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"The location looked clean, free parking, and the staff was amiable."

"Front desk people don't seem to understand what customer service entails..."

"Owners and management need to make changes or this place needs to be closed."

Alan · 6 months ago

Pros - friendly staff, got sample with one stick, in and out quickly. Cons - I wasn't paying attention and realized as I was walking out the door that they didn't validate who I was when I was in the room (didn't ask for my name, DOB, anything) and didn't show me the labels on the vials or ask me to confirm any of my information once the vials were drawn. If they had done proper patient and specimen identification I'd give them 5 stars.

Cody Coelho-Oxley · 9 months ago

Needed some blood work as requested from my dermatologist. Appointment was at 11:15, arrived 2 minutes early, and now writing this review at 11:20 sitting in my car outside the clinic. It was the fasted blood draw experience I’ve ever had and made a point to say that to the staff. Years of donating blood throughout high school and college, plasma programs, and other surgeries, and I was just blow away at the swiftness of work being done. Just. Wow. That was my experience - hope everyone else’s is positive like mine!

April Burris · more than 6 months ago

Joyce is pretty amazing. I've always hated getting blood drawn because I have small deep veins and more often than not throughout my life, my experience is painful and too many pokes(attempts). Joyce got my vein on her first try and other than that slight pinch, it wasn't painful. She was done before I even thought she started. If you have difficult veins, I suggest you request Joyce.

Senait H · 8 months ago

If I could give a rating of 0 I would. My mom had to do some labs and when we arrived there were about 4 employees sitting around. When I showed the lab order paper I was rudely told to go and do it on the computer. I asked if the front desk could do it for me and the response was you have to do it. So I was struggling to sign in and I saw other patients especially elderly ones who were struggling with signing in on the self sign in kiosk. The customer service is very bad, as employees they should be more helpful.

Geoff Arholm · more than 7 months ago

Rihanna was very polite, and did and did a great job on drawing my blood sample. She got my very difficult vein in the first try. I was seriously impressed.

Jegramat · 9 months ago

No one answers the phone or is present during business hours. You would think the line is busy but you drive down there and no one is present to open the door and when you call from outside, the phone rings and no one picks up. Now the new trick is sending the phone calls into oblivion. It does not even ring, it just goes into a void and hangs up. Take yourselves seriously. Is this a business or a front?

T- Peprah · 10 months ago

I contacted this location and spoke to the supervisor on site, Joyce, regarding questions about my doctor’s order. She explained everything professionally and even told me what I needed to bring. She was helpful and knowledgeable. The location looked clean, free parking, and the staff was amiable. I highly recommend this location. Thank you, Joyce, for all your assistance!

Ralonda Simmons · 11 months ago

I hate to be another person who has to add yet another negative review of this location of Labcorp, but here we are. I went in to get labs for a time-sensitive procedure and was told that I would have my results in two days. Now, 10 days has passed and I can't get in touch with anyone to see what's going on. I called and left a message a couple of days ago and no one has returned my call. When you call, nobody answers. What are people supposed to do? If you don't have enough people to handle your volume, close the branch or hire more people. You can go to Walgreen's and they have a much quicker turnaround time.

Kelton Deisher · 1 year ago

It’s clean in the office and all of the staff is very nice. I’ve had to come a couple times and they are quick, informative, and so kind. I hate getting blood taken and I can barely tell that’s what’s getting done when I’m there. Joyce was who helped me today and she really just put a smile on my face for the whole day. She was so nice and kind.

Anne Metsala · 8 months ago

The office is run very efficiently. Check-in is quick and easy. The employees are friendly and good at their jobs. Joyce was fantastic. I highly recommend them.



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