured it wouldn't. So I end up being on a call with 10 different people trying to get my internet connected and I can't get my internet fixed still. What a joke.

    Debra Dunlap · almost 9 months ago

    I was greeted fairly quickly & he actually looked at me. He walked over to see what I needed.

    Chris · 1 year ago

    It takes 45 mins plus on a Monday afternoon to just pick up a router. However if someone comes in angry/upset they seem to jump the line. Lady at the front desk with the cheek piercings is condescending. Bald guy who everyone goes to as if he is the manager just walks around doing basically nothing other than chatting with the front desk person.

    Chelsey · 1 year ago

    Well I thought I had a good interaction here, until the proper notes weren't on my account and comcast decided to take 420 dollars from me without my consent. My apartment burned down and the manager promised me that I wouldn't have to pay for the modem because well, it doesn't exist anymore. But here I am out 420 dollars.....SUPER

    Billy Gooch · 1 year ago

    Called 1-800 number ahead of time to confirm a specific phone was in stock. They assured me it was. I drive to the store - no phones in stock. They couldn't explain why I was told otherwise. Employees can't check online inventory for other stores. I asked them to call other stores and find where the phone was in stock; they said they don't do that. I asked for the phone numbers to call them myself and was told that none of their stores have phones?! (This is a company that sells landline and cell phone services!) Employees were rude and didn't seem to care that Comcast was lying to me and wasting my afternoon. They suggested I could drive to every store in the Denver metro area and check each one myself. It's 2023 - why even have physical stores if you don't know what's in them? They only sell a couple dozen products, and they can't even track those?

    Wenying Lin · 1 year ago

    It is very bad experience! It is the first time I gave 1 star review. We try to switch from T mobile to Xfinity. We start Oct, after one month we only receive one of the two phone. We went to store, wait is so long, the soonest appointment is after 3 hours. We went back, 2 minutes, the customer service told us he had no idea where is our second phone. Told us to go home to call 1-800. . We have to go home to spend one hour on the phone with some one. Final, 2 week later, we got the correct two phone. have to mail back the first phone. We went back to store, make the soonest appointment, came back again 3 hours later. After 2 hour, they told us we can go home the set up will finished. Unbelievable! our two phone number is mix up! all previous content from line 1 went to line 2. Line 2 content went to Line 1. We call the 1-800 number again, She can not understand my husband said for half an hour ( He was born in Denver, speak great English). After 1 hours, the phone is disconnected, she promised will call us back never did. Now both phone is disconnected, show SOS. Now, we can not use any of our 2 new I phone 14. We can not even call Xfinity 1-800 number back now because both phone show SOS. Only option we have is go back to the store again after church tomorrow. We wish we never switch to Xfinity!


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